Listen to Boise State's Chris Petersen discuss this week's game at Southern Miss

Boise State football coach Chris Petersen met with the local media Monday afternoon to talk about the Broncos' game on Saturday at Southern Miss.

Listen to Petersen here.

Among the highlights:

• TE Gabe Linehan (hamstring) is out indefinitely.

• WR Geraldo Boldewijn, who missed the first four games of the season due to an NCAA suspension, will be back for the Broncos. Petersen said he will make the trip to Southern Miss, but his role is still uncertain.

• Petersen and QB Joe Southwick said Southern Miss is better than its 0-4 record indicates.

• Petersen talked about RB Jay Ajayi's impact against New Mexico and said the back has earned "more reps and more carries."

• At the end of the press conference, Petersen talked about college football in general, the fluidity of the sport and his desire to see polls held until the middle of the season.


I was surprised that Ajayi didn't get a carry in the second half. I went to the S. Miss game 4 years ago. I thought they were good hosts and respectful after the game.


This guy runs like, looks like, a dude who should be playing for an LSU Alabama Texas. If DJ is the present, and I love DJ, Jay and Jack are the future and the future at RB looks really good.

Lets find some carries for these guys. Tfunky said that DJ is on pace to break the all time rush attempts in a season by more than 60 carries. Even if DJ is most important to the program, being healthy makes him even more important. Surely theres enough carries to go around a little better.

Petersen don't care if a 40yr old DJ can walk or not

dude has blown out ALCs 2x - coach is gonna run him til he cripples him - coach needs to go to 2-3 back roatation and share the love - BSU could have RB tandem like Nevada had in Lippencott and Taua - BSU with Harper Fields Ajayi trio could rack up 1000s of yards and take pressure off Southwick- Coach did better when he didn't make squat - now millionaire coach ain't doing squat - money spoils everything - rich coach and fancy facilities are killing blue collar mentality - BSU cornerstone is crumbling - dynasty is falling - good thing Idaho isn't on schedule

Well, potatolander

one thing is for sure. You dont know diddly about the game of football. Coach pete knows better than you or me or basically any other coach in the nation. Coaches make bad calls, coaches make decisions that fans dont agree with or understand but Pete has earned every penny of his salary. Show me anyone else who could take BSU caliber athletes and players and have the results he has.
With all your coaching knowledge why dont you make millions?

Hawkins did it - Koetter did it - Potatolander could do it too

ABCs are much harder than x's and o's - hey wackio - you get your truck stop date with that feller yet

Still waiting

I wish he would come to see my love for him. All these years, he posted such cryptic hints and I just know that he and I are meant to be. I print out and save all his amazing odes to our love. I paste them on the wall and burn candles for his affection. We will be together. We WILL be together, I promise.

It took a half a game and two more days . . .

. . . for Coach Pete to finally realize that Ajayi had a tremendously positive impact against New Mexico when he was in the game in the first half. Wake up Pete!!

Why no Ajayi in the second half, if he had such an 'impact' against New Mexico in the First Half?

That is the part I just can't seem to comprehend.

If a team has a back that is rolling up the yards in the First Half - then - why not use him in the Second Half?????

Was there some kind of shenanigans to manipulate the score going on by somebody?

I saw the same thing with Coach Pete a couple of years ago at Reno. The Muscle Hampster (Doug Martin) decimated Reno in the First half and BSU had a great lead going into half time. Then Martin only touched the ball ONE TIME in the entire second half and BSU lost the great lead and lost the game.

Did Coach Pete manipulate the positive yardage in that game, as well as New Mexico a few days ago? I just can't wrap my arms around that concept - but, . . .

I am totally baffled. Some are blaming Prince the OC. Prince was not at Reno two years ago - so it must be stemming from Pete somehow.

Doess Pete punish Good Performers?

Did Ajayi say something to somebody in the locker room at half?

Did Ajayi violate some Team Rule during half time?

If anybody has a good explanation passing the Reasonable Man Test or the Giggle Test, please share it with this board, as I have not learned of a plausible rational for not letting Ajayi touch the ball in the Second Half of the New Mexico game, yet.

Somehow I don't think I will be reading one anytime soon.

Go Broncos.


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Listen to the press conference ...

Petersen said at crunch time they are going to go with their players. And no one means more to Boise State than D.J. does. I'm paraphrasing here.

-- murph

DJ will never fumble again cuz he's a trusted 'player'

But what if he did?

Apparently Coach Pete only believes in giving young players game experience when the Broncos are experiencing a large lead and having 'fumbles' and a loss of ball control is acceptable? Apparently the last two minutes of the TCU game was not Crunch Time.

The Broncos can make lots of mistakes when it is NonCrunch Time, it looks like it is okay and when it is Crunch Time, then that is the time to take the nonplayers out of the game, regardless if they are the leading rusher at half time or not - and all because:

They MIGHT make a fumble during Crunch Time?

How do the young frreshmen and redshirt freshman get any valuable game experience if it is not a situation where their performance to execute plays is as valuable and critical to the team as the starters?

Surely this sends a message of a lack of confidence in their 'playrs'.

As you have reported, Coach Pete said that at crunch time they are going with their playrs. What then is a 'player'. Is a 'player' for the Broncos somebody that can be trusted on the field to do the right thing? What if a 'player' does the wrong thing and funbles. What if DJ were to ever fumble in the future. Does that take him out of the status of being a 'player'.

I am starting to think there will be somewhat of an exodus from the Broncos, at the end of the year, by football nonplayers on the Bronco Football Team because they can't be trusted to perform without making any type of learning mistakes.

As I have styated before. It is realy much ado about nothing, anyhoo; as the 2012 season is just a Training Opportunity with live game like scrimmages and opposing mobile training aids and tackling dummies for the Broncos to make mistakes and learn from.

Somehow, I am sensing that the Bronco Football players are making more progress toward preparing themselves for a legitimate run at a National Championship during the 2013 season than the BSU Head Coach is. It seems like Pete is going backwards while his team is moving ahead with the Learning Curve.

The players' performace is improving with each game while Coach Pete's decision making appears to be somewhat regressive.

Go Broncos.


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It's admirable

that coach Pete goes with the guys that have been in the foxholes through a lot of battles. Still, Ajayi has the looks of a special player that might have busted that game wide open given more carries in the 2nd half. After the D. Burrough's fumble, coach Pete circled the wagons and kept the guys he trusted most on the firing line.

DJ was having just as good a game

Plus he never fumbles.

just as good a game as a guy who hardly played at all?

DJ played the entire game - JA had 7 touches


even murph is tired of the insincere sarcastic schtick.

Crunch time

Maybe there wouldn't have been any crunch if they would have given Jay the ball in the second half. The only thing get crunched were Lobo defenders bouncin' off this dude!

Bronco Fans need no worry for 2012....their next

7 opponents before Nevada have a current combined record of 9 wins and 23 losses....

Yes, the next 7 Bronco opponents have a combined record of 9 wins and 23 losses....

Why place it safe? Sounds like the Broncos could try all kinds of offense strategies and play some players that will be needed for 2013....

This would be a great time to have Hedricks in some plays, especially option plays....

Let the field goal kicker get practices of 40+ yarders....

What are the risks for the next 7 weeks?

Get ready for Nevada and the Orange Bowl....