Boise Co-op's grand re-opening Sunday includes celebration of brand new pet shop

The Boise Co-op is having a grand re-opening celebration from noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. I stopped by to check out the new Pet Shop: Here's an inside look:


Ruffwear was one of the vendors at the celebration:


Lots of vendors and giveaways, so might be worth your while to stop by today!


The Boise Co-op is at 888 West Fort Street in Boise.

The prices in the pet store

The prices in the pet store are surprisingly not too bad.

good to know, thanks!

I'm still trying to sort out what to feed my new dog (who is now just 1 year old). In the past few months, I've learned that the price of kibble and snacks varies a lot — and can really add up, if you're not paying attention. It's amazing the variety of foods available for pets.

Ya, it can definitely be

Ya, it can definitely be overwhelming, but the fact that you're concerned about it shows that your dog is in good hands and will be just fine. People have a lot of strong opinions about dog food but you really can't go too wrong if you're avoiding the absolute cheapest stuff. This site has helpful reviews and info, but don't get TOO paranoid about getting your dog the "perfect" food or anything, just find something relatively healthy that he/she likes. I go with Natural Planet Organics, available at the co-op, I guess it's a little obnoxious to get organic co-op dog food, but it's not the most expensive thing there, the dog loves it, and it's well reviewed, so whatever.

Have you ever tried ...

Grandma Z's from Zamzows? I have bought some of their puppy food and grain-free, though it is a little budget-busting. I feel like I want to support a local business that supports the community / local shelter ... but I also buy Iams, which only gets 3 stars out of 5 in that online ranking system. No matter, my Gracie seems VERY healthy.

Dogs will eat just about anything you set in front of them.


You fry wants with that?

yes ...

... and just about anything out of the garbage or on the ground. Cats are more discerning.

No they aren't. Any dumpster will do if they're hungry.

I try to keep them fed though. The dunpster is 60 feet away.


Never had one scurry out of one when you are dumping?