Boise State football team drops out of AP Top 25, climbs into USA Today Coaches' Poll

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team fell out of The Associated Press Top 25 and jumped into the USA Today Coaches’ Poll on Sunday after a 32-29 win at New Mexico.

The Broncos are No. 25 in the USA Today poll. They had not been ranked by the coaches since losing to Michigan State in the season opener. The Broncos received 83 points, 18 more than Washington.

They fell from No. 24 to 27th, in others receiving votes, in the AP poll. The Broncos had been No. 24 for two weeks. The Broncos received 53 points, far behind No. 25 UCLA’s total of 122.

Michigan State fell out of both polls.


Here’s the full AP poll:

Record Pts Pv
1. Alabama (60) 5-0 1,500 1
2. Oregon 5-0 1,430 2
3. Florida St. 5-0 1,349 4
4. LSU 5-0 1,310 3
5. Georgia 5-0 1,252 5
6. South Carolina 5-0 1,152 6
7. Kansas St. 4-0 1,123 7
8. West Virginia 4-0 1,066 9
9. Notre Dame 4-0 1,043 10
10. Florida 4-0 937 11
11. Texas 4-0 932 12
12. Ohio St. 5-0 793 14
13. Southern Cal 3-1 703 13
14. Oregon St. 3-0 647 18
15. Clemson 4-1 608 17
15. TCU 4-0 608 15
17. Oklahoma 2-1 581 16
18. Stanford 3-1 509 8
19. Louisville 5-0 404 19
20. Mississippi St. 4-0 306 21
21. Nebraska 4-1 240 22
22. Rutgers 4-0 160 23
23. Washington 3-1 159 NR
24. Northwestern 5-0 143 NR
25. UCLA 4-1 122 NR
Others receiving votes: Cincinnati 72, Boise St. 53, Texas A&M 51, Michigan St. 43, Texas Tech 39, Michigan 38, Louisiana Tech 37, Baylor 31, Ohio 30, Arizona St. 15, Arizona 4, Miami 4, Iowa St. 3, Tennessee 3.


Here is the full Coaches’ Poll.


Here is my ballot. For the second straight week, I seriously considered dropping Boise State from my ballot but decided to keep the Broncos their because so many other teams on the list have significant flaws or have played ugly games (even LSU).

1 Alabama
2 Oregon
4 Florida State
5 South Carolina
6 Georgia
7 Kansas State
8 Notre Dame
9 Florida
10 West Virginia
11 Texas
12 Ohio State
13 Clemson
14 Oregon State
15 Oklahoma
16 TCU
17 Stanford
18 USC
19 Louisville
21 Nebraska
22 Michigan State
23 Louisiana Tech
24 Boise State
25 Ohio

Dropped out: Baylor
Also considered: Mississippi State, Rutgers, Cincinnati

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Man, polls are just weird

What an odd system to judge teams by. Complete opinion.
How in the world does the Coaches poll have obviously different criteria than the AP poll.

Oh well, at least we are ranked in a poll that matters.
Though Polls are meaningless and it does not look like we are going to BCS bust this year it is nice tot know that we can still cheer for it to happen.

I understand the disparity

The question is: do you penalize Boise State for Michigan State's fall out of the rankings? Usually the AP is reluctant to allow a team to surpass a team they lost to, while the Coaches tend to believe that every week is a new game, and so long as Boise State continues to win while Michigan State continues to lose, you reward the former and punish the latter.

Poor Chad ...

He just can't let it go for Cupcake State - what a homer. Chad dropping Cupcake State from the AP poll would feel like taking his old loyal dog to the vet that one last time. Baylor, Rutgers, Mississippi State, Cincinnati, Northwestern, Arizona State, and even Michigan State should be ranked ahead of Cupcake State. Coach "cupcake" himself must have voted his own team #2 to get into coaches poll. Boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared.


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Looks about right

after yesterday's game. Even though the games aren't pretty, it's good to win while the team is figuring it all out. Close wins over lesser opponents are still wins (the Big 10 has been doing this for years). Right now a MWC title would be outstanding even if every game is decided by 7 points or less. The Broncs still need to win the games.

sorry to say

but, when Southern Miss and Fresno pound the snot out of us, the ranking will be unimportant. Prince's play book only has one page. Up the middle with Harper. Then, our QB gets "buck fever" or the "deer in the headlights" look whenever he sees the 20 yard line. Look at the imcompetent Southwick, his whole look changes at the 20. He gets frantic and crazy looking. If we get to play in the monsoon in Mississippi, we are doomed. I shoot ducks on less water than they had on the field.


play-calling improved in the 1st half, but the 2nd half he did not give Ajayi any reps, even though that big running back had over 100 yards and a TD in the 2nd quarter alone. Prince needs to realize that Harper is not an every down back.

You need to realize...

...that Prince gets paid more money than you for a good reason; he knows what he's doing. Protect the football. That means, give it to Harper, not a freshman. Think Drew Wright last year and get back to me.

Because somebody paid it to him.


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Yes prince gets paid

that does not make him the worst OC BSU or CF has ever seen. His performance does. Frankly, we dont have time to train him and we need to jettison him and salvage what we can. The best way to handle a mistake is to recognize it is there and get rid of it. Prince is a mistake.


There are unranked teams in tougher conferences playing better football than BSU is. Now BSU has unranked teams almost beating them. Face reality, it will take two seasons to get back on track. BSU has some really, really raw players who do not grasp the simplest fundamentals of football at all, let alone at the college level. They are having to design an entire new offensive game plan with a new OC, and they cannot do it in one season. One or two years of rebuilding and then let's talk about ranking them again.

Very interesting post

Not sure you grasp the simplest fundamentals of college football, but whatever.

The Broncos must play better. The coaches must coach better. This is obvious. First half yesterday was Bronco football. Second half was not. But judging this team for ALL of 2012 after 1/3 of its games have been played is just plain stupid. Predicting two years down the road when much changes week to week is just plain crazy. Miss Cleo has a better track record.

I am

just not in denial as are the fanboys. BSU has to rebuild. Almost every single college team has to do this when they lose talent. BSU has had a great run, but this is not their year. They lost more seniors than any other college team. The MWC is a weaker conference than last year. They do not have to face TCU or Air Force this season.

If you think the first half was Bronco football, you aren't taking into consideration that New Mexico has the 109th ranked offense and 102nd ranked defense in the FBS. The Broncos are supposed to be ranked 70th and 24th on offense/defense and they almost lost. I would submit that is not Bronco football.

So the first half wasnt Bronco football?


Quit pretending you're a realist by predicting the future. Come on man.

The Broncos lost a lot of seniors. They dont have to face TCU or Air Force. Everybody knows the MWC isnt as strong as previous years. So what? What does that have to do with the Broncos playing better football?

The Broncos are not as good as last year, or the year before or maybe the year before that. Maybe. I dont know. It doesnt look like it after four games. But its only been four games! If theres a few disgruntled Bronco football fans who expect this program to go 12-0 every year, who cares? The sky wont fall if this Bronco team goes 9-3. And it doesnt mean the Broncos will go undefeated in 2027.

Coach Petersen is a great football coach. I saw improvement yesterday. I saw some great blocking by the offensive line, some better throws by Joe, and some deep balls called by Coach Prince. Ya, there was some disappointment too. I hope this young team gets better each week and I think they will.

EDIT> I responded to your unedited post.

I'm sure...

the Broncos will go undefeated in 2027. It was found in some lost Nostradamus papers and on a Mayan calendar. They will also win the national championship that year because that will be the year that all 120 teams are combined into one "super" conference to make things fair.

I like the super conference thing

that was funny. We could call it the SEC.....
Only one problem though. I think you mean 119 teams. Unless you are thinking the Big Sky will deny a certain institution membership?

basic grammar

"decided to keep the Broncos their"......their? How about "there."

You didn't even consider Washington? Wow....

Rod Grammer?


You fry wants with that?

No, you don't get it.

BSU is not good this year. There are 70 teams in the country who can beat them if not more. Let's stop trying to polish a turd here please?


The A.P. Poll is 100 percent MEANINGLESS

I've said this before

The AP is 100% meaningless to the BCS rankings. But, it does give out the longest running national championship trophy in college football. And they are displayed right next to the BCS trophies.

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Take note,

the Big East has three ranked and unbeaten teams all ahead of Boise State. I think the coaches may have shown a little sympathy for us going against that triple option offense. They understand how difficult that is.

Who the heck is still voting

Who the heck is still voting for this team? BSU is terrible. They'd be at best the 10th or 11th best team in the fricking Pac 12.

10th or 11th?

That's probably a little much. But they probably aren't as good as the top half of the conference, and particularly the top 2 or 3.

I do agree that they shouldn't be ranked at this point.

Half time adjustments

seem to be a problem for BSU. Think back to Nevada in 2010 and to some extent TCU last year. NM made an adjustment for the second half and on their scoring drives attacked an unbalanced defense. Why did it take three touchdown drives to correct the one defender on the QB and RB match up.

Good post...

I think thats a very good thought. I wonder what kind of adjustments are made, if any.

Played 1 good half---but

Well kids played 1 good half and lacked in 2d half, shows where they can be if they get everything worked out----But kids have won couple games by 1 point and now 3 points. Winners seem to win those type close games somehow = Appears these kids are winners.


Better luck next time. (20 years).

ugly - Clausewitz pointed out that . . .

. . . when the Will of the Polity (will of the people) was not ardently and firmly in support of prosecuting any given war, that war was indeed not won (not necessarily lost - but instead - not won. A Big Difference).

When the Will of the Polity (Political component) is counter to and at odds of that of the Military Might and Economic legs of the 3-leggged stool, the stool will become unstable and may eventually tip over if it gets too much weight dispraportionately on any side of the seat.

We are beginning to see that with Bronco Nation.

We first witnessed it as a country, to a small extent with the Korean Conflict. Then it became even more obvious during the Vietnam War and now with the conflicts in the Middle East.

I can see a direct correlation between President Kustra and American Presidents who have not communicated the Purpose of the War to the Polity.

Is not the purpose of the BSU Bronco Football Team to do battle and win the war? Is not that war concluded when the highest level of foe is vanquished (weinning a National Champion ship)?

In essence we have a Polity (Bronco Nation) that is not united as to what they individually believe the Purpose of the War to be. It is the job of the Senior Military Leader(s) to provide a rallying point/purpose, a Mission Statement, clearly stating what the Purpose of the War is. In this instant case, the Purpose of the War would be for the BSU Broncos to begin a football season and win a National Championship at the end of the campaign (season).

BSU ain't got no generals.

BSU ain't got no strategists.

Bronco Nation is a ship without a rudder, at this point and is on the verge of running into the rocks and breaking apart.

I am beginning to think it will be up to us Vandals to save the Broncos from themselves, as we did last Spring and Summer, by energizing and providing guidance and leadership for Fundly.

I will start it off by stating unequivocably that I believe the Mission Statement of the BSU Bronco Football Team to be:

Win a National Championship and bring that trophy back to Boise so it can be prominently displayed, at first in the Mayor's office, and then after a couple of months, take it to the BAA Offices.

A likeness of the real original trophy could be cast and sent on a rotational display basis at all elementary schools throughout our Great State of Idaho (and at City Halls if the Councilmen/Councilwomen were Bronco Fans and wanted it.

The frictions throughout the ranks of Bronco Nation are starting.

The propensity for fog is increasing as well as a reduction of vision and the ability to look down the road/path that is accompanied by thick fog.

It won't be long.

The battle ha just been joined.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799


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