Boise State 32, New Mexico 29 (final)

By Brian Murphy

First quarter

BSU — Michael Frisina 28 field goal, 7:48. Key play: Tailback D.J. Harper busted runs of 7 and 15 yards on back-to-back plays, but he was stuffed for a 5-yard loss on a wildcat play on first-and-goal at the 10. Drive: 13 plays, 51 yards, 5:30. Boise State 3, New Mexico 0

Second quarter

BSU — Chris Potter 10 pass from Joe Southwick (Frisina kick), 14:28. Key play: Southwick opened the drive with a 50-yard strike to wide receiver Dallas Burroughs. Drive: 3 plays, 77 yards, 1:01. Boise State 10, New Mexico 0

BSU — Matt Miller 9 pass from Southwick (Connor Peters pass from Miller), 10:14. Key play: Harper gained 34 yards on two carries to start the drive, which followed a New Mexico fumble. Drive: 5 plays, 43 yards, :45. Boise State 18, New Mexico 0

BSU — Jay Ajayi 1 run (Frisina kick), 2:40. Key play: Ajayi darted through a big hole on the right side and scampered down the sideline for a 71-yard gain. He carried on all three plays. Drive: 3 plays, 81 yards, :55. Boise State 25, New Mexico 0


• Running back Jay Ajayi had 118 yards and one touchdown on six carries in the first half.

Third Quarter

NM — Jhurell Presley 3 run (Justus Adams kick), 11:40. Key play: Burroughs fumbled while returning the opening kickoff of the second half. Drive: 6 plays, 26 yards, 3:14. Boise State 25, New Mexico 7

NM — Kasey Carrier 5 run (Adams kick), 3:22. Key play: The Lobos gained 27 and 40 yards on back-to-back option plays to the right — one a pitch, the other a keeper — when Boise State didn’t have enough players to cover the pitch man. Drive: 7 plays, 96 yards, 3:22. Boise State 25, New Mexico 14

Fourth Quarter

BSU — Shane Williams-Rhodes 8 pass from Southwick (Frisina kick), 13:49. Key play: Kirby Moore made an 11-yard catch on third-and-8 and Southwick scrambled and hit Harper for 19 yards on third-and-12. Drive: 10 plays, 75 yards, 4:33. Boise State 32, New Mexico 14

NM — Cole Gautsche 7 run (Adams kick), 8:32. Key play: The Lobos gained 29 yards on another option play and picked up fourth-and-1 at the Boise State 11. Drive: 10 plays, 75 yards, 5:17. Boise State 32, New Mexico 21

NM — Gautsche 1 run (Gautsche run), 7:42. Key play: Williams-Rhodes fumbled on the fly sweep and linebacker Joe Stoner returned it to the Boise State 1. Drive: 1 play, 1 yard, :04. Boise State 32, New Mexico 29

Pregame notes

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Running back Drew Wright did not travel to New Mexico with the Broncos. Wright was injured in last week's victory against BYU.

Wright had been listed as the No. 2 tailback. Jay Ajayi is listed as the backup to D.J. Harper this week.

• Left guard Joe Kellogg, who did not play against BYU, made the trip and is expected to play.

• The Broncos are wearing white Pro Combat helmets, white jerseys and blue pants.

nice post

Good to know. It'll be fun to see how they split carries tonight.

What a sparce crowd!

What a sparce crowd!

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could they spend some money on some real announcers please???

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the one game they get this year and none after that?

Fire Prince!

10-0 second quarter, 1 bad redzone harper run to ruin a scoring opportunity, 1 punt and some very sloppy play. Prince is bad, as a bronco fan this is embarrassing.
New freakin Mexico..... unbelievable.
defense again is doing a great job. 2 turnovers and stopping a style of play that is hard to stop.

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FO you are a winner!

Are you kidding me?

Two plays with Fields in the game, and they handoff to Harper in the FB position? Our Offensive Coordinator is a fuquing moron!

I'm stickin' with what I've said every game,

Southwick is not that good in the redzone,as evidenced in this last 4th. and goal. He needs to hitch his panties up and play like a QB....Sunny...


Puts me in the mind of that commercial about the 'little wigs'.

Mr Prince

Stop using Harper when a power RB is needed. Harper is NOT a power RB.


Good TD catch (and move), SWR

You are actually making Southwick look like a decent QB. Maybe if he didn't overthrow an open guy on 4th Down, I wouldn't dislike him so much.

Love ya Broncos,

but if your looking to impress the voters and many of us fans, you're failing miserably....Sunny...

We are going to fool around

We are going to fool around and lose if we don't toughen up!

even if we win..

I'd drop us out of the polls...


I know lots of BSU fans were unhappy with the limited TV options for this game, but I guess it was a blessing in disguise that few saw this game.

Then again the score itself is pretty eye opening.


I saw this game...

...on my "over the air" antenna in HD. What are you talking about?

Me too

But I live in Boise. As I understand it, Boise and Albuquerque were the only markets that got TV coverage.

Nobody else in the country got the game.

Nobody else cares

BSU has lost the magic and their luster. Just another college football team. Big whoop.

Wow! Impressive!

Crappe will move Cupcake State into the top 10 now - LOL!


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It appears as though your blog is becoming known as a warren of posters that are advocating that Broncos do physical damage to Vandals and now, a poster that is advocating the death of a poster.

Remember, these blogs are read by many people.

You might want to get with your Staff Counsel and reign it in a little bit, before it gets out of control and you find yourself in a pickle.

Just a thought.


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Certain posters make this board absolute trash.

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Bored with Poney

Yawn, your attempts to inflame BSU fans are pretty boring!

Game not televised in our

Game not televised in our area. What happened 2nd half to allow them back in the game?

Φ It was basically

that the BSU D couldn't stop the option (324 yards rushing). Bob Davie has done a fine job retooling NM. They don't have the athletes on the defensive side of the ball, but they do have enough on O that, when they execute, they are pretty tough. NM did run their option game (out of a pistol set) very well. You really need to hand it to NM; they did a great job preparing for and playing this game.

I thought BSU should have crowded the line even more than they did and force Holbrook/Gautsche to throw. Gautsche never did and Holbrook was 7-12-44yds, which is 16yds under NM's average.

Φ One NM possession short

of total disaster.

MSU now sits at 3-2 (0-1 B1G) and will be out of the top 25.

BSU has lots to do, obviously. I agree with yomomma ... out of the top 25.

Happy for Joe. Except for the missed lob to Paul, he did very well. No Ajayi in the 2nd half after 6-118 in the first? Why was that?


Ajayi was awesome. Would have loved to see him play more in the second half.

What offense does S miss run?

Φ After that?

The wishbone, I'm sure.

Hey Murph!

You can't even get the score right in the headline - it was 32-29. Maybe Cupcake State fans and homerville reporters are in denial - LOL! Boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared.


What a sad, pathetic life you lead. You spent your Saturday following a team you hate? Really? You crazy stalker!

If babies can learn French, Chinese and playing violin...

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Was Jay Ajayi suspended at half time?

That's the only logical explanation for Robert Prince's confounding, befuddled play calling. Ajayi gashes NM for nearly 120 yards on just six first half carries and that performance earns him...wait for it...exactly ZERO touches in the second half. Astonishing.

The 26 point underdogs crushed the Broncos in the second half. What happens when the Broncos play a good team? It won't be a pretty sight.

Boise State

will not see a top 25 ranking for the remainder of this season, and deservedly so. Being outscored in the second half 29-7 by a mediocre New Mexico team is one of the biggest embarassments in recent Bronco history. Blame it on coach Pete's stubborness on two points; he didn't bother to prepare adequately for the triple option for such a lowly team, and after Jay Ajayi ran for over 100 yards in the second quarter he didn't use him in the second half! Maybe we should put the coach in the doghouse, and let Ajayi and our best players back on the field. Just disapointed, period. Bronco nation deserves better.

Φ charlie,

it's a rebuild more than a reload. It seems we have enough video now to support that sentiment. This BSU team bears no resemblance at all to those of the last 3-4 years.

Would you want to play Oregon next weekend? I wouldn't. And that's okay. We were spoiled and maybe just now can realize the expertise of the departed class of 2012. We have a yardstick now for those guys ... but it's way more than a yard.

This team is going to take all year and may never develop an identity or MO. That's cool because it's new and unpredictable.

Then go look at my other team, the Huskies, and tell me what's up with them?

I still cannot figure out why Ajayi was not used in the 2nd half. Guy runs like Marshawn Lynch (at times) and is bigger, goes nuts for a quarter, and then is off selling popcorn?


Ajayi is legit. Looks like he should be running for Texas or Alabama. The kid has got big-time talent.

I dont think the players need an identity as much as the coaching staff. Hindsight is 20/20 but theres seems to be so many interesting coaching decisions. Some real head scratchers. I feel like the Broncos are being out-coached each game this season (minus Miami OH). Thats only happened a handful of times in the last few years.

Φ Didn't want to bring up the coaching angle.

I firmly believe coach Pete knows what he wants ... and is having a very difficult time getting it. He doesn't have (quite) the personnel and I think that's been somewhat of a surprise for him. It could be he thought they were a bit better than they are. Not saying they can't be, but it's anything but quick.

As far as being outcoached ... possibly. Coming out of the fall scrimmage and these first four games, I think Petersen is going ultra conservative. That's as much a shock as anything. Until Petersen feels confident in that offense, Prince won't be taking many risks ... and will continue taking hits for that.