As Labrador returns to stumping for Romney, Farris cries 'Listen to Idaho, not Florida'

Idaho's 1st District Congressman Raul Labrador is on his third swing today seeking to win over Hispanic voters for Romney-Ryan, prompting Democrat Jimmy Farris to make hay of Labrador's repeated absence from the Idaho campaign.

Farris said he'd be campaigning on the Boise State campus and in Nampa today.

"Congressman Labrador seems to think that ignoring his constituents is acceptable," Farris said in a news release, "but Idaho will tell him differently on Election Day."

Labrador is traveling with the first lady of Puerto Rico on an all-day bus tour along Interstate 4, which includes two stops in Orlando, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The Labrador campaign did not immediately reply to a request for comment, following the incumbent's custom of ignoring his underfunded opponent.

Labrador was with Luce Vela de Fortuño, wife of Gov. Luis Fortuño, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Labrador, who was born in Puerto Rico, immigrated to the U.S. with his mother at age 13. This is his third campaign trip for the "Juntos con Romney" arm of the campaign, which means, "Together with Romney." He was in Miami last week and earlier visited Colorado and Nevada on the same trip.

Farris' news release follows:

Farris to Labrador: listen to Idaho, not Florida

MERIDIAN, Idaho – 1st Congressional District candidate Jimmy Farris responded today to news that Congressman Raul Labrador is once again campaigning for Mitt Romney in Florida.

“Congressman Labrador is freshman representative with a record of voting to cut jobs,” said Farris. “He’s responsible for the first credit downgrade in our nation’s history and is part of a Congress that has the highest disapproval rating in history, all while collecting a $174,000 a year salary. Now he doesn’t even feel he needs to campaign for Idaho’s votes.”

Labrador will be stumping for the presidential candidate in Orlando today as part of the “Juntos con Romney” tour. He also campaigned for Romney in Nevada and Colorado earlier this month. Labrador has been conspicuously absent from events in his own state.

Farris, who is spending the day speaking to students at Boise State University and will meet with voters this evening at an event in Nampa, is disappointed in Labrador’s disregard for his constituents.

“I’ve spent the past year traveling all over the state to meet First District residents and listen to their needs,” said Farris. “I continually reach out to the voters to find out how I can represent them in the best way possible. Listening to Idahoans, spending time with them and getting to know them better is vital to doing a good job as their congressman. Congressman Labrador seems to think that ignoring his constituents is acceptable, but Idaho will tell him differently on Election Day.

“The people of Idaho expect and deserve more,” Farris continued. “If I am given the honor of representing the First District, I will always put Idaho first.”

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Hispanics are smarter than this

Labrador, Romney, Luna, do you really want this? O de veras, le gusta Labrador? Yo no creo.

Romney is going to owe Labrador big time

But don't get too excited, Mr. Labrador, Romney is going to lose!

Hey Jimmy, Labrador's ignoring you not his constituents

Just sayin'

Labradors make great conservative lap dogs.

'cept when they slobber tea party drool and pee on the White House rug with their obstructionist propaganda. They make the rest of Congress look like geniuses.

At their weight I wouldn't want one on my lap past puppyhood.


You fry wants with that?

How can

Hispanics forget Romneys hardline stance concerning immigration during the GOP primary? He was sounding off like a hardcore tpartier. Mittens is singing a different tune now that he needs to beg for votes.

What a phoney.

You are an Opportunistic

You are an Opportunistic sellout from Hypocrite Mountain Labrador. Sold yourself for money against the best interests of your own people. Eres un vendido oportunista Ladrador!! Te vendiste por dinero contra los intereses de tu propia jente!! Lo que aprendizte en BYU se te olvido muy rapido, en cuando sentiste el primer calorcito del billete!! Que verguenza!! Latino Vendido!!

Where did Brigham Young University come from in that phrase?


You fry wants with that?

Labrador is not working for Idahoans????????

Does Jimmy Farris ever think that the reason why Raul is not spending more time in Idaho campaigning is because there is nothing to campaign against. If Jimmy Farris was any bit of a threat I'm sure you would see Raul campaigning more in Idaho. Labrador did not cut jobs, instead he voted against bills that would further increase our nation's spending just as he said he would do during his first campaign. The people of Idaho are not fans of Obama and his socialist mentality, and Farris on several occasions has expressed his fondness for many of Obama's liberal policies. And one other thing, Farris assumes that just because Labrador may be out of town that he is not serving the 1st district. Apparently Mr. Farris is unaware that Labrador has an extremely impressive record as having one of the most efficient and attentive constituent services staff who help many constituents on a daily basis. I have had friends and neighbors that rave about the assistance they have recieved from both his DC and local staff.

Vaughn Ward

is laughing his azz off. Labradork is disemboweling the 1st district and Idaho.


And the saddest part of this is that he will be reelected by the sheep people of Idaho. Why? Please Idaho - Wake tfu! Out with the squatters.

Centaurs will cry discimination to the sheep people.


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It appears as if

Danny's Marxist Tap Dancing Clown Chorus has picked their choice of candidates.

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You fry wants with that?