Acknowledged longshot candidate sets town hall in Nampa Monday to stir opposition to Luna laws

Clayton Trehal admits he has little chance of becoming the first Democrat to represent Canyon County in the Legislature since 1984. But the teacher hopes his race against GOP Rep. Brent Crane gives him a platform to voice his support for overturning Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna's "Students Come First" laws on Nov. 6.

Trehal teaches history, economics and government at Idaho Connects Online School, or ICON, formerly Kaplan Academy of Idaho. The charter school separated from the for-profit Kaplan Academy, Trehal says, because faculty "felt that our students would be better served if full control of my school was local, not shared with an out-of-state management company."

"I decided to run for the legislature not because I felt I had much of a chance of winning (I'm a Democrat in Nampa!), but because I knew that my run would afford me an opportunity to discuss education with large numbers of people," Trehal wrote on his campaign website this week.

To that end, Trehal will host a town hall at 6 p.m. Monday at Messenger Pizza in downtown Nampa.

Here's Trehal's press release:

Contact info: Clayton Trehal, 318-6391,

Trehal for Idaho Campaign Town Hall, 6 pm, Monday, 10-1 at Messenger Pizza in downtown Nampa

Trehal for Idaho Town Hall:

Come join us at Messenger's Pizza at 6:00 pm Monday, 10-1 for the campaign's first town hall meeting to discuss the important issues this election cycle. Have you heard any of the commercials on Propositions 1,2&3 yet? If you don't already know Clayton's story, He is an educator running primarily because he is alarmed about the direction our education system is heading in. If you would like to hear more about Clayton's platform or would like to have a chance to meet a candidate for your legislature, grab a slice of pizza and join the debate. Messenger Pizza is located at 1224 1st Street in the heart of downtown Nampa and it's the best pizza in Treasure Valley! If you have any questions, feel free to contact the campaign through this website or call us at 318-6391.

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Who ya' gonna believe....

There is a full page ad running in the Statesman today (page 16) paid for the Company Melaleuca which is owned by billionaire VanderSloot. He has been a long time financial supporter of any Republican running for office. He claims that all of the opposition to the Luna is coming from the unions. Not true. I have never been in a union in my life nor am I a teacher. I am, however, his worst enemy--I am a parent with school aged children. Luna has the audacity to claim that our teachers are leaving the profession in droves because of the recession. Times are bad--I think I will quit my job. Duh, makes perfect sense in Luna Land. Luna claims the laptops are fully funded. Why, then, is he asking for 65.4 million dollars-8.1 of which is for laptops? And, where is the rest of the money going? Bonuses for his family/staff? The Idaho Constitution guarantees an equal and free education for all Idaho students. Why is taxpayer money going to private charter schools? Why are the various school districts scrambling to pass bonds for only their own district? Why are the smaller schools being left to fend for themselves? The union has been used as an evil boogeyman for so long, people believe it. This is a Right to Work state. Union representation of teachers is at an all time low. Just how is the union responsible for this debaucle? When did a "bribe" turn into a "campaign contribution"?

"fully funded"

They're saying the laptops are "fully funded" because they're called for in statute. But that's disingenuous handwaving. There's no source of funding for them, which means that they'll need to come out of the education budget, unless JFAC and the Legislature decide to add funding for them (which means something else will get cut). Recall that we're already in the hole for the upcoming year due to the $35 million ongoing tax cut implemented by the 2012 Legislature.