Ann Romney raises $500k in Meridian Thursday, thanks Idaho GOP for support

Ann Romney's first fundraising trip to Idaho drew over 200 people and raised about $500,000, said Romney's Idaho finance chief, Travis Hawkes.

The Romney campaign has raised $3.7 million to date in Idaho, with Mitt Romney having held five closed-door fundraisers and two rallies in the Gem State. The fee for Thursday's event at The Club at SpurWing in Meridian ranged from $1,000 to $25,000 per couple.

Sen. Jim Risch, Romney's Idaho co-chairman, said Mrs. Romney spoke for about 15 minutes. "The themes were the themes of the campaign and that is that Mitt Romney is the person to turn this country around. She was talking about how competent her husband is, how she's watched him turn other things around and how he can turn this country around."

Risch said Ann Romney was upbeat and didn't show any of the anger she displayed last week for critics of the campaign from inside the GOP. "She was very, very grateful for all the help that Idahoans have given the campaign. She's obviously aware, as everyone is, that Idaho has been a pretty substantial player in the Romney campaign from a financial standpoint."

Risch said Hawkes spoke about internal polling that is more favorable to Romney than public polls showing a growing lead for President Obama. "She had real optimism," Risch said. "All we get from the mainstream media is gloom and doom. It was a nice event. There was a lot of enthusiasm."

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Some people have more money than they know what to do with.

money money money

it's a rich man's world.

Some people have more money than sense.

If the rich

can waste their money like that, they can afford to pay more in taxes. Just saying.

Wonder if you yahoo's complained about

the Ketchup Queen when she was throwing her money around the DEMOCRATIC party? Most likely, the people who contributed tonight MADE their own money and didn't save it up from welfare so what business is it of anyone's how they spend THEIR money? Oh yeah, that is the new lib thinking. LET ME TELL YOU HOW TO SPEND THE MONEY YOU WORKED HARD FOR!


Not me. However I made a factual observation. You made a stupid assumption with no basis in fact.

" it up from

" it up from welfare..." Hahaha. You are ridiculous! Almost as ridiculous as someone spending $1000 to $20,000 to see Ann Romney, she is no one and you'd spend that much? I get it, its a political fundraiser but still ludicrous.

everybody is doing it

Obama, Clinton headline fundraiser in McLean
By Laura Vozzella
"About 80 people tucked into a $20,000-a-plate dinner in McLean Sunday, shel *ling out not for the food — a mere afterthought — but for the dining companionship of both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton."

-Washington Post

You're right. That is ludicrous.

Smart Republicans.

After they give their money, which helps the economy, than they continue their old sayings: everyone else only wants free stuff, don't want to take charge of their lives, feel entitled, feel like victims, don't work hard, don't pay taxes. Keep donating more money guys, while helping Obama get more points in the polls and in the election already going on!! Thanks for the early Christmas gift, it's the connectivity, intelligence and personality, not your money stupid!!!

Risch is so full of it

He failed to mention Faux News' own polls also show WIllard trailing. But when you get quoted saying "She was talking about how competent her husband is", you should probably know things aren't going well. Not that it'll help much, but thanks for taking 500K away from the local GOP.

Half a million dollars

Sucked out of the Idaho economy, never to return. Thanks, Elvira.

STOP IT! This is HARD! Said

STOP IT! This is HARD!

Said Mrs. Obama NEVER!

If I want to see a woman whose only achievement appears to be

that she has 5 kids and is married to a man of the LDS faith, I'll just go shopping at Winco.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Groovy. The Secret Police won't bug you about that either.


What a country!


How many military families' vaccinations would this wasted money have provided.

Since when was this US government money?

It's NOT. They could pay for the vaccinations if they wished but that is their choice as it is their money.

Really a misguided question.


You fry wants with that?

Why would she need to raise money

Couldn't she just write a check out of her petty cash account?

Surely you jest.


You fry wants with that?


you have once again demonstrated your ability to troll for clowns and as usual the Obamunist trolls have responded to your fishbait.

Much like a line of trained sea lions,

barking for their keepers attention.

It's news. Like Lay's, get your own bag.


You fry wants with that?

Trolling for clowns?

Caught you, didn't he?

Your Tax Dollars At Work

Nice to know what became of the tax reduction the Republican Legislature gave to the wealthy top 2% of the State. And it all got shipped out of state. So much for the theory of trickle down economics.

ah the luxury

April 21, 2011 - 8:43 am Craig Newmark, Cissie Swig, Steve Westly and each happily dropped $35,800 to dine with President Obama at billionaire Marc Benioff’s San Francisco home Wednesday evening.

These are just some of the 85 famous names on the fundraiser’s guest list which was plainly visible to rubberneckers as attendees checked in. Combined, Obama’s take for the 90-minute event was a cool $3 million — or $3,043,000 to be exact (85 guests x $35,800 each).

So the Liberals here say the say about someone paying $38,500 to dine with Obama, right?

That's a lot of vaccines! LOL

We're talking about Idaho people here

not California. Try to keep up!

It's a big price to keep up

August Fundraiser
"For the Obama Idaho fundraiser with Biden, attendees can pay $250 just to attend the reception, $1,000 for preferred seating there, or $2,500 for a photo reception; supporters can become dinner co-hosts for $10,000 to $50,000."

Again with the vaccines!


You fry wants with that?

The operative words...

"Closed Door." Welcome to the world of the 1% and their figureheads....the Romneys.