Who do you blame the most for Boise State's offensive woes? Check out our chat replay

By Brian Murphy

Boise State's offensive troubles dominated our chat this week. Fans want to know what Boise State is running so much or passing so much, when quarterback Joe Southwick will be benched and when Chris Petersen will take over play-calling duties.

Check out our answers.

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It's running now but I'll still pass.


You fry wants with that?

Game on GoLobos.com

I saw someone posted that the game can be seen on golobos.com. A look at their upcoming live schedule indicates that the game can only be heard on golobos.com. You can also get audio of the game on broncovision.com, but it seems the only way to watch the game is on local tv in Boise or NM. :(


can probably get it on first row sports or some other feed site. Check around on some blogs/forums closer to kickoff and you'll find a link somewhere.

Play calling

Same thing that got them in trouble a few times last season.

This would be on the OC and Petersens shoulders.

They have the talent, just not being utilized.

Play Calling

I blame Michigan State (6th ranked total defense) and BYU (7th ranked total defense). BSU's total defense is ranked 18th and fans are RAVING about the BSU defense. Does that put it into perspective for everyone? Sometimes you just can't score against an elite defense. Thoughts anyone?

Interesting point

Our expectations are so high.

The stats

are hard to interpret at this point. For instance, BSU's defense has looked really good but the three offenses it has faced are ranked 104, 108 and 88 in scoring so far this season. It's hard to say what that means given that it's still September.

On the flip side, as you say, BSU has faced two really good defenses and struggled. Good defense or poor offense? Probably too early to tell.

This is why polls shouldn't come out until at least October.

Well said Ida

I agree 100%.

Does it do any good to blame anyone?

Instead of who to blame, I hope the coaching staff is focused on where to make changes.

As much as he gets the accolades, Petersen should get the blame.

... and he's been a man and taking the heat. Lets face it, they have recruited QB poorly and I think that's a biproduct of having Moore. They've recruited kicker poorly. The vandals have good kickers, why can't BSU? They also thumbed their noses at Taylor Kelly. They could have had that guy. He led ASU to a 37-7 victory against UTAH. The same Utah team that barely best BYU.

I blame

all the graduating seniors from last year...in other words I blame the lack of experience, it'll happen.

move on

Lots of us fans have had our say. Move on to the next game. After all we are 2-1. Many things I do not agree with but I have had my say. Go Broncos, score a few TDs and kick a few FGs. Keep it up Defense.... great job.


I think Southwick has great QB skills but he needs to relax and have fun. Perhaps he needs shrink to help him focus like Zabranski had. Seemed to help him a lot.


Who was the Shrink about six-seven years ago who helped a BSU punter/kicker? Get him back.

The lack of a FG offense is a killer when DEFENSE is dominate.

need to wake up GO BLUE

need to wake up GO BLUE

I blame Checkers (Nixon's dog)...


You fry wants with that?

Blame Murph

Robert Prince is distracted by the smell of meatballs in the pressbox.

I would say the blame goes to...

Michigan State's and BYU's defenses. The only issue with the offense is that they played against two teams that are at least at their level or maybe even slightly higher and the defenses are very tough defenses. BSU's offensive woes will now be over and they will look much more "polished", "disciplined", "well-coached", etc. in the coming weeks and the results will be very similar to how the offense performed against Miami, OH.

TMD In the 1st half of (OH)

BSU was awful.

Are you saying that Weber state has one of the best Offesnses in the country? Because they outscored us on that awesome BYU defense. So did utah.....
Heck, so did everybody else BYU played.

and so will