Romney campaign issues statement from Idaho's Luna: Obama puts special interests ahead of students

Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna is an education adviser to the Mitt Romney campaign.

His latest comments on behalf of the GOP nominee follows a statement issued Sept. 11 criticizing President Obama for his failure to "speak out" on the Chicago teachers' strike. His spokeswoman subsequently clarified that her boss wasn't advocating federal intervention in local labor disputes.

Issued from Romney headquarters in Boston, Tuesday's statement follows:


September 25, 2012

CONTACT: Romney Press Office



Boston, MA – Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna today made the following statement on Mitt Romney’s plan to reform education:

“If we want to keep the American Dream alive and give young people the opportunities they deserve, it is essential that we bring our schools up to the demands of the 21st century economy. President Obama’s four years in the White House have demonstrated that we cannot improve our schools until we have a president who is willing to put students before special interests. We need reforms that will offer parents greater and better quality choices for their children, hold schools accountable, and attract and retain the best teachers. Mitt Romney’s record shows he understands these facts, and that’s why we need his leadership in the White House.”

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Pure Desperation

When your message is completely devoid of substance, have your surrogates start spinning the opposition's positions into something they are not. Nazi Germany lives again.

Hey FeelMore,, you're late..

Hey FeelMore,, you're late..

Tom Luna is an uneducated loser...

...whose ignorance is only matched by his ambitions. Idaho's voters should never have elected him to be dog catcher and it's sad where we find ourselves today. Follow the money and you'll find his positions--can anyone say "K-12 profits"?

Anyone who thinks giving a laptop to a 14 year old and making them take courses on-line will IMPROVE their education is either incompetent or has compromised their values--or both, in Luna's case. In corporate America, ask anyone how much they enjoy web-based learning and how effective it is. Anyone who's interviewed 100 University of Phoenix graduates will tell you--it doesn't cut the mustard and for-profit education and their proponents (e.g. Luna) are sucking the life out of what made this country great.

Way to go Tom,

you have the Idaho state education system in a turmoil, due to your national affiliations, so now you feel it's time to jump right into the national fray of presidential politics. Do your job here, whatever the h*ll that might be, and quit looking like an idiot on the national level.

And by the way, If Luna is back in Boston spewing his blabber, who is picking up the bill for his time off from his Idaho job and his travel and lodging? Enlighten us Dan.

Lunatic at it again

Lying to the public while destroying education and telling everyone he's actually improving the educational environment for our students and their future. Now that he's broken public education in Idaho he's rubbing his greedy hands together and giggling, hoping he'll get a chance to do the same to all public school systems in America while standing beside Romney - the man who wants to make the 1% even richer and the Middle Class and poor their slaves. Most of Idaho will vote for that plan with their eyes wide shut and mouths full of GOP crap.

Now THAT... saying it like it is. Thank you, Wendy.

Does this news release say anything the least bit newsworthy?

Other than people in Idaho, is this generic statement newsworthy to anyone? Does anyone outside Idaho care one bit what some guy named Tom Luna thinks? I don't get it. Is this how the Romney campaign is planning on making up ground? Seriously?

in other news...

the contents of my basement toilet wrote a charming verbalism endorsing of the contents of my upstairs toilet

take the plunge


You fry wants with that?


Coming from the guy who sprung a post-election, previously undisclosed plan to fire teachers and replace them with Internet courses to be purchased with tax dollars from Luna's main campaign donor. And Luna is accusing Obama of putting special interests above students! Sometimes it's hard to tell whether you're reading George Orwell or a Romney press release.

You got a laff from me.

Don't think it's been put any better at all.


Tom Luna has no shame.


When Luna speaks I have to wear thigh high waders.

Pot, Meet Kettle

Who were some of Luna's biggest contributors for the last election? Hmmm...

K12 Inc of Virgina (which operates the Idaho Virtual Academy)
Apollo Group of Phoenix (parent company of University of Phoenix)
Executives of Scantron Corp (yet another online education company)

Of course Mr. Luna(tic) made it known to everybody before the election that he would mandate online education courses to replace teachers, right? Oh that's right, he waited until AFTER! Gotta work to protect those (out of state) special interests, don't you know!

Apollo Group/University of Phoenix and K-12 Corp contributions

Why did Idaho Legislators, Nonini and company deep six the Cronin legislation that would have protected Idaho Citizens from bad actors in the For-profit education industry. See SEC investigations of Apollo Group/University of Phoenix and K-12 Corporation.

How much money did Apollo Group/University of Phoenix and K-12 Corporation pay Idaho legislators last year and the year before?

Also, reference the Harkins Federal investigation of the For-profit education industry, the 2010 Frontline investigation of the For-profit education industry and the recent investigation of abuse of veterans by the For-profit education industry. The Education Trust Report Subprime and the multistate Attorneys General investigation of the troubled For-profit education industry.

Abramoff: "Fire up the jet baby, we're going to El Paso!!" Mike Scanlon: "I want all their MONEY!!!"
Email interchange between Jack Abramoff and Mike Scanlon, February 6, 2002

It’s obvious as in

It’s obvious as in Republican dominated states across the country are directing a conservative war on teachers.

Republicans assault on public employees, collective bargaining, pensions and women reveal an authoritarian Idaho Republican Party bent on using its current advantage to permanently cripple personal rights and devastate their political opponents ability to challenge there power for decades to come.

Seems Luna would rather spend time with

Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney than to work here in Idaho for Idaho. On to Washington-----that's where the real money is. He's a Republican, all right!

Unions are a special interest too

They give campaign contributions. Why doesn't anyone recognize this? Do you really buy the line that the teachers unions exist only for the children?

Truth is hard to come by

Slow Down Sparky

Let's go through all the bylaws and mission statements of educator unions. You will not find anything that says "This union exists solely for the benefit of kids at the exclusion of all else."

Really? Hate unions that much?
How about that 40 hr work week, overtime, benefits, vacation, sick pay, workers competition and the rest?
Oh you just like to pony up to the benefits of over 100 years of union work without accepting any responsibility for healthy work environments, fair wages and etc? Right?

Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of examples of wasteful, bull-headed stupidity SOME Unions have exercised over the years. Still, reign them in, but don't destroy what the overall work has GIVEN YOU. "We don't need them unions" You are definately a plier dentist. "OH and absess? Pull them all out, ones bad they all are."
Really? Any unemployed construction workers, electricians, plumbers and etc here Idaho want to trade their unemployment check for a shot at having kept their jobs? (not a guarantee, a shot).

Wouldn't it be nice if someone was trying to keep your job, give you safe conditions, excellent resources, good benefits and all the rest so that you can confidently and securely do the most important job on the planet, teach? That's what the union does, it protects the teachers, bus drivers, custodians, ... oh AND the kids from poor conditions.

But, hey it's ok, pony up to the unions provided pay and benefits trough (including the unemployment ones) as you always do. Take and disregard all that allowed you to do so and shut up while you do it.

This reality check brought to you by a UNION BOSS (see the NEA, IEA and all the rest are employee run), found in the classroom protecting our heritage with literacy and perhaps a generation who are grateful for it.

It'll be moot when we import our toilet paper.


You fry wants with that?