Boise State offensive coordinator Robert Prince says scoring slump hasn't hurt morale; Korey Hall signs with Cardinals

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State offensive coordinator Robert Prince said Tuesday that the Broncos’ scoring woes have not affected the morale of his players.

The Broncos didn’t score an offensive point in last week’s 7-6 defeat of BYU. They rank 107th in the nation with 19.7 points per game and 94th in total offense with 355.3 yards per game.

“We had great energy today,” Prince said. “Nobody’s holding their heads down. We did win the game.”

Prince provided few details on what has gone wrong offensively or what needs to happen to get the team back to its usual high-scoring ways.

He was critical of a couple of his own playcalling decisions.

“Part of it is going with some of our bread and butter at key times and that was my fault for not calling some of those things,” he said. “We thought we had some things on BYU, but unfortunately they won those downs.”

On the goal-line stand, Prince wondered if he should have done something other than run the ball. He called two runs and a lateral to tailback D.J. Harper. Coach Chris Petersen called a sneak on fourth-and-goal.

“I was probably a little bit more bull-headed and said we’ve got 1 yard to go, or a half an inch to go, and we’ve got to get it,” Prince said, “so I trusted our O-line.

“… Every one of those plays I called, what I do is I go back and evaluate every one. Hindsight is always 20-20, but we try to make it a learning experience and move forward.”

The Broncos are going to face an interesting challenge this week at New Mexico as they try to get the offense going. The Lobos’ defense has struggled, but the triple-option offense has limited opponents’ offensive chances.

For a team struggling to find offensive rhythm, that’s a recipe for trouble. Texas only got nine full possessions against New Mexico. The Longhorns led 10-0 with a minute left in the first half before their offense started to click. They won 45-0.

“The thing that we talked about is our possessions are going to be precious,” Prince said. “Usually in a game you get maybe 12 or 13 possessions. This game, we might only get the ball nine times. So we’ve got to make every one of those count. They’re definitely going to try to shrink the game and keep the ball out of our hands.”


Senior wide receiver Mitch Burroughs on the offense: “I know we keep saying we’re close, but if you look at the film, it’s there. … We’ve done a good job moving the ball for the most part. At the end, we’ve got to capitalize and finish drives. If we do that, it changes the whole dynamic of that game.”


Senior cornerback Jamar Taylor on New Mexico’s offense: “It’s going to see if we’re physical, if we can play with great eyes and play disciplined. … This game is really going to show if we’re disciplined or not.”


I’ve got a Q&A with Mike Atkinson in Saturday’s paper about his pick six. Here’s what he said about the celebration:

“The hard part wasn’t running to the end zone, it was getting hit in the chest and the head. It stopped me from breathing. You’ve got 100 guys pounding on your chest.”


Former Boise State linebacker Korey Hall has joined the Arizona Cardinals. Hall was released earlier this year by the New Orleans Saints.

Hall, of Glenns Ferry, joins two other former Broncos on the Cardinals roster — offensive guard Daryn Colledge and offensive tackle Nate Potter. Hall and Colledge were teammates in Green Bay earlier in their careers.

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Congratulations Korey Hall

Who would have thought getting let go by New Orleans and going to Phoenix would be an upgrade! Congrats!

I'd like to believe Coach Prince

It is tough when you see 5 out of every 6 1st and 10 plays as a run, and 3 out of every 4 of those running plays are off right tackle. It sure seems easy to defend most of the time. I'd like to see them get DJ or other backs out in space and let them work. And where has Dan Paul been? I thought with him bulking up, he was going to be the wrecking ball type full-back, but he seems to whiff most of the time he goes through the line.

Fix the predictability, fix the red zone and the Broncos will be allright. If those don't get fixed, we will see more struggles and more people jumping up and down screaming for Patti.

I don't think it should be that hard, I mean, Tharp has the second most touchdown pas-ses in Bronco history, Joe should be able to get a couple here and there.

Go Broncos!

Southwick, patti I could care less

put me down as the captain of the ABP club. ANYBODY BUT PRINCE

It may not have hurt the player's morale, but the fair weather

fans' morale is sinking quickly.

I dont think that is true. It isnt fair weather

as much as it is a fan base that cares enough to be POd at what we are seeing.
fair weather fans probably would just say "look to next year" no bronco fan is saying that.

Wow talk about delusional

“Nobody’s holding their heads down. We did win the game.”

And what did the offense have to do with any part of winning that game?

They didn't turn the ball over

That's a pretty big deal when your offense isn't scoring points. Just ask BYU.

Let's see how this weekend goes

Two ways it can go.

1.) Boise State leads by 2 scores or less at halftime.

2.) Boise State leads by 4 scores or more at halftime.

Either way, we should see a lot of Hedrick, Fields, Ajayi, Williams-Rhodes, Plinke, and Burks in the second half.

Let's not worry

about halftime. I'll take BSU up 2-4 scores or more at the end of the game.

Playcalling problems? Ya think?

How complex is the playbook if I, who honestly knows little about football, can say "they're going to have Harper run it up the middle" and be right 90% of the time. What do you suppose the opponent's defensive coordinator is going to be predicting? Perhaps somebody out there who is more knowledgeable can explain this to me. is simple....

If you dont know what to do, you then just run Harper up the middle....that is old time stuff like YA Tittle, or George Gipp....

You see, lets say it is 1st and dont have a play, so run Harper up the middle and see how many yards he gets....lets say it is either 2nd 8, 2nd 7, or 2nd 6, and still not sure so what you do so go ahead and run Harper up the middle and see what he gets again....Lets say it is 3rd and 4....

Now it is Southwicks turn....

Don't worry coach ....

Things will only improve for the offense with all the cupcakes now lined up for the remainder of the season for Cupcake State. With all the powder puffs on the remaining Cupcake State schedule "Cupcake" nation will be back to normal believing they are in the national title hunt and telling you how great you are. Boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared.


as of yet, there are not very many Bronco Fans touting their greatness fact, many of them have stated they are over-rated in the AP polls....

Since 2004, the Broncos have played well, very well....but with no offense in 2012 it is abit of a shock to Bronco Fans and Broncomania....

I do wait for the day where the Broncos schedule an OOC where they are serious about their SOS and NC chances....hopefully they wont let those days slip....


Have ya seen the tv ratings for the BSU/BYU game yet??

As a former player..

I have no doubt team morale is down unless they started low to begin with. How can morale be nuetral/up after watching your offense fail to score on the blue in nearly 20 years? Maybe Prince means the offensive players are complacent or couldn't care less about scoring. Doubtful but don't tell me morale isn't down.

I'm starting to wonder about whether Prince's head is in the game


if morale is low, it is probably mostly from the Senior cla$$....

In reality, the thing important now is developing the Fresh-Juniors for the AQ 2013 season....

You live & die as a team Ugly

You can't bench the Seniors after 3 games into the season. That's fool talk. We're 2-1 & should win the Mountain West. All players need to develop a sense of urgency to get the offense clicking. They may be down but they're not out.

Go Broncs!

They are down because they can't FLEX AND ADAPT right now.

There is a place for the QB being autonomous and a place for listening to his team and staff more. It's like driving a car.


You fry wants with that?

Of course ugly

According to your thinking BSU should bench Harper, Atkinson, Taylor, all seniors and blow off a good chance of making a BCS bowl just because a couple of goofballs are only about winning a NC.

As always, you are good for a laugh.

Φ Geez, tfunk

Got enough of the boring yet?

Incurably stupid and repetitively so.

Say what?

Good chance at a BCS bowl? LOL! This is why I love Cupcake State nation. Nobody wanted you the last two years - what BCS bowl is going to want this year's version of Cupcake State? Your one loss looks pretty weak after MSU lost to Notre Dame and got all they could handle from mighty Eastern Michigan(0-4) - both in East Lansing. BYU lost to Utah who just got whacked by 40 at ASU. Any bowl reps watching that pathetic display on the smurf turf last Thursday surely fell asleep on their couch. But not all is lost for Cupcake State fans - the traditional slew of cupcakes on the schedule has arrived. With a few wins over these powder puffs Crippe will have you back in the top 10 while everyone else plays a big boy schedule. Boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared.

Poor pony

You have a hard enough time spelling BCS bowl, let alone know what it takes to qualify for one.

Oh and...... predicts the bowls each week.....

This week they have Notre Dame and Boise State in the Orange Bowl.....

I just ruined someones night.......

Broncos v Notre Dame in Orange Bowl should be

a good one....

We'll see how the season unfolds....

Should be?

Have you seen Notre Dame play yet? Better yet, have you seen BSU play? As much as I hate to say it, I'd rather BSU go back to the MAACO Las Vegas Bowl than play on a national stage and get embarrassed because, unless the offense becomes stellar between now and then, that is exactly what will happen. Come on people, no college football program is good forever. This is a rebuilding year, nothing more. Ugly is right, get these guys comfortable with each other, get experience and compete next year as an AQ.


Please tell me we don't root for the same team!?

I have a hard time believing Bronco fans dont want to play good teams. There's fans out there that would rather play in the Maaco Bowl because they're scared of losing in the Orange Bowl? Pathetic.

I don't get that reasoning at all. When Coach Pete figures out the kinks and/or play calling and/or bad QB play in this offense, this team will be very good. And you know he will. Its what he does so well.

As a Bronco fan, I want to play the best teams. I'd rather lose 28-21 to ND in the Orange then beat 7th place Pac 12 team WSU in the Maaco 31-17. This isnt the 2009 Broncos. College football fans know who we are and have informed opinions.

It sounds like some Bronco fans are scared to take some bumps and bruises so they say things like "no program is good forever". What does that even mean? The Broncos may lose some games. They may get beat badly (when was the last time the Broncos trailed by more then 7 points in a game?). The Bronco program is still building, still reaching goals, still getting better.

Well said JL

Besides, ND's offense didn't look a heck of lot better against their last 2 opponents than BSU's has. I say bring on the Irish (if we could get so lucky). What a great game and opportunity that would be for BSU. I know I would book my tickets to South Beach :)

I'm optimistic BSU will get things figured out, they will put in the time and pay the price. Hopefully they can get some confidence against UNM and build from there.

I agree..

I would rather prove myself against a great team like ND than win big against a mediocre team in the Maaco Bowl.

Go Broncs!

I'd rather lose by 50 to ND

in the orange bowl than win the Vegas bowl again.

Things I hate to actually say
"ND looks good this year"
"the seahawks defense is legit"

uuughhh now I have to go take a shower.

ya p2

That's pretty slimey

BCS is meaningless. The Broncos play for the need to compete...

and they will go where they may. Bowls are great, the BCS garbage has cheapened and demeaned and made a huge taunt of it. Instead of making a true championship out of the old system it reduced college football to a bunch of pawns in play.

Getting played is not dope. It's The Dope Show.


You fry wants with that?


I didnt say to bench this season out and go for best bowl....

Any team that can score 7 points from defense and none from offense and win the game will probably go 11-1....

In reality, the most important season is 2013, the AQ one....that is where Southwick needs to shine and needs to develop this season with a relatively easy fininshing schedule for 2012....

The Bronco Seniors have had their great Day, and unfortunately probably not going to end with big BCS Bowl for them....they are good, and some will be in NFL....

It is my opinion that Southwick will lead the way in 2013....Patti could be 2014 thru 2016?

Sorry ugly

I thought you meant

"In reality, the thing important now is developing the Fresh-Juniors for the AQ 2013 season...."

I guess not.......


FYI....the seniors will be gone in 2013 for the AQ season....

The Bronco Seniors are what is keeping the Broncos in the games and winning in 2012....but the seniors wont be there to help in 2013....The seniors are the only reason Broncos are 2-1, instead of 1-2....

JC Percy was #2 tackles as freshman, Kellen was leading qb as what I am saying is that not too many of the Fresh-Junior on todays squad is like the previous squad....thus keep Southwick in because he needs the time and development.....let other 2013 folks play too if broncos clearly ahead as they should be in most remaining games....

The Boise State seniors will lead this 2012 team, but the others need to be ready for 2013....


I know exactly why you wrote what you did above. And know exactly why you wrote when you responded to my post. And I know why you are now trying to clarify both.....

It's all good, I understand.........

Crazy talk!

True fans have been through years of ups and downs with the Broncos. This team has not gelled completely on offense, Coach Prince needs to get in a groove and overcome his stress in the job. Thankfully we have a defense that can carry the load and a Head Coach that is realistic. Be patient folks, it's not the end of the world.

Here CA bronco

I took the liberty of correcting your post.

Crazy talk!
True fans have been through years of downs and ups with the Broncos. This team has not gelled AT ALL on offense, coach Prince needs to actually do his job. Thankfully we have a defense that can outscore the offense and a head coach that better be getting a little upset at having to take one for the team in press conferences. Be patient folks, the end of the world is not until Dec. 21st.

Week one. Prince takes the hit so the fans will lay off Southwick and a horrible offense. Week three, Pete takes the hit so people will lay off Prince and the horrible offense. What happens on week 4? Who is left to blame?

The cleaning staff.


You fry wants with that?

Really? true fans have been through years of ups and downs?

The Broncos have only had 5 losing seasons, if that, since they became a 4 year institution, so what ups and downs are you specifically talking about?

Prince-not quite the guys that sold Albertsons down the line...

but clueless about the fire in the room.


You fry wants with that?

Robert Prince's game plan

1st Down - Handoff and try to run the ball up the middle for a 2 yd gain.

2nd Down - 2nd and 8 - Handoff and try to run the ball up the middle for no gain

3rd Down - 3rd and 8 - Try to pass the ball only two yards off the line of scrimmage (80 percent of the time) and NEVER EVER EVEN THINK ABOUT THROWING A PASS TO A TIGHT END. Tight Ends simply do not seem to exist in Robert Prince's world.

4th Down - PUNT

Then lather, rinse, and repeat.