RC Willey giving cash, backpacks to Foodbank for grand reopening

RC Willey will celebrate a grand reopening of its store Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. by giving $5,000 and 1,000 backpacks to support the Idaho Foodbank's backpack program. The $5,000 will make it so that 21 children have nutritious weekend food for the entire school year, according to the Idaho Foodbank.

The RC Willey at 3301 E. Lanark in Meridian had been remodeling its exterior and electronics department.

The Boise Chamber of Commerce will be there with community leaders from Boise, Meridian and Eagle. Yogurtz in Meridian will provide frozen yogurt snacks for the public.

"We hope people will sponsor those empty backpacks as they become aware of the needs in our community and statewide," said general manager Jon Jensen.

Only weekends?

What happens to them on weekdays?

Frozen yogurt isn't the panacea of healthy nutrition a foodbank should be considered with in the same breath. It's the junkfood of the dairy group, and having dairy and cattle farmers in my direct lineage I still feel it could be done better.

I have to live on $2400 a year and some assistance as it is to meet my needs, surely more children can be better accomodated.


You fry wants with that?