Idaho education fight gets New York Times coverage

State school superintendent Tom Luna's attempt to make over Idaho public education — and the Nov. 6 referenda over his Students Come First laws — received Sunday coverage in the New York Times.

Not a whole lot of new ground here, but writer Kirk Johnson found some common ground between GOP Gov. Butch Otter and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a former chief of staff to President Barack Obama.

“I could empathize with Rahm and what he was going through,” Otter told the New York Times, referring to Chicago's recent teachers' strike. “It’s not the teachers. ... It’s the union bosses.”

Here's the link to the full New York Times article.

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I am looking forward

to the day when it is not news that something in Idaho actually makes the news.


I understand what you're saying. Still, I think it's worth seeing how a state issue is covered in the national media — which is why I posted this.

Kevin Richert
editorial page editor

Sorry to seem

critical of your decision, it is true that Idaho getting national coverage is news, particularly around the education stuff. It is just interesting how Idahoans clamor for the rare spotlight when it comes by. I am happy this topic does have some national coverage, a bit more pithy and important than BSU football.


No problem. I just thought it was a good reason to explain why I posted this link.

Kevin Richert
editorial page editor

They didn't pickup on the fact....

....that Idaho is the only state in America that requires a supermajority to pass an ordinary school bond, and the only state where school districts are suing federally to get M&O monies from a denying legislature---that's already lost one ruling (after fighting it 15+ yrs) in the state's Supreme Court.

Frankly, I'm surprised no one has sued in the 9th Federal Circuit to shut down all schools in the state until Idaho's witless legislature obeys its own Idaho Supreme Court ruling in 2005, and abides by its own constitution. Amazing!