Listen to Boise State's Chris Petersen discuss the victory against BYU and this week's game with New Mexico

By Brian Murphy

Boise State coach Chris Petersen met with local media Monday to discuss the Broncos' 7-6 victory against BYU and this week's game at New Mexico.

Listen to Petersen's press conference here.

Petersen started off his remarks by again thanking the record-setting crowd at Bronco Stadium on Thursday night for its effort in the win against BYU. He also pointed out the terrific play from the defense, while acknowledging that it might get overshadowed by questions about the poor offensive performance.

Other notes:

• Petersen said it was his decision to run a quarterback sneak on fourth-and-goal at the BYU 1. Quarterback Joe Southwick was stuffed for no gain.

• Petersen said he should have attempted a field goal from the BYU 20, rather than go for it. He said he told kicker Michael Frisina that the lack of a field goal try wasn't on the kicker. "That has nothing to do with you (Frisina), that has something to do with me being hard-headed," Petersen said. Frisina had missed from 33 yards earlier in the game.

• Petersen said former Boise State coach Dirk Koetter put the win in perspective for him. Koetter reminded him that when Utah — a Pac-12 school — beat BYU, the fans rushed the field. When Boise State did the same, everybody was disappointed. Koetter said that if he had beaten BYU during his Boise State days, he wouldn't have been able to get into his office because "everybody would have been so excited to beat them."

• Petersen said he had heard rumblings about firing coaches or changing players, but that's not what he is going to do. "That's not what this is about," he said.

• Boise State has done extra work with its red-zone and goal line offensive packages. In 12 red-zone possessions (inside or at the opponent 20), the Broncos have three touchdowns and three field goals.

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In week three

You can get away with toeing the party line and sticking with a QB and a coordinator BUT if the product does not change soon, there will be changes. Prince is on the hotseat in his job.

Conventional wisdom says that

you dont change horses midstream. But conventional wisdom does not always have Hawkins just waiting for a phonecall.......

You need to relax

No one is calling for Pete's head. And no one will call for his head if they are real Bronco fans. Pete needs to call Hawk to be OC. IF THERE WERE TO BE A CHANGE MIDYEAR, this is the only situation that could work. You are probably right that this is a tad early to be talking about it though.

You also state:
"It's a year coming off incredible success with unprecedented achievement –"
That is not quite true. We lost a game last year. We have had years that we did not lose any games. We went to vegas last year and other years we have won BCS bowls.
What we are seeing is not the result of losing players or a kellen moore hangover but rather horrible playcalling and bad QB play. Those two things can be fixed immediately. We should be 3-0 we should have beat MSU. But we did not and the problem is still there.


albert einstein's definition; doing the same thing over, and over, and expecting different results. the next time we face a top defense the results will be the same. joe cant handle the pressure. he will look great against new mexico being a 30 point favorite.


Trust me that Hawk would not be the best person to be OC. Petersen was Hawk's OC and the current QB coach was Montana's OC on a team that went 14-2. Either Pete or the QB coach could be the OC if a change is made. Heck Koetter was his own OC.

I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel yet

Yeah, the Offense is struggling. We just went through a huge change at QB. In case you guys never noticed, Kellen was a tape fanatic. When he stepped to the line he knew his progressions, and about 90% of the time he was right. It was awesome to watch him identify "Mike", look for the blitz, take a quick peek for single coverage, or figure if it was zone. He was uncanny at throwing the ball just before the break, and he could hit that wide receiver or tight end seam pattern down the middle with precision. And, he was good at selling the screen, bubble screen, or a wheel route to the backs!

I mentioned the above patterns because we haven't seen much of them. And, because you've got to be able to read really well when you run those patterns. A lot of those patterns take time to develop, and if you read wrong it's an interception! As Southwick gains trust by being able to consistently read the Defense those plays will start to open up. And when those plays start to open up, the defense starts to play pass more often opening up the run game.

Listen, i don't ever expect Southwick to be able to read like Moore, he was a once in a lifetime student of the game (Watch the John Gruden QB show he was on, he impressed the heck out of Gruden!) Even if Southwick can pick up 50-75% of Moore's reading ability we'll be in good hands!!!! I'm going to give him some time.....

Bronco fans were spoiled in the past...

Get over it. We've got a good coach and a good team. They're not quite firing on all cylinders yet but you can bet they will be soon. Trash-talking the kicker isn't what we're about. These, "they shoulda coulda woulda" speculations are a silly waste of time. A true fan sticks by their team through thick and thin. If you're going to be that fickle and start calling for heads to roll then please keep that to yourself. Negativity doesn't build a good team. Focusing on strengths first then correcting the weaknesses and believing in yourself is what makes a great team. Fans need to stay the course, continue the support and give them a chance to improve.

Give some of those new guys playing time like, Chance James. He'll get some interceptions for sure!

Winning isn't everything. And you can bet BSU and BYU players have learned to respect each other. You could see that in the closing moments of the game. Good sportsmanship is hard to come by these days. Both teams have it. After all, that's what competition is all about.

..........................I said it before

................I like coach Pete, but in my opinion, he made several mistakes in the game. My number one complaint is why in the heck won't he allow Joe Southwick to run. Joe hasnt got that kind of an arm to just pass. #2, if we dont have a darn field goal kicker we can rely on, then we need to get one.

I said it before

I think the answer to your number 1 is that they have let him run a bit, but he's been doing "the slide" short of the marker. I'm with you on the field goal kicker. I'm a bit confused there, i've sat there and watch both of them put the kicks through in practice, but for some reason they shank it under game conditions.

I agree...

I watch them nail 45 yarders with ease before the game and at halftime. Not sure if the "clutch gene" is missing. Its like a bad case of the "yips".

There was a string of confident kickers for many years for this program.


You have never made any mistakes? What if he did elect to kick a field goal and the kid missed it again? Then you would be saying I said it before that we should go for it and not rely on our kicker. Yeah and you should be the next in line to take over for Pete because you know how to call every situation after it happens. As far as letting Southwick run, Why? He obviously doesn't want to. If you are going to have a running QB he needs to be fearless, which Southwick is not. Fans - cheer, Coaches - Coach, Players - Play lets keep it that way


Welcome to being a BSU fan. You are obviously new. If you were seasoned you would know that our kickers suck. it is not just ONE PLAY but kick after kick after kick., Last year BSU kickers MISSED 8 PATs!! 8 PATs!!! My friend. A touchdown is no longer an automatic 7.
Fans question, that is our right as fans. Coaches make mistakes and players are sometimes in over their head.
Southwick is a good kid by all accounts. He is good enough to be on the team, he was good enough to win the starting job and he is good enough to stay academically eligible. He is decent enough to not get kicked off the team and most importantly he is still just a "kid" so in a way all this criticism of him is a tad overdone. But he is not a starting QB for a top 25 football program. He just isnt. That has nothing to do with his character or life, but every thing to do with his ability.

In your world where coaches coach and players play and fans cheer only one of those groups is currently doing their job. It is the fans who were loud and proud at one of the worst football games in recent memory.

It's Funny

How overnight the BSU coaches don't know what they are doing, and the BSU players aren't very good. I might be a little new but BSU kickers haven't always been bad. It has been the last two years. Everyone thinks that Brotzman was terrible because he missed a couple late in his career, but he was a fantastic kicker. I am not saying their kickers are good at all. But if they have converted on those fourth downs NOBODY would be questioning this situation.
I grew up in the SEC and went to an SEC school(UF). If that game was between any SEC schools it would be an instant classic.
The whole thing about how the fans are the only one's doing their job. They only show up for the big games. We will see how they show up for the UNLV,SDSU, CST games. Big time football programs have all their games sold out no matter who they play. Give me a break! BSU fans have been spoiled for the last 10+ years. Which I have been a season ticket holder since 2002. Just so you know.
This team will be fine. They are very young and inexperienced. BSU just graduated one of the best groups of seniors that any college team has ever had. Be patient!

Getting stupid in one silly year

Boil down the arguments for firing the OC and handing it back to CP. Do the fire/change/run the QB more types think that with Moore gone CP has fallen into stupidville? Funny how a great QB can make a OC or head coach look brilliant. Are you aware how successful running QB's have been against BYU? Check out the stats with the Utah and Wash St running QB's, maybe there was a reason the calls weren't made. If the OC hasn't got it, yet CP thought highly enough of the guy to toss him the keys to the offense, do you know better? You won a game that had a great chance of being a loss, be happy.

Coach pete

was a genius way before kellen moore. Zabranski was no better than southwick.
When pete was OC BSU threw up insane numbers. And prince is new. So, prince is the problem. period.

Your Crazy

Coach Pete got a ton of his offense from coach Prince. The difference between Zabranski and Southwick is Zabranski was one heck of a competitor. Southwick looks like he wants to just make it through the game without making any huge mistakes, so no one can point the finger at him.

Who's "Zabranski"?

I think you're right on the last point. Zabransky often made mistakes because he willingly took chances, some to the groans of the crowd. Southwick looks like he doesnt want to lose the QB job. Hes only 3 games in so maybe he can change that metality. Maybe not.

My Bad

I thought that spelling looked weird. Thanks and lets hope he can change. It would be hard for me if I was his teammate to sellout when you know he wont.

Φ What's "metality"?

Just kidding, JL, couldn't resist. However, that misspell actually helps make your point: Joe does need some metal (and mettle) or he is going to lose his spot.

Thats what I get for teasing bigfella

Caves made a good point yesterday. If you cant find your offense in New Mexico (wait....theres a NEW ...Mexico?) you probably wont find it all season.

Φ "Finding" your offense

against New Mexico won't go very far if "stuffáge" happens again down the road. It looked like the Miami game may have been somewhat of a corner-turner. It wasn't. If the sputtering continues, how long do you wait?


I would think the Broncos go fast tempo against New Mexico right away. Get the defense off balance. I want to see an agressive Bronco team. A team that take shots, a team that is creative.

If the Broncos get only 9 possessions, as talked about, 4+ of those should be TD's and two more FG's. Thats what a Junior QB with the talent around him, leading a Top 25 team against a bad New Mexico team, should produce. Easily.


Prince was at Boise state but not an OC from 01-03. Where are you gettting that Pete got a "ton" of his offensce from prince?

1 BSU has not always had good QBs
2 BSU has, for several head coaches now, had creative and complex playcalling
3 BSU prince is new and now BSU gets stuffed and only runs it up the middle.

What is the factor that is different on this team.

(hint, it isnt a king but the king's runty little stepchild.)

But you are dead on about Joe.
The guy just does not seem to have "it" and you can't teach or coach "it"

Just because

Prince wasn't there the whole time you don't think him and Pete talked? I work with a couple guys who played for Boise when Prince was there. They all say he had a huge part in the offense when he was there. I honestly think Prince know's that Joe has limitations and doesn't want to put him in situations to fail. That being said nobody is perfect and they will all get better.

Of course they talked

But you said that pete gave prince a "ton" of offense and that is just about the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. pete is prince's Boss, not the other way around.
You know you overstepped in saying that, just move on before you dig yourself in deeper.

So you think

that only the OC has input on what plays are installed in the playbook? Is that how it works? Just one guy does it all? Cool, I didn't know that.

No that is not how it works

Are you related to prince? Are you his mother?
Or are you just one of those pansy guys who thinks that no one should take responsibility if they are "trying real hard'.

Newsflash, Assistants get fired for not doing their job. They get promoted for doing it well. Would you be so quick to dismiss Prince's culpability if he was winning and throwing up numbers? would you say it is all Pete and not the OC?
That is how it works so cool, now you know that.

This guy said he is proud of the product that was on the field against BYU in one of the worst football games I ahve ever seen with my own two eyes.


You are hilarious. I am his son, not his mother. JK(that means just kidding incase you didn't know)

A couple more things and they I will try to let it go

Hopefully it is not your contention that harsin would have come away with 0 points against BYU.
brotz is not on the team anymore (sadly you dont know what you got till its gone) the two kickers we have were the same two kickers that missed field goals last year (TCU) and 8 MISSED PATs and are also missing this year. And yet you think the best way to look at it is "hey, sometimes kickers miss" well my friend these kickers miss more than most. Coach Pete's best call of the game was NOT KICKING FIELD GOALS.

Kicking is not part of our offense
kellen (6 Shooter) Moore is not part of this offense
time to get creative.

Our o line is bad
Our QB is bad
Our OC is bad

All of those can be fixed now. Hopefully they will be.

Our defense is a freaking beast and may be better than last year's.

You make me laugh

Your insane if you think it can be changed right away. You have to have the right personnel. Also do you think some of his restrictions are coming from Pete? Pete did after all call the QB sneak on fourth down and it wasn't in the game plan. How many more plays in the game do you think Pete is calling?

Going back I believe you said we had a Ferrari, but now you are saying that our O-line and QB is bad. Doesn't really sound like a Ferrari. Sounds like a KIA. Shoot the best option might just be to let our defense play on both sides. That could work.

Mrs. Prince....It can be fixed because it is COACHING

this is getting old. A bad qb can be coached and the plays can highlight his strengths.
BSU has never really had a great O line as much as we have been able to get the play out quick and timed right with many creative shifts.

How many do you think he is calling? You seem to have some idea. You seem to think all the plays that work a work of genius by prince and that Pete is calling all the rest.

Please stick with the car analogy. It does not sound like a kia it sounds like a fararri being driven by a 15 year old girl at drivers ed. My original point.
Are you ok?
Did you always wear your helmet?


And when the QB throws an interception it is the QB coaches fault. When a running back fumbles it is the RB coaches fault. Unbelievable!
You really think Boise's o-line hasn't been that good? Interesting.

I am interested to hear what you have to say when Boise rolls this week.

I can already tell you because they will roll this week

They will win because they are PLAYING NM. period. Not because of coaching or good play or anything else. But because of the opponent (thank God) because we need some time to figure this out.

Look, think about this.

Take, 2 plays. Joe, slides on 4th down short against MSU. that is on Joe, it is a typical understandable mistake that is all on the player. it is an "oops"

Same situation in the BYU game. that is all on the coaches. that is their job, to take that "oops" moment and get in his ear and COACH him. To say, when you slide, know where you are know where you need to be. Dont slide if you dont know. Get the 1st down, especially in a game like BYU.

You seem to think this is the Big Sky still. This isn't, this is division 1 football (LOL)

BSU has played 3 games and by some serious miracle we are 2-1. The offense has played six halves of football and only 1 has looked decent. 5/6 have just been pathetic. Heck for all we know the only good half they had maybe pete called the plays. (Probably not but it isnt that far fetched.)

It was almost halftime and we were down to (OH) OH man, If I was Pete, I would have stepped in, so maybe he did, we will never know.

I said it before and I'll say it again, fumble, INTs I'll take them any day over playing scared and incompetent and uncreative.

Thank You!

You just said that it will take some time. You have been saying that it can be fixed right now. I didn't even live here when Boise was in the Big Sky. But you are right they are very fortunate to be 2-1 and still in the top 25. That is the amount of respect they have earned over the years.

I meant that it can be fixed now

as in this season and we can still go BCS and still start rolling opponents. Some seem to think we are stuck with a Bad QB and after one loss it is time to start talking about next year. Those are the ones that I am disagreeing with when I say we can fix things now.

But I am a great big fan of starting rumors. so here we go. I think pete stepped in and coached against OH. It makes perfect sense. You have 6 halves of football played. 5 of them have a certain handwriting and 1 of them has a different one. Now, I'm no Biblical Scholar, (actually I am) but in the OT you have 5 or 6 distinct writing styles in the Pentateuch. Mosaic, Elohist, etc.... Now Scholars have surmised that because of the different styles there may have been different authors. I am not saying that I agree with that thought but it is a logical conclusion. Or in terms Mrs. prince can understand, On Sesame Street they have a skit called "one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just does not belong" Can you guess which one is different.

I'm Half joking.

Moses wrote and compiled Genesis from his own

writings and probably from other manuscripts....He didnt need any help from the un-proved theory of JEDP....

I would agree that

the theory is kaput. I was trying to illustrate a point. Personally, I think the writer is one and that one is Moses. But There is room for other theories. As silly as they may be.

But then again for almost two years I thought you and another poster were one and the same. So what do I know?

Moses wrote and compiled Genesis from his own

writings and probably from other manuscripts....He didnt need any help from the un-proved theory of JEDP....