Boise State football team holds at No. 24 in AP poll, still unranked in Coaches' Poll

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team held onto the No. 24 spot in The Associated Press Top 25 on Sunday.

The Broncos gained 19 points after beating BYU 7-6 on Thursday without an offensive point. The likely reason: a lack of quality options at the bottom of the poll, where several teams posted unimpressive wins and others have not yet been tested.

The USA Today Coaches’ Poll will be released later this morning.

At the top of the poll, Oregon jumped LSU for the No. 2 spot.

Michigan State is No. 20.

Boise State also held its place in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll — at 27th in voting. The Broncos lost one point.


Here’s the full AP poll:

Record Pts Pv
1. Alabama (59) 4-0 1,499 1
2. Oregon 4-0 1,414 3
3. LSU (1) 4-0 1,346 2
4. Florida St. 4-0 1,340 4
5. Georgia 4-0 1,245 5
6. South Carolina 4-0 1,147 7
7. Kansas St. 4-0 1,067 15
8. Stanford 3-0 1,055 9
9. West Virginia 3-0 1,045 8
10. Notre Dame 4-0 1,003 11
11. Florida 4-0 864 14
12. Texas 3-0 856 12
13. Southern Cal 3-1 801 13
14. Ohio St. 4-0 633 16
15. TCU 3-0 616 17
16. Oklahoma 2-1 611 6
17. Clemson 3-1 588 10
18. Oregon St. 2-0 451 NR
19. Louisville 4-0 414 20
20. Michigan St. 3-1 348 21
21. Mississippi St. 4-0 246 23
22. Nebraska 3-1 179 25
23. Rutgers 4-0 128 NR
24. Boise St. 2-1 114 24
25. Baylor 3-0 92 NR
Others receiving votes: Northwestern 89, UCLA 79, Michigan 44, Ohio 40, Virginia Tech 26, Arizona 17, Iowa St. 16, Wisconsin 13, Oklahoma St. 12, Texas A&M 11, Cincinnati 10, Tennessee 10, Texas Tech 10, Arizona St. 8, Louisiana Tech 7, Purdue 5, Miami 1.


is the full USA Today poll.


Here’s my AP ballot. I moved Oregon to No. 2, after the Ducks looked good against the best opponent they’ve played so far and LSU struggled against its best opponent. I moved Florida State way up, because the Seminoles now have one of the most impressive wins in the country. I actually thought at one time I might drop Boise State — but the teams around the Broncos on my ballot had uglier weeks. Louisville struggled with Florida International, Baylor struggled with Louisiana Monroe and Ohio State wasn’t impressive against UAB. And the best win among the three teams on my also considered list is Mississippi State over Auburn, who isn’t very good.

1 Alabama
2 Oregon
4 Florida State
5 South Carolina
6 Georgia
7 Kansas St
8 Stanford
9 Notre Dame
10 Florida
11 West Virginia
12 Clemson
13 Oklahoma
14 TCU
15 USC
16 Michigan St.
17 Texas
18 Oregon St
19 Louisville
20 Baylor
21 Ohio State
22 Boise State
23 Ohio
25 Nebraska

Dropped out: Michigan
Also considered: Mississippi State, Louisiana Tech, Rutgers

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Well, after years of not getting the respect we deserve

it is kind of fair that we are ranked when we don't deserve it. I'll take it.

Well, we are 2 and 1.

But still, in two of the three games the offense was shutout. At home, where you have to think we have a one to two touchdown advantage, the offense was shutout, by an unranked team.

And still in the rankings!

Perhaps Santa Claus is real.

The last three

years I have been on here defending BSU's ranking and trying to justify why they deserved be fair this year so far I cannot. I am and always will be a big BSU fan, but I am also a fair fan giving respect where it is due. Like coach Pete said, the offense needs to start from scratch.

solution to our offensive problems

I believe we have good players and a good system. I think the problem is the play calling-the offensive cordinator. Coach Pete should start calling the plays. I think coach Prince is a good coach and well liked, but he is not an offensive coordinator. Give him another position. Coach Pete would probably not be a good line backer coach, so there is nothing wrong with making a change and moving coach prince to a new positon.

There are many head coaches that call their own plays-Oregon and Oregon State for example.

the head coach is called the head coach for a reason

blaming the OC only goes so far -yes- Coach Chris Petersen needs to take over the play calling duties

Not to worry,...

they will recover and "fix" their problems, just like they did after playing Michigan State then playing Miami, OH. They will look much better coached over the next several weeks. Not to worry, they will win at least 10 games and will be league champs again.

TMD - Actually . . .

. . . the Broncos have never been league champs in the league they currently are in. It was TCU that won the MWC championship last year and did not win the WAC the previous year (split it).

Also, actually, it is not important if the Broncos win a league championship this season or not. The Broncos have many league championships under their belt - as well as a National championship at the JUCO and Division II levels. BSU has by far the most prolific football team in our Great State - hands down - BSU is one of the finest Football Universities in America.

Remember to keep your eye on the prize with the Terminal Goal and Golden Ring for the Broncos being a Division I FBS National Championship.

This is exactly why the 2012 season is basically irrelevant from a strategic standpoint. The 2012 season provides us the opportunity to provide a training ground and practice games for the BSU Broncos to come out of the chute rarin' to go after a BCS National Championsnhip for the 2013 season.

The problem with many citizens of Bronco Nation, is they think in the 'microperspective' and are still of the mindset of where the Broncos were 5-10 years ago (when winning a league championship or beating Fresno State seemed like a big deal).

Times have changed and so has the talent level and coaching expertise of the Broncos. It is time to raise the bar of expectations for the Broncos and put a BCS National Championship squarely on the table of Goals and Objectives for the BSU Broncos.

Do you think old experienced national powerhouses such as Alabama, Auburm, USC, LSU, and etc.; have fan bases that would be happy with their team winning just a league championship.

Of course not.

Experienced and mature fans of real powerhouse teams expect their teams to be national powerhouses year after year and compete for a National Championship EVERY YEAR.

Having the Broncos be a National Powerhouse is still a new concept and reality to many citizens of Bronco Nation who still have not caught up, mentally, to the Power Curve of expecting the Broncos to vie for a National Championship as a REALISTIC GOAL.

I expect the Broncos to use the 2012 season games as training scrimmages to prepare for a new rebuilt and realigned Bronco Team to come out a year from now and realisticaly contend for a National Cham[pionship.

But then again:

I am a 'macrospective' and strategic thinking citizen of Bronco Nation and I expect the BSU Broncos to be a National Powerhouse for many years to come.

Basically - it is time for many members of Bronco Nation to grow up and become mature and have higher expectations for the Broncos rather than just winning a league championship.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - If you have not done so yet, please take a moment and truly help support the BSU Broncos and join the Bronco Athletic Association:

directions for winning a national title

run up the score - rinse - repeat- those directions are the only way to get the trophy - bsu's coach thinks he doesn't have to follow directions - he believes in fairy tales sandcastles and unicorns - he roadblocked kellen moore from running up the score and making the bcs computers go haywire and voters gasp - instead - he prefered to insert goingsouthwick and run out the clock - little did he know - the clock he was running out was the national championship clock - the fairy tale is over - the window has slammed shut - bsu went from scoring too much - to not being able to score at all - but that's how it happens - that's how quickly dynastys fall - bsu had it's shot - they didn't take it - deal with it - the broncos can still be competive among it's conference - but it won't happen with goingsouthwick - that's why it's time patti time - time to throw that patti on the 2012 grill and let the raw meat simmer into a super nice and juicy masterpeice that everyone at the picnic will be talking about - what am I talking about - i don't know - have I lost my mind - maybe I have - but so has your coach if he is serious about sticking with southwick

So who are you a fan of?

- "...what am I talking about - i don't know - have I lost my mind - maybe I have - but so has your coach if he is serious about sticking with southwick"

who am I a fan of - I'm a fan of nick patti

who dat you ask - he's the guy who can cure bsu of cantscoreatditus.

potatolander - agree with the RUTS part

Those who have followed this board for the past several years know that I have been a big advocate of the Broncos RUTSING.

Many on these boards (especialy the B-Guy and B81) have disagreed with me.

I, am like you and believe RUTSING is an important ingredint in the recipe to being competetive for high rankings and ultimately a shot at a BCS Natty following an undefeated season (assuming BSU is an AQ school).

Coach Pete does not want to RUTS, which has led me to speculate about his true desire to get the Broncos to a BCS Natty Game. Sometimes being a Big Fish in a Little Bowl has its advantages. If the volume and size of the bowl increases, the fish have far$her to swim and have to compete with more fish for the food. Life is not as good as 'trying' to get to a BCS Natty Game, if a trip to the BCS Natty Game is attained and the Broncos are not successful.

I believe Coach Pete is holding Patti in reserve and using the 2012 season as a redshirt year for Nick to learn Coach Pete's extremely complicated offensive schema. Apparently reducing the complexity of this highly complicated and complex offensive schema and tailoring it toward the strengths and athletic attributes of Coach Pete's playrs has not entered Coach Pete's mind.

I guess he has his reason and rationale for having a highly complex offensive schema that is such a hard challenge for highly recruited and elite college football playrs to master.

We have seen examples of this schema - I guess. Possibly it is where the ball is given to Harper who then tries to get thrugh the right side of the line and gets tackled at the line for a very small gain. Then that play is repeated several times in a row. Also, it is interesting to note how very complex offensive schemas do not, apparently, use kickers to attempt field goals.

Also, apparently the secret to having such a highly complex and complicated offensive schema in place, is the reliance it places on the defense to be the scoring vehicle for the team.

Southwick is just marking time while Patti learns the system and the team larns from its collective mistakes during the 2012 season.

Hang onto your hat, cuz the 2013 season is gonna be a barn burner with the Broncos going undefeated and possibly getting an invite to the BCS Natty Game (as we all know - a non-AQ team could go undefeated and not get an invite to the Natty Game).

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

If Auburn isn't any good...

Why did you rank LSU #3 after posting only a 2 point win over them? It's because you and every other idiotic sports writer in the country have bought in to the myth that SEC football is in some way superior to other conferences. You guys rationalize low scores by claiming SEC teams have "elite defenses", which may be true, but they also have poor offenses.

It's hard

to complain about being ranked 24th and 27th when our offense isn't even in the top 100. We're indeed fortunate that our defense came out of the gate well coached and ready to play, and ready to carry our reputation as a quality program. The offense possesses solid running backs and receivers, but is shackled by an underperforming O-line and a quarterback clearly not ready for prime time. Fix these problems and maybe we'll be top 25 worthy.

I think it should say Boise

I think it should say Boise State's Defense is rated 24th.

kidding right?

Chadd, rather then call you names and yell and scream, let me just say you are an ^&*%$!!*^&%#, tranlate idiot. I am a BSU fan but how can you in all honesty rank the Broncos #22 in the country. Your emotions and being a Idaho Statesman writer have colored your judgement. For a team to NOT score a TD in two games and be ranked is just nonsense. Booooooo on you. Your prejudice is showing...BIG time.

Spare the indignation

It's so crazy that there are still people that believe absolutely that a writer or any other person can be completely unbiased. Given the fact that so many other writers voted for us, Chadd would have to have been biased in the opposite direction to vote us out of the rankings (probably to avoid accusations of bias from fans who are understandably upset but powerless to do anything about it beside screaming hyperbole at sports writers). Maybe we've finally shed the "underdog" label. That was a fun role to play but it no longer fits. Worse things can happen.

Edit: By the way, symbols in place of profanity, next to all caps, is like the definition of screaming online, and idiot is obviously an insult. Maybe you were being ironic.

thank you for the education

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a BSU fan and support Coach Pete. I am also a fan of good college football and as a evaluatin BSU has not played good football. To have an offense which has not scored a offensive TD in two game (1-W, 1-L)and be ranked in the top 25 makes no sense. The other writers are (maybe) voting on past results not current performance. The poll is current ranking not past season results. There should be no prejudice in voting.

You are right, worse things can happen.... and very well might! Hope not but might.

By the way, are you Chadd's brother?

Bugger off, tyro.


You fry wants with that?

Bob- you are on the money

You make a valid point- this current team has no business being ranked as one of the top twenty five best teams in the country - where was this AP voter at during all those years that BSU was near or at the top five and could have used his bias for some number one votes? - voting a top ten BSU team number one- week in and week out- the past several years- would have made much more sense than him ranking this current team at all

Yes, we're still ranked...LOL!!!!

What a team...way to stop the 2 pt conversion!!!! Is the Vegas Bowl still within reach???

We are who we thought we are!

Congrats to a very stout defense. For years of being in the shadows of an amazing offense - you are getting some great recognition and very well deserved! Hopefully the offense can get some play calling that takes advantage of Southwick's strengths and can give him some confidence to perform. No more INTs in the red zone and no more sliding short of the first down - gotta have the attitude that you are going to make something happen. Go Broncos - we can have a very productive year even if we do not climb in the rankings - we're not headed to a BCS game - let's do the best with what we got and continue to develop!

Biggest issue with the Coaches Poll..... why the heck is Notre Dame ranked so low - they have dominated two ranked opponents. West Virginia, Georgia, Stanford should not be ahead of them! Go Domers!

AP = absolutely pathetic

Amazing. There is a 3-1 team that is 4th in the nation in rushing (317.8 yg) and 5th in total offense (557 ypg) with the nations leading rusher at 699 yards, whose only loss was 1 point to USF after leading the game for all but the last 30 seconds - and they didn't even get one vote, while BSU who didn't score an offensive TD in 2 of their 3 games is ranked! b

You're always good for a laugh

I thought you might disappear after that bad loss at home to USF where 10k actually went to the game. Welcome back, you were missed while in hiding last week.

It is kinda funny ski

all you have ever done is whine about BSU not deserving rankings and then you come on and post reasons and stats for Nevada to be ranked. Using the same logic that you have made fun of. The funny thing is, you are probably right Nevada should be ranked. Now you know how BSU fans have felt for about 10 YEARS NOW!!!!

Schedule, probably

I suspect that the voters looked at the teams that Nevada played. Cal is 1-3, with their only win against FCS Southern Utah. Hawaii is 1-2, with their only win against FCS Lamar. 2-2 Northwestern State is an FCS team that also lost to Texas Tech 44-6, but they put up 34 points on Nevada.

USF, by the way, is 2-2, with losses to Rutgers and Ball State. The other win was against FCS Chattanooga.

With those opponents, Nevada ought to have stellar stats (and they do). But probably not a national ranking. For what it's worth, BSU's ranking is in a poll that means nothing.


NOT be ranked. Boise High is running a better offense right now.

Three Games in...I love it

how everyone starts to point fingers and say how terrible the BSU system is. That is why BSU fan's have no clue. So what they have struggled on offense. They just had the best run over a four year span that any school has ever seen. But since they are struggling right now on offense, and are 2-1 everyone wants to abandon they way they do things and start from scratch. Well just in case you missed it they did kind of start from scratch. I am not saying that I like being shut out on offense but as long as you are winning that is all that really matters. BSU is known for having great coaches, so let them work and develop those kids, after all that is what they are. as long as you have a great defense you will be fine. Ask any SEC school what the most important component to a championship team is. I guarantee you they will all say a great defense. I went to school at UF and we were the only school in the SEC that had an explosive offense. But our defense is what allowed us to be successful.
Everyone needs to chill out and embrace the style of football that is being played. BSU will benefit from it in the long run.

Oregon will eventually overtake Alabama, I will concede that.


You fry wants with that?