Clinton says Idahoan had a key role in DNC speech (w/VIDEO)

He didn't mention Idaho by state, but former President Bill Clinton said a former Idahoan had a hand in crafting his speech before the Democratic National Convention.

The Idahoan in question: Bruce Reed, chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden and the son of former state Sen. Mary Lou Reed of Coeur d'Alene.

Clinton discussed the speech Thursday on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show." The mention of Reed starts about one minute in, and goes to about the 1:30 mark.

Speaking of Clinton....

Monica Lewinsky was just given $12 million to write a more detailed account of her relationship with Bill. Maybe Monica will appear on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show".


Monica Lewinsky Not Planning Book On Clinton Affair

I'm sad for Hillary and Chelsea.

When I see him, I feel pain for victims in similar relationships. He is a very sad man, with brilliant political skills.

Everyone else...

...has moved on. So should you.

For some reason, SS just can't quit him...

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Ex Presidents are boring. Not Clinton. How can you quit him?

Smooth talker, swept into office by the adoring media, who 16 years later cut him off at the knees. Hil and Bill started out as left wingers only to get swept by R's in the mid terms.

Triangulate. Turns right, welfare reform, lowering cap gains tax, and gets a boom economy in the late '90's. Then Monica, blue dress, vast right wing conspircy, dancing on the beach, and the 'ol lady throws an ashtray.

Bubba, "I didn't have sex...", el camino, witha astroturf bed, Hope, Hot Springs.

Wife, Senator, Sec. of state, media turns on Bill. Loses Democrat party to a South side Socialist.

It goes on and on. If you are interested in American presidental history, you can't quit this mini-series. Can you?


I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

Oh wait. There's DNA on her dress.... ahhhh....

He and Hillary should be ashamed and disgraced.

Yet Obama hires her as Secretary of State to handle the Middle East. A white (nonreligious) woman meeting with Islam leaders to discuss business & policy matters. How is that working out for you Liberals? Pakistan? Iran? Saudi Arabia? Syria?

Typical ignorance... How

Typical ignorance... How did Condi do? A black, (non-religious) woman. I guess your narrow mind only works when attacking one side of the aisle


Condeleeza Rice was an expert on the Soviet Union, a doctorate of Political Science, a Poli Sci Professor at Standford, and the National Security Advisor BEFORE being Secretary of State.- Pretty well qualified to be Sec of State.
Plus, she is a member of Augusta! ha.

Hillary was a sandbagger Senator of New York. And she knew how to Stand by her Man. What did I miss? Oh yeah a political foe of Obama getting an appointment to appease her.

It is not what I think, or what you think, or even what the President thinks in such matters. It is what the person on the other side of the table thinks when the Sec of State represents the US.


...I hope it is your all-consuming bitterness that you remember as, some day, you lie on your deathbed.

Talk about ignorant...

She is not, to any great extent, working with "Islam" leaders. She is Secretary of State, not Secretary of Church. She works with her counterparts in the departments of state in other countries. She's doing a fantastic job according to both Democrats and Republicans. Would your employer hold it against you if your spouse had a consensual extra-marital affair?


My "employer" (if I had one) might wonder why I didn't kick my spouse to the curb for violating our marriage contract. And therefore make an opinion about ME.

why are you always so full of hate?

Pimp everything you post on every story is so angry and bitter. They have drugs for that you know.

not for me

I know they have drugs for that. But I hate doctors!