Boise State coach Chris Petersen, players break down Broncos' win against BYU

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Here are some additional notes and quotes on Boise State’s 7-6 defeat of BYU on Thursday night at Bronco Stadium:


Coach Chris Petersen:

— “There were two entities out there that I was so impressed with and so excited about. One was our defense and two was the crowd and Bronco Nation. They answered and I guarantee that helped us win. I know when people are used to seeing a lot of fireworks on offense, it’s easy to get excited and they weren’t seeing that on offense and they still came through.”

— On defensive tackle Mike Atkinson: “I just think if he can stay healthy and he can take that next step, I think he can be a dominating player. You see flashes of that athletic ability.”

— On the defense’s three-game start (35 points allowed; two touchdowns scored): “They’ve got great swag about them. They’ll build on this. “

— On criticism of quarterback Joe Southwick and offensive coordinator Robert Prince: “And the head coach — it starts right here. We’ll just analyze it. We’ve got good coaches. We’ve got good players. We’ll improve.”

— On using D.J. Harper almost exclusively in the run game: “We’d like to get those (other) guys into the game earlier but then it gets deep (into the game) and you know what you’ve got with D.J.”

— On the offense: “We’ve just got to go back and spend some time on the goal line and in the red zone. We’ve got to get better there.”

— On BYU’s two-point decision: “I would have done the same thing. I would have been surprised had they not.”

— On Southwick: “We’ve just got to get Joe into a rhythm. We’ve got to play to his strengths. We’ve got to help him. It’s not all Joe. But Joe will be the first to tell you there were a few throws in there where the game starts to change a little bit (if they hit).”

— On the overthrow of Aaron Burks on the deep ball: “That’s painful. We came back to it, a different version of it (later). He hit Matt (Miller) across the middle. That was really good because his first look was Dallas (Burroughs) going up the seam on a very similar play. There’s some good football being played out there by (Southwick) as well.”


Quarterback Joe Southwick:

— On offensive problems: “Just a few things here and there. We’ll look at the tape, evaluate what went wrong and where, and why. I think we’re close, man. I think BYU did some really good things against us. Their defense is good. Their defense is really good. I think we shot ourselves in the foot a few times on offense, but our defense carried the flag today and kicked some serious butt and I’m really proud of those guys.”

— “I wouldn’t say it felt like a struggle. We were moving the ball pretty good. We had a decent amount of total yards. BYU did some good things. We shot ourselves in the foot.”

— Southwick said he receives signals from the sideline on third down when the coaches are planning to go for it on fourth down rather than kick a field goal.

— On going 4-for-15 on third down: “Third down is money down. You’ve got to be able to on third down make some things happen. … I can do some better things. Third down is usually, past 3 (yards), is usually in my hands. I need to do a better job, no doubt.”

— BYU dropped eight players into coverage many times, Southwick said, which is why at times he had a long time to throw but couldn’t find a receiver.


Defensive tackle Mike Atkinson:

— On his touchdown: “It was a great feeling. We always talk about (a touchdown) happening but it rarely does.”

— On pressuring quarterback Taysom Hill on the two-point play: “I anticipated they were going to roll out that way. I took my first step that way.”

— On BYU’s run game: “Our coaches warned us they were going to try to come out and do what Michigan State did. They got in the same formation as Michigan State and thought they’d do the same thing.”


Wide receiver Matt Miller:

— “We’re pretty close to where we need to be. I felt there were a lot of times in the game where one or two plays, we’ve got to make that play and from a 7-6 game we’re up to a 30-6 game. … We’ll get it ironed out.”


Linebacker J.C. Percy:

— On his pass breakup on the two-point play: “I kind of showed the way I felt with how I ran off the field. If I could run that fast in the 40, I’d run a pretty good 40 time.”

— On offensive struggles: “We got into the locker room and Coach Pete said there’s a reason we break after every game with the chant, ‘Family.’ That was a perfect example. If one of your brothers isn’t doing as good, another brother has to step up. That was the case tonight.”

— On the crowd: “The crowd played a big part in it. I know I came off the field a couple times and told Tommy (Smith) that it hurt my ears being out there, it was getting that loud.”

— On BYU backup QB Taysom Hill: “Switching out and going to Taysom was a change of mojo for them and it obviously paid off.”


BYU linebacker Brandon Ogletree:

— On going for two: "I love the coach’s decision to go for it. We were right there. We were one catch away from winning the game. I’m not going to question that. I like the call. I think he we had the momentum at that point and it was a gutsy call and that’s probably what I would have done if I was the coach."


BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall:

— On defenses: “Both defenses were spectacular, if that’s the right word for it. All the kids that played on those sides, they battled their heart out. The offenses did what they needed to do. It was a one-point difference, and that was really how close the game was.”

— On the Cougars' goal-line stand: “The players just, trying as hard as they absolutely can try to help their team. I think they will remember it forever. I was proud of them.”

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Why can't you get another kicker that you can use ,without a kicking game you are one dimensional thats a huge part of the game and this guy has blown it for last 2 years,I can kick a 20 yard field goal,time to make the tuff decisions drop him get a soccer player or something,and new offense coach.


Those field goals were 40 yards. Anyone can say they can kick a 20 yarder, but unless you are a kicker, you really cannot judge. Just like people can't just Southwick, its the easy thing in the world to be an armchair QB/kicker/player. They are the ones out there doing it not us. Also, the kicker this year is a different kicker than last year.

Telegraph First Down Play

7 up the middle ......... hut!

telegraph 3rd down play

#16 following a receiver from when the ball was snapped and never looking at anyone else. You can see Joe's pass 3 seconds before he throws. It is a freaking miracle he is not intercepted every time. Eyes on receiver + a lofty slow throw= INTERCEPRIONS

My guess is that DJ ran the ball into the middle......

of the line on 80% of first and ten situations. I kept thinking Prince was setting up a big play for a future down/distance -- never happened. Why?

Just for you ugly....

Kicking game

I don't fault the kicker for missing that field goal- kickers do miss. I fault coach Peterson for not using him in obvious kickng situations. You need to find out and play the game straight up. If he doesn't work out, replace him, but don't go for it on 4th and long or force yourself into a 2 point conversion if it isn't called for.


If that was the first BSU game you ever have seen then you are right. The problem is that the kickers are an issue. It isn't one missed field goal it is many missed field goals and 8 count them 8!!!!! missed PATs last year. I have no problem never putting any kicker on the field EVER this year.


Michael Frisina's field goal success rate this year on fourth down: 60%.

BSU offense's success rate this year on fourth down: 0%.

Put in the kicker and give yourself a chance at some points.

Right on. Just because he

Right on. Just because he missed the first one doesn't mean he would have missed the next one. Not letting him try had to hurt his confidence. Going for it on 4th and loooong on the 20 without last years offense....ridiculous!


Also, compare those stats to other schools. Clarify miss as well, multiple were due to bad holds/snaps. They made 73 out of 81 for over 90%. Other schools make around the same number. It's not as automatic/easy as everything thinks.

"I have no problem never putting any kicker on the field EVER this year." Just like last year, one day you are probably going to need them. 3 seconds left: 40 yard hail mary or 40 yd FG, take your odds.


“I wouldn’t say it felt like a struggle. We were moving the ball pretty good. We had a decent amount of total yards. BYU did some good things. We shot ourselves in the foot.” We're in trouble becuase this guy dosen't get it.

Exactly SLC!

I wish they had pulled a Cam Newton presser and just admitted how embarras.sed they should be. That they are singing the same song shows that someone is not telling them the truth. I was embarras.sed as a BSU fan. They should be extremely embarra.ssed as players. If one or two things dont click that is the difference between scoring 50 points or 28 points but if you score NO points there are bigger issues.

Robert Prince's game plan

TRY to run the ball 3 of 4 times on 1st down - repeat, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over. Never change from that even when it's obvious to anyone with an I.Q. over 50 that the defense KNOWS that's what you are going to do and is holding your offense to 2 yds on 1st down. By all means we WANT to have 2nd and long over and over and over again.

When passing the ball never ever even think about throwing a pass to a tight end. Despite the fact that the tight end has been a vital part of the Boise State offense for a very long time (not anymore with Prince in charge of the offense).

Lastly, never, ever, even THINK about adjusting your game plan during the game. Always stick with what your doing - despite the fact that IT CLEARLY IS NOT WORKING.

Yep, that about sums it up.

Ugly, Ugly, Ugly, but not about Ugly...

It was a mess.


You fry wants with that?

So all of u people that

So all of u people that complain on here obviously have no idea what football is all about. 7-6 Isnt pretty but its football. when we played in the poinsettia bowl with u know who we couldnt do anything and that was with a more experienced team. That was the beginning of the kellen era. Go look at the stats from that game. Absolutely no offense. Football is sometimes a defensive game , why not be proud of the fact that when we couldnt get anything going our defense showed that is elite. We have the talent, still gaining the experience though. Lets see what happens in the second half of the season.

They had all summer to get into a flow, will it turn on a dime?

Those who point to the other coaches and the one in particular are likely on the right track.

Players can only do as well as the guidance they receive. Player cohesion cannot count for everything. They just entered the field with a large turnover of experienced talent and even so somebody somewhere hasn't translated that experience into something that new minds can grasp, much less take advantage of what raw talent is offered by these new players.

There really is a gap. Perfection is not a realistic goal, functioning well is.

Telling one side to get it together is to forget that both need to help each other.


You fry wants with that?


You would be correct if what we saw was a defensive masterpiece and the prowess of defenses. But what we saw was offensive ineptitude.
Before criticizing other's knowledge of the game, you might want to remember that we all have some sort of football experience, some of us played, some coach, some just love the game. If you think that is football, then you would LOVE futbol.....





You fry wants with that?

can't buy it aaron

km's poinsettia was his first season as a redshirt frosh. granted he had played more games than swick but swick has been in the program for 3 seasons and he is not showing any flashes of brilliance or even competence. we have got to score in the red zone, we have got to convert on third down, we have got to identify and hit open receivers and we have got to put together a clock consuming drive. we have the team in place to do it, we lack the qb.

kellen had 12 games under

kellen had 12 games under his belt by that point, still good defenses sometimes dictate the flow of the game , dont get me wrong i think there were a lot of mistakes on both sides but that is the game of football. Especially on a short week.


Southwick not only had the privilege of watching and learning with one of the smartest and winningest QBs in College football history but he also had a ton of playing time. More than most backups ever get. Kellen was out by midway through the 3rd quarter a lot. If this is what he learned, if this is the extent of knowledge of the playbook, if this is his level of study of the game, then he is not ever going to do well for the Broncos. He has played 1 half of good football in 6 halves of football. Remember (OH) was up on BSU right before the half. Pathetic

So your saying that every

So your saying that every quarterback is plug n play? RETARD!!! Joe has the best understanding of the offense on the team thats why he is starting. If by our 6th game he still cant get it then we should be worried but its only his 3rd start. The offense will start to roll.

Calling someone a name does not make you

right. In fact it actually shows that you do not have any sort of argument at all.
The offense will start to roll because we play New Mexico next, then we also Wyoming and Hawaii. But my friend on a cold november night in Reno it is going to come down to a tight game. Did you see what Nevada did yesterday?
I hope you are right, I hope he gets better but you have no understanding of the game if zero points and 1 loss that should have been a win is the "best understanding of the offense" There is a BIG problem here. Part of it is playcalling and coaching, part of it is the QB and kickers. But if you watch joe in the huddle you see a scared nervous kid. Not a Quarterback. And I know that the coaches are in his ear telling him to be careful, dont turn it over, "your job is just to run the offense not to make plays" but we need him to make some plays. Maybe with the right plays, the right attitude and some unbelievable miracle coaching he can be what we need. But guess who else can hand the ball off to Harper all the time to go up the middle? ANY QUARTERBACK WE HAVE. There are no schemes to learn here, no crazy trademark BSU trickeration or switches. Just plain old vanilla no risk no reward football. And if he looks that scared in this situation I wonder what a 2 minute drill in Reno down by 5 looks like?


yes - BSU should- like most other Top 25 programs- have a 'plug n play' QB that can make simple D-1 throws and generate points in the redzone. If Peterson is going to force Bronco Nation to endure a mistake prone season with a struggling and inept QB- then he might as well go with the freshman Nick Patti


i thought pea hearted slidin joe had been coached on when not to slide in critical downs situations. guess he must have forgot. as far as coaching goes lets try our best running back 3 times on the goal line and if that fails let joe try. hey i have an idea , lets fake a punt on our own 20 on fourth and long see if that works. lets see if we can run harper on first and ten and fool the defense. lets see if our kicker has magically gotten better. one suggestion on short and goal maybe try canadian bacon in the backfield maybe it would at least give the defense something to think about.

A PTSD Flashback

of our offenses during the Lyle Setencich and Skip Hall years haunted me as I watched the game instinctively reaching for a brown bag to mask my identity.


For the awful Offense BSU had last night...we still won the game. I definitely didnt get the pizza...why is it that everytime we play BYU we beat them by one?
OK my thoughts...Joe needs to go...dumb down the offense so we can get that young Nick Patti in there, Get Prince some's just not seein the defense right or have Pete call the plays and Prince standing on the sideline arguing with the refs. Use Jack Fields...although he may be hurt...did he carry at all? HMMM. Short throws are working a little bit...try some medium throws...long ones just aren't there yet. It was a hard game to watch.

good point on dumbing down

good point on dumbing down the offense. next week give nick or jimmy each a quarter to play joe cant handle the pressure.

Where the problems lie...

BSU has no kicking game. Even extra points are not reasonably sure things. Last night's punting was atrocious. Kicking off may have been the best part of the kicking game - BSU only messed up two of them. Of course, there only two of them...

I know that Southwick is not Kellen Moore. HOWEVER, he does have a few correctable flaws which could make him a better QB. He needs to calm down; too many times, he throws too beyond the receiver. If I had been in my backyard last night (in Virginia) I might have caught one of them. Pour cold water on him. Bench him until he learns. Southwick also tries to make plays when no one is open. Southwick is not Michael Vick; he's too slow and not agile enough to be a scrambler. He is going to get hurt if he continues to scramble so much.

The offensive line was not so hot last night. That is somewhat understandable, since so many starters graduated. Too many penalties were incurred; maybe some of that was due to bad officiating. But...some of the penalties were due to bad play.

Play the game right.

Defense did great. Thank you,
Coach Pete needs to coach the game right. To refuse to kick a FG and go up by TWO scores is well, just wrong! I do not look at it so much as a BSU victory but as BYU loosing the game. And Bronco needs to coach the game right also... to go for 2 is well, just wrong.
As a BSU fan I can honestly say that if this is a top 25 team then I will eat this computer. Coach Pete had a bad game. The game was won by the defense, end of story. No offense, no kicking game, no play calling, no coaching.

you have the gonads to say it like it is

too bad you ain't a sports writer for the statesman

Been kinda hanging around BSU football a long time...

and that was the best defensive showing I can remember. A shutout in a blowout doesnt mean anything to this preformance in a close low scoring game. Good punting, great kickoff and punt coverage. But give the defense whatever the top grade is. Thank ya Canadian Bacon.

Iffiy - right!

Completely agree, the D's were impressive and that Always makes the O's look bad. As a Bronco fan, I can say we have a great Defensive unit and they earned the win. Truly hope Southwick means what he said and improves his game. Very painful to watch. Also agree that running on first and ten is great but if it doesn't work, throw some wrinkles in there!
We were lucky to win that game and Bronco Mendenhall has it right - Go for the Win.
Glad that game is over.

On the offensive showing.....

Coaches let Southwick throw the ball 1 time into the end zone, I guess we're afraid he'll get intercepted? Yet the coach goes for it on our own 20 on 4th down.
I find that a bit odd, real odd....

Evveryone needs to calm down

Evveryone needs to calm down , think about our only loss last year who did that come from? A two loss TCU team that lost two early games to not that great of teams. Ya TCU lost to baylor but SMU , why are we judging our team when there is 3/4 of the season left.We could be 1-2 and not 2-1 the offense will start to click, but itll prolly take a couple more games, im disappointed in the offense like everyone else,but lets be realistic u just dont reload everywhere i thought our D would be shakier than our offense i was wrong but u have to let the team grow together. Southwick needs to keep his head clear and not play so safe. Take some frickin chances!!

Enjoy the Win

I have to admit I was really bumbed listening to the fans grumble coing from the game. It may not have been pretty at times, but we just beat a team that weeks ago was ranked, we just won our second games in less than one week, and you would have thought many of the Boise fans were the ones that lost two games in less than a week like the BYU fans that were walking out with much more class.

A win is a win. I remember going to Wyoming and not putting up a firestorm of points in our offensive peak. People need to calm down and give our team their props. Good teams (as ours has in the past we just have short memories) sometimes need both sides of the ball to be stout on different days.


Not to bash him to bad ,but Southwick had his hands on the ball a number of times last year every time we were in the lead be a couple of touchdowns he was put in and Kellen was done for the day.So this guy has had ball time,maybe its like baseball and he is just a reliever and not a starter.??? maybe we should have a two QB team it works for others .food for thought.

Why is anybody surprised by Southwick?

Last year, 4th quarter, what did he do? Hand it off to Hodge who ran up the middle to eat the clock and get a few yards. That's what he was trained to do. That's what he does.

denied and held out 4 times on the goal line

Give the ball to Canadian Bacon to punch it into the endzone.