What you're saying about Boise State's 7-6 win against BYU

Boise has no offense against

Boise has no offense against any team remotely good . They cant kick a fiels goal outside of 20 yards . Any true fan is scared from here out from any worthy opponent . If this year they played any more noteworthy opponents they would lose multiple times .Being that they already played those games you uneducated football fans can stay on the bandwagon .

Southwick is a bum and had to go . That running back is a ham and egger . Recieving corps sucks the big one . Kicking game is bush league .

Boise State sucks this year , just revel in the fact of a cupcake schedule .

We need a change...

at QB. We need someone who isn't afraid to get hit.


That was tough to watch. Plain vanilla.

It seems BSU has exploded in popularity with offense....wondering what happens when we go a year without any. Are they still interesting?


Top 25 defense, offense.....not on the radar. Very strange to admit that.

Support the boys in blue

Stevie...you are an idiot. Talk about an uneducated football a-hole...remember we are BSU fans win or lose we support our boys in blue and remember most of them are boys 18, 19 and 20-year olds. You guys think losing 2 or 3 games a season means we suck...wrong...there are dozens of FBS schools that would love to have a 10 - 3/9 - 4 season (we will go 11 - 2)...even better how about at least 10 wins the past 5-years. We have a great receiving corps...and once again you prove what an a-hole you are and that you don't know anything about this game.

I put a majority of the blame at OC...Robert Prince, you need to do better A LOT BETTER at your play calling. What happened to the short 5 - 7 yard pa$$es...DJ had over a hundred yards, but one more draw up the middle and I was going to scream...oh wait I did.

Defense rocked it again and saved the day.

We don't need a change at QB and too many hits will leave us without one. We still have 10 games to go (9 plus Bowl) and need Joe healthy. Coach Pete is not an idiot and will make the best decision for the team. I remember the grumblings when some freshman named Kellen got the starting job...I know Joe's not Kellen, but we have to trust Coach Pete.

Good Post

I agree with you on all counts. I am not ready to give up on Joe yet. I have not been impressed with Prince thus far. Sending DJ into a brick wall over and over again was frustrating to watch, to say the least. I mean, really - when we can't score from the 1 on our home turf... Ugh! I guess the only positive (aside from our defense) is the fact that fans stayed in the stadium for the whole game.

The fans speak no knowledge required

Why didn't they toss the 5-7 yard pass
- do you know enough about the defense to know if the short pass was open?

Southwick should ave run more
- was the run there? How well has BYU stopped two running QB's from Wash St and Utah?

The OC did a lousy job
- Chris Peterson trusted him enough to give him the job, do you knw better?

We stunk
- a win is a win, without the 2 point attempt/bad call what were the chances of the Broncos winning the game? A win is a win, be happy

Tell it to the NFL, son. PLEASE.

thank you for diatribalizing, come again


You fry wants with that?


question one. Yup. The pass was open.
Question two. Southwick is billed as a QB who can do athletic things. KM was not, he was just a sick sick surgeon. If southwick can't be a good surgeon then we expect him to at least be athletic and not slide short of a first down as if he is some sort of franchise QB afraid to play some football and get hit. KM could have picked up first downs on those plays and that is saying something.
Question 3. Yes pete gave him the job. Now he should take it away. If not take it away then at least captain the playcalling until we have righted the ship. I'm ok with prince learning his job when we are up by 40. But he is definitely not as billed. And he is failing right now.
Question 4. When a win is not a win. I think BYU fans want to take this "well, you won so be happy" attitude because it means their team is good. BYU is a team without a conference, without recruiting, without a winning record, and without an offense. BSU should have beat them by 50. And implying that the offense is shut out and that is not such a bad thing is just plain dumb. See, the thing with being the fan of a good team is that you demand excellence. Not just "getting by" and lucking out on a botched coaches call 2 point conversion. BYU won that game like green bay won on monday. It is just that BSU comes out with the "W" that they did not deserve. As a fan, I'll take it no matter if we deserved it or not. But we did not deserve it. Neither did seattle.

Enough already

of this "BCS buster" talk and if they rise in the polls. Ranked 24th? That is a salute from the media from past accomplishments. This game was like watching the short documentary "Where elephants go to die"

Seems familiar

Seems we saw a simialr game last year.....the 1st LSU vs. Alabama game...But that was " a tremendous defensicve battle"...oh right... they are in the SEC...

Maybe BSU

was auditioning for a spot in the Big 10. That game resembled a traditional Wisconsin vs Ohio St thriller.

Look at that defense!

If the OC Robert Prince can create game plans around Joe Southwick's inexperience, this team can be really good. Coach Pete can't just "plug and play" Joe for our former QB (who I refuse to name because he isn't coming back.) The coaching staff needs to develop a solid offensive plan, focused on the running game, try not to undermine the kicking game and the kicker's confidence, and let the "Blue Haze" or the "Blue Swarm" do their job. That defense was nasty last night. With the D playing like that, all the offense has to do is keep the time of possession in check so the D doesn't get too worn down like it did in East Lansing. If the staff does that, 11-1 is not impossible, not probable, but not impossible. Go Orange, Go Big Blue, Fight, Fight, BSU!

Let Em Play Coaches!

Unlike the majority of posters, I thought this game was a drama-filled, intensely fought battle between two decent defenses. The Bronco D is to be congratulated on an effort your illustrious predecessors of the last four years would have difficulty replicating. To force Mendenhall to jerk the mistake prone Riley Nelson for a freshman quarterback and deny a capable offense the end zone for a nearly 60 minutes, to say nothing of forcing five turnovers and scoring the lone BSU touchdown is a feat that can set a benchmark for a successful season.

Offensively, however, coaches Pete and Prince need seriously rethink their strategy over the next couple of weeks or they will be featuring a pair of untested running backs as the basis of their ground game for the rest of their season. To force DJ to continually bang the ball between the tackles for 20-30 times per game will eventually get him hurt. He is good for 7-10 plays there to keep the defense honest, and another 7-10 touches on screens, draws and flare/wheel routes.

I have been a head football coach and offensive coordinator at the high school level for over 20+ and have admired the creativity and precision of the Bronco offense the last ten years. Coach Prince showed potential with this mix of intermediate and deep routes, particularly last week and early against the Cougs. Following halftime and particularly on the goal line in the third quarter (trying to ice the game), it appeared the Coach Pete was hesitant to allow Southwick to do much else but get the ball to Harper.

Red zone offense, which has long been a strength of the Broncs, needs to shake this conservative approach and let Southwick take his lumps. He is a capable QB, very mobile with a quick release. Let’s pass from the three back set and run from spread two by one formations, just like under Kellen! Have Southwick fake the isolation to Harper and pitch a quick flood pass to a fullback in the flat or a TE in the back of the end zone. Better yet, run the same action and have Joe execute the boot pass to a yet invisible Gabe Linehan on a weak side drag pattern.

When we go three wides, let DJ have the ball on sprint draw or let Joe run speed option with him as the pitch man. Motion away from twin receivers and let Southwick throw the ever efficient slant/fade or back shoulder fade to Miller. He is a scoring machine coaches!

Congrats on a hard fought win BSU players and coaches. We like the intensity and shut down “bad attitude” of the defense, but we’ll need to put some points on the board by guys other than Number 7. Put your creative stamp on the offense Coach Prince, you have a ton of weapons to mix and match your schemes. Coach Pete, continued success in letting your guys do their thing through the thick and thin of a “reloading” season.

Coach Nelson

Its been fun!

Face it Boise, the glory years are over. It has been a good decade or so, but we are no longer flying under the radar. Quit looking for a scapegoat to blame. The test whether we deserve a good team and a great coaching staff will be the number of empty seats for the rest of the season. They will likely lose 3-4 games this year. Are you still going to support them while they rebuild?


Next question...

Glory years are over???

I disagree, there is a lot of glory left to be had. Maybe not this year or the next, but BSU isn't going anywhere. Think back to the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, what did BSU have, 1 guy (Drisan James) who could run a 4.4 40? The speed and size of players BSU is getting keeps improving, they will be fine.

BSU hasn't been as explosive offensively since Harsin left. They got away with average at best play calling because of Kellen. Prince needs to get comfortable in his role and let it all hang out, or he needs to move on. I don't think OKG just applies to players, it needs to apply to everyone involved, including coordinators.

I don't think the offense that has been showcased so far makes BSU a top 25 team. I think there is potential there, but until that potential is unlocked, it is just a pipe dream.

Anyway, to answer Idaho-dad's question, I will support BSU through all struggles, even if they only win 3 games in a season, I will be there reminiscing about the "glory days", just like I do at the basketball games. It is called being a fan.

Go Broncos!



Dear Dad

I hope you don't wait 10 years for your kids to struggle in hopes that you can then shout "I told you so". Life is filled with ups and downs, but just becasue circum$tances (the statesman flags this word?) take a turn for the worse doesn't mean that life is over.

Go Broncos!

The Glory Years will be anew a year from now - 2013 season

The Broncos are rebuilding, retraining, and getting experience for the many redshirts, freshmen and sophmores on the team.

The BSU Broncos will come back for the next real season that matters (2013) energized and trained on Coach Pete's extremely complicated offensive system.

The 2012 season and whatever the outcome is, just does not really matter. BSU cannot play for a BCS Natty after losing the first game to MSU, so the logic follows that the best strategic use of Bronco resources is to treat each remaining game as a learning event, teaching moment, and scrimmage with real refs and other opposing players/mobile training aids.

The final record of wins/losses for 2012 does not matter one whit, to the probability that the Broncos are learning from all their mistakes and miscues. Lots of learning going on so far after 3 games under jour belt. Lots more to learn with the remaining 9 games.

As we all know, Coach Pete has stressed many times how complicated the Bronco offense is. We can see how Harper caries so many times into the middle of the line and does not gain any yards - over and over and over. That is because it is so complicated. The same with the pa$sing game where 5 yard pa$ses to the flats are complicated and don't work. The same with the kicking game - it too is very complicated - and takes an inordinate amount of time to really learn and master, prior to actually using it during a game.

The Bronco offensive players need to step it up and learn how to play the game at the very complicated level that Coach Pete envisions (Harper gets the ball and runs up the middle and gains a couple of yards).

One would wonder why is it if Coach Pete has such a hard time with his playrs learning his complicated offense, why he doesn't make his offense less complicated and coach to his players' strengths and mold his offense around the talent he has on hand for the season.

I guess it all boils down to preparation for the 2013 season, when the Broncos will win the BCS Natty Trophy. The Bronco players have the 2012 season to learn Coach Pete's very complicated system so they can execute and be dominant next year and for the next 4-5 year string of domination by the Broncos at the National Level.

I guess the more complicated an offensive system gets the better it is for the players - provided the players understand the complicated system and not have to require the coach to adopt a system tailored to the strengths and abilities of the players.

I am looking forward to the Broncos bringing back the BCS Natty Trophy at the end of the 2013 season, to our Great State, so we can all be proud of the Broncos and get our pictures taken with the trophy in the Boie Mayor's Office, before it goes on permanent display at the BAA Offices.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - If you have not donees so yet, please join the Bronco Athletic Association and help support the Broncos and round up some money to give to the players so they can have tuition money and books for schollies to go to college:

Here is how you can join, if you are not already a member:


How important

is a great quarterback? Either of those teams last night easily wins with one. But since that is not the case, the rest of this season is going to be a scuffle.

The measure of this year

will be how good BSU is at the end of the season, not how they played in the first month of the season.

The defense was suppose to be a big question mark this year and the answer is not only are they good, they are deep, which bodes well for their ability to adjust to different schemes and injuries as the season progresses.

The offense has been mostly horrible, but like being mostly dead, that means they are still alive, and that means they have the potential to improve.

The fans have been use to an explosive offense capable of putting points on the board in big chunks. Style point vicories may be in short supply this year, but a 7-6 win is still a win and it may even be more exciting than a 44-35 win.

This season will be a character building year for the defense, offense, and the fans.

whats up with scholarships for kids who dont play in two years

And who in the heck is scouting out the BSU QB's? Southwick/Hedrick/Laughrea/Patti? Give me a Tharp -Zabranski clone forget ever trying to replace Kellen Moore its not happening

And please stop with handing off to one back 31 times and up the middle of all

The play calling is out of Tampa Bay or some other NFL losing play book

Fake kick at the 22 Man what a bone er that was

Talk about bone ers Southwick 1st and goal at the one and BSU turns it over on downs

QB coach Hey you what going on?

Thanks defense for your work and Coach K - you are a GOD send

Great comment

I wonder whats going on

I think it is all on Prince.

Southwick may not be a Kellen Moore but BSU has not just won but been dominate with bad QBs before. Z was no great shakes and was a headcase, Heck, with this defense Tharp would be undefeated. Southwick is doing what he has been told to do. Be conservative, dont turn it over, dont force things, slide, and just run the offense. Bull!
I'm no football genius anyone can see the plays before they develop. The only thing people are surprised by is the sheer stupidity of a fake punt from the 22 in the 1st half, and the sheer stupidity of up the middle on anything and goal from the 1 on with an O line that is visibly getting manhandled.

It looks bleak. But here is why there is hope. I honestly believe it is what Southwick is being told and taught and what the playbook is saying that is the problem. And that can be fixed very quickly. Pete needs to call offensive plays. I dont care if he keeps Prince on or what but step up as the head coach and call some plays that are your specialty. Get in your QB's ear and tell him what you want him to do, and get back to being a genius. Bench Southwick for a game. Z was benched once! Put in Patti or Laughrea for a game on an opponent that we can win against and then use this as motivation and education of Southwick.
Z was coc.ky and a headcase, he threw an interception in the fiesta bowl that almost blew it. He would have gone down as a horrible QB were it not for a few plays that year. He was benched in a game during his career. But yet, the coaching, the "trickeration" is what made BSU so miraculous. Lets bring it back. You live by the sword you die by the sword. Lets at least pull the sword out and start swinging it around.

I'd feel better about my bet with Ugly if we lost 38-37 than

If we win this way.......

Oh well, a bet is a bet....and a win is a


I would have felt better if Boise would have won 38-37....Boise was handed a gift by BYU....I hope Utah State stomps BYU....

Looking ahead at both BYU and MSU schedules, MSU will probably finish 7-5 and BYU 6-6....

Boises schedule now as usual is weak and will probably finish 10-2 and 22 in AP....

Good luck to Boise....

Gift. Exactly.

Going for 2 when the opposing team has NO KICKING GAME was the dumbest thing ever. It should have been BYU 10 BSU 7 in 9 OTs. pathetic.

However, thank goodness we won. I love the Broncos, I want to win every game, but please please BSU never make me watch that kind of product again.

If every game was like that I would still go. I will always go. But that was painful. I dont want to turn this into a Vandal Bronco thing but BSU looked Vandal like in their offense. Just sad. Lets put it behind us and STOMP THE CRA.P out of every one else. Bench southwick for a game, Like they did with Z, coach pete should be calling the plays and lets see some football!

I hope and believe you are wrong. 11-1 with a BCS bowl is doable. I also think MSU could win their conf. And I think BYU could be decent. I personally think it still will all come down to a close game in Reno. Uugghh.

As it is now, we might not want to go to a BCS bowl because we could get absolutely embaras.sed. Just kidding, I'd still go and we would still win, but how we would do it is completely beyond me.

HOW we would win?

with our defense, of course.

Too many

boneheaded plays: 1) fake punt from our own 22 with BYU players calling "fake"; 2) D.J. up the middle over and over with BYU linebackers waiting in the gaps; 3) not attempting a short (17 yard) field goal on 4th and 1 for a two score lead; and 4) Southwick sliding short with a first down in front of him (ala Michigan State). My question to Coach Pete: Who told Southwick that he needs to slide when he runs? That play should be reserved for valuable passers like Kellen Moore to avoid injury. Southwick is hardly in that category.

Jimmy Laughrea

Honestly I think the coaches need to statt thinking about playing Laughrea. If not for the defense BSU could have been 1-2!!! Southwick have not shown anything yet. And please, give Harper some rest!!! By week 6 we wont have him anymore at this pace!!! Ajayi and Fields are good, give them some playing time!

I'll take the win, but come on, Joe, REALLY?

Many good points in this blog and I agree with all most of them. The problems are on Pete's shoulders to resolve, which means he has to start with Prince and figure out what this guy is made of. However, that being said, I really don't know how we think Joe is going to lead this offense with three weak hook slides that likely cost us the game at Michigan State, and may have cost us the game against BYU. What does Joe think he is, Pro material with a looming $60mm contract? Put your head down and get a first down. Show your offensive line and team you want to win the game. There are times to run, times to take a sack, times to hook slide and times to put your head down and get a first down. Joe, you can correct this. It does not take a coach to tell you when you need to pull the ball down and pick up some yards. This is college ball, and you do not have the timing or the finesse of Kellen Moore, so be Joe Southwick, and pick up those first downs using a full skill set that you have yet to show us. If not, bring on the rookies and pay our dues with the newbies who have more development potential. I'm willing to put this on the coaches, some idiot on the coaching staff who may be telling you to duck hook short of the first down marker. This next week, you will need to bring your A game, and show everyone what you are willing to do to lead this team! VERY FRUSTRATED FAN. I did not appreciate your attitude during the press conference either. Your game was so far from "close", it's just difficult to imagine what your are thinking. Next time in an interview, just say your going to get better every game, and work harder each day in practice, period.

good post energizer

completely agree regarding swicks attitude after the game. we are not close. without the D, we are toast.

............................ Quarterback

.............I still think our quarterback has to be Joe Southwick, but he needs to grow a pair, and get tough. He way better than his records show right now.

Patti - Patti - Patti- Patti - Patti- Patti- Patti- Patti- Patti

what Petersen needs is to hear a roaring crowd of 30k+ fans chanting Patti's name everytime he sends out the punt team

Leave Patti alone

Let him red shirt this season.

This 2012 season is already a bust for the BSU Broncos cuz they can't compete for a BCS Natty Game.

Why waste a year of his eligibility on a struggling regrowing and rebuilding team.

Let him be the Scout Team QB for 2012 and let him take over for the 2013 season and let him play for 4 years like Kellen did.

Bronco Fans need to be patient and think strategically and not emotionally.

The Golden Ring is a BCS National Championship. The 2012 edition of the BSU Broncos are no way ready for that type of a stage.

Let them make mistakes and learn and grow and then go after the Golden Ring a year from now (2013 season).

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

I agree with VNDL on....


Southwick will do fine for rest of season since schedule is a patsy....

Broncos will go 11-1 or 10-2 (probably lost another $100 ?)

The Broncos only real challenge will be Nevada, and that is a maybe....

The only way Broncos will go 9-3 and Ugly gets $100 is if the Defense gets injured or too banged-up....

throw away this season - so Patti remains eligible in 2017?

that is stupid thinking - Southwick - Hedrick -Laughera- none of them are the future - none of them are the now - Patti is the here and now answer to the Bronco blues - you already think this season is a bust -so do others - why not use a throw away season on the true freshman to gain experience he will need down road - redshirting Patti makes him elgible as far out as 2017 - who cares - its five recruiting years from now - BSU will have more QB's then - Patti should play now - learn now - make mistakes now - fix mistakes now - now is perfect time for Patti - not Southwick

potatolander....not thinking too straight....

Does anyone believe the Broncos will lose to Southern Miss, CSU, New Mexico, UNLV, Fresno, or Hawaii ????

You see, the remainder of Bronco season is pretty milk-toast and Southwick should do well....also, Southwick is a senior next year and we really dont know if 2013 will be Southwick or Patti yet?

Since 2013 is Broncos only guaranteed AQ season, a person does not know yet as to whom should lead as qb....

In 2013, it might be Southwick again--thus let hime develop his talents this year for a possible next year....

This year is toasted....with Broncos SOS and a 11-1 season, they are still going to MAACO or another lesser bowl....

ugly - pull head out of dingleberry nest - then respond

what talents does southwick have to develop - devlop time for southwick is over - he is starting qb - developing is what back up qbs do - hedrick couldn't do any worse - guy from row 18 section 102 couldn't do any worse - guy who threw ball into truck bed and won lease - couldn't do any worse - if southwick tried to make throw into truck - he would throw into the bleachers - he is opposite of good - vandals have scored more TD than broncos - that is how bad southwick is - like it or not - it is patti time

potatolander....with all due respect....just listen to

Ugly and you will understand some stragedy....

First, Boise can easily handle their remaining schedule....with or without Patti, Boise will go 10-2 or more likely 11-1....so they go to a bowl....

Now 2013 also poses a dilema....if Southwick does well for remainder of 2012, then he is the one to oust for 2013....Patti must out-do Southwick for their 2013 AQ season....

Now here is the problem from my analysis....Boise has several moire very key seniors this year that I dont see being effectively replaced by the Juniors, or even Freshman or Sophmores....

I see the actual 'rebuilt' Broncos happening in 2014 thru 2016 under Patti....

Let Southwick has his time....do you really think Southwick will have a hard time against New Mexico, Fresno, or the 0-3 Southern Miss?

Hope that helps....

One must learn how to spell strategy first

Or Sophomores...

But whatever...

Not a bad post. Dont you think Southwick must be sharp by game 12?


Southwick will be sharp by game 12....he has many Miami OHs before Nevada....

What will be interesting is 2013....Patti is not a shoe-in yet....

Φ Why, oh why,

do you even bother?

It's a Bush 2-ism-strategy and tragedy.


You fry wants with that?

Yeah just listen to ugly

the guy who lost hundreds of dollars on betting against BSU last year (predicted 9-3) Also predicted 9-3 this year. and the guy who predicted a BYU win, and the guy who thought last week BSU would go 9-3 or worse and a couple of days later he is spouting off 11 and 1? He must have seen some secret bit of inside info in that mess of a game. This guy is fun. He thinks BSU will lose to BYU and lose even more games than that and now with the 7-6 win is touting 11-1.
It is funny. But hey, thats ugly. I kinda like his antics. Just listen to him you will see that he knows all and everyone else has it wrong. You dont believe me? Just ask him, he will tell you.

That is some track record he has.......

P2....On track record, it appears poor because you

have only remembered my slight errors and wrongs....you have ignored my many correct ones....if we were keeping track, my record would be something like 187-7....

btw, even Ugly cannot predict a coach that goes for 2 points, misses it, and then kicks the ball away with no timeouts....

Ugly, you only have to sleep with one lot lizard with aids

to get aids. And you my friend have slept with way more than 7.

You might think your record is good but your misses have been pretty high profile. And I cant think of any thing you have ever been right on.
Actually do me a favor and predict that the Farmers Almanac and the Weather Channel are all wrong and we are going to have a good cold snowy winter. I miss those. We were cheated out of winter last year and this summer is one that never ends. I hate it.

Ugly - Maybe, just maybe he was Lonely in Seattle cuz

the reason he is so familiar with the Seattle jail is because he only committed manly crimes in Seattle. Not little effeminant crimes, but big bad real manly crimes.

I was shocked to read in another post of his that he spent many lonely wet foggy nights in the Seattle jail while serving his sentence, listening to a Boise radio station.

I have no idea what a 'lot lizard' is, but it sounds bad - real bad. Maybe something the cats with the Pussae Possee know about. Certainly nothing educated and socially genteel and civil people know about.

Do you think this guy has violent tendancies all the time or is it just when he is drunk and being around 'lot lizards', whatever they are?

Ugly - now that you have gained your Doctorate in Human Psychology from doing the on-line courses and sending all those box tops in; and becoming these boards foremost authority about Deviant Behavior Among Statesman Sports Bloggers - would you say this guy has any deviant behavior or is it the norm for the type of behavior that is exhibited by the members of his Out To Lunch Bunch Group?

The behavior of this guys is what? The mean, median, or the mode for those cats? Or is it an aberation of sorts and not at all indicative of an even sullier nature of the remaining members of that group?

I dunno - maybe he met them all in the jail in Seattle? I seem to recal one of them telling these boards he is a Husky Fan.

Maybe the term 'husky' doesn't mean a football player from the University of Washington, but instead a kinda large, full figured, and chubby YMCA Village People dancer from San Francisco?

I dunno.

Ugly - what are your thoughts on this matter?

How strange is it on the Strangeness Scale with a 50 being the high end of the scale and a 1 being the low end of the scale?

Your thoughts?

Yes VNDL, many deviants on these blogs but football

brings deviant behaviour out....

Yes, my Human Psychology studies has helped me tremendously in understanding the many deviants on these boards....

I have been studying P2s blogs and this is what I have come up with....I believe P2 is saying 'sorry' in his way for slapping you silly at the Ram....P2 is a big guy, but probably has a hard time saying 'sorry' or 'forgive' me; so he has a story of jail time in Seattle....You see, he is bringing out his softer side....this is the 'softer' P2 that we did not know existed....this is the P2 that someone could have lunch with....

The wet foggy nights are his way of explaining anger....You see, this friend is a Catholic and so is Ugly....when in trouble at youth, the Nuns took care of it....Now, society takes care of it and when our friend felt like he did something wrong he feels like he is in jail in Seattle on wet, soggy nights....it is his escape from reality....

The Husky fan I think has actually censored himself....someone needs to email the Husky fan and let him know that his filters are filtering him! The blogs need his input, thus 'filters' off....

VNDL....I am like Will Rogers 'I have yet to meet a man that I did not like'....

We must view everyone as our friends....