Bring on the '80s arcades in Boise, Eagle

Let the joystick mashing and beer chugging begin. 

Spacebar Arcade, 200 N. Capitol Blvd., debuts in Boise on Saturday.

Grinkers Grand Palace, 228 E. Plaza Drive in Eagle, plans to open Oct. 5.

Both arcades will target Gen-Xers who remember growing up with quarter-gobbling machines like Battlezone, Star Castle and Tempest. But their size and scope appear to be a little different.

Spacebar is in Downtown Boise where Catacomb bar used to be. It will lure passersby and bargoers with a couple dozen or so 25-cent games and a handful of pinball machines. You can check out the list of games on Spacebar's Facebook page.

Grinkers is more of a destination arcade. It’s larger — 3,700 square feet — and plans to house more than 100 games. Check out the photos.

The big question, of course: Will anyone ever touch George Costanza's "Frogger" score?


Is PoJos still open? I left Boise 11 years ago and I thought it was still around then.




Maybe still there but never has been the same since it was the nickle palace at its original location.


I'm still waiting for the ColecoVision Bar to open. Until then, I drink at home and listen to Portishead in the dark.

That's probably the first and last Portishead mention here

Didn't know about the Eagle arcade opening. They've managed to amass a pretty good collection based on their game list. Dear Gawd, I might actually have a reason now to travel into the Forbidden Zone.

Pojos is still there.

It could use some work, though. It feels a little run down compared to similar places like Big Al's or Wahooz.

Extinct business model.

Good luck.

Beer. Nostalgia.

Those are two elements I don't remember being part of the business model when I was 10 or 12 and hitting arcades. But, yes, we shall see.

Those are the benefits of being a really old teenager.


You fry wants with that?

Now that I know Grinkers has Robotron...I'll be there.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Thank Google for finally fixing the embedding...

Tempest The Grey Bike Grows Up Part 4 finally has a shot.


user/steadfastcoward, she's at the shop getting a new headset after 50-60 years