Boise State 7, BYU 6 (final)

By Brian Murphy

First quarter

• Boise State kicker Michael Frisina was wide right on a 33-yard field goal attempt in the first quarter.

• The Broncos were stuffed on a fake punt from their own 21-yard line, giving BYU possession deep in Boise State territory at the end of the first quarter.

• BYU backup quarterback Taysom Hill, a Pocatello native, converted on a fourth-and-1 run on the final play of the first quarter. It was the Cougars' first first down of the game. BYU started the second quarter first-and-10 at the Boise State 11.

Second quarter

• BYU quarterback Riley Nelson threw an interception on third-and-16 from the Boise State 17. Boise State cornerback Jamar Taylor picked off the pass, his second of the year. The pick immediately followed a chop block penalty on BYU that wiped out a first-down rush that would have set up the Cougars with first-and-goal from the 1.

• Boise State eschewed two field goal attempts in the second quarter, choosing to go for it on fourth down twice inside the BYU 30. Quarterback Joe Southwick threw incomplete on fourth-and-5 from the BYU 25 and fourth-and-7 from the BYU 20.

Third quarter

BSU — Mike Atkinson 36 interception return (Michael Frisina kick), 13:24. Boise State 7, BYU 0

• BYU stopped Boise State on fourth-and-goal from the 1 during the quarter.

• BYU replaced quarterback Riley Nelson with Taysom Hill.

• Boise State has forced five turnovers.

Fourth quarter

BYU — Taysom Hill 4 run (Hill pass failed), 3:37. Key play: Hill completed a 7-yard pass to Cody Hoffman on fourth-and-4 at the Boise State 19-yard line. Drive: 11 plays, 95 yards, 4:26. Boise State 7, BYU 6

Boise State linebacker J.C. Percy batted down Hill's pass in the end zone to preserve the lead.

Pregame notes

Boise State senior left guard Joe Kellogg is out for the Broncos' game with BYU on Thursday night at Bronco Stadium. Kellogg is injured.

Junior Spencer Gerke is expected to start in his place. Gerke, who graduated from Bishop Kelly High, started two games last season in place of Kellogg and played much of the Georgia game at left guard.

Kellogg has started 24 games in his Boise State career, the most of any Bronco offensive player.

• Brenel Myers is starting at right tackle, in place of expected starter Jake Broyles. Broyles got "dinged up" in practice before the Miami game.

• Boise State is wearing blue pants, blue uniforms and blue Pro Combat helmets (with the number on the side).

• It was the first time Boise State has been held scoreless in the first half since the 2005 MPC Computers Bowl against Boston College at Bronco Stadium. Boise State lost 27-21.




We Sublet that position!

Can't kick, can't punt,

can't run trick plays. Gonna be a long night. BSU has some good female soccer players, I'm sure there's a gal out there that can out kick the boys....Sunny...

Isn't that an AdamAnt song

"can't kick - can't punt - what can ya do?"

Good D!

Now get a TD!

Sons of Saints

Got Game!

thank goodness

we have a defense. i'm sure joe is a nice guy but it feels like we have seen enough. his forte is handing off to dj. take away dj & matt miller and our offense does not exist. joe has yet to hook up on a pass of greater than 30 yards. and that last one to miller that was off the mark is unforgivable. our offense was what grew our fan base, our recruiting base and our program. i realize down years are going to happen but this is painful.

no pizza for me..

more scoring in soccer then in this game.

Not sure what's more disappointing

The offensive play calling or Southwicks passing....



Ye of little faith

The Broncos need your prayers, and a completed pass.

Get it together

The blond is at a bbq in WI with a half dozen Mich/Mich St alumni with a Bronco shirt on. Do it for the blond guys, make her prouder.

A bit "Cheezy" boss.

A one point win will do it , I suppose....

Where ya been bud

Haven't heard in quite awhile.


Been around, yet haven't really had the time to post. Part time job, and looking for the dream job. Will send you an e-mail soon. Sorry that I have been out of the loop.I will try and keep up, lol.


Comes up with 6!

Let's see

If Pete goes for 2.

BigD recovers fumble

On BYU 1 yard line.


Joe has to go!


Give the freshman a chance. Maybe he wont slide short.



Take him out of the game..


New Athletic Director

When will our Athletic Director show up in SCHOOL COLORS.

We are in the middle of the game

and you are worried about what the AD is wearing............

I don't care

If the AD even comes to the game. I want to see the back up QB.


I'd like to see A qb


Robert prince should be ashamed of himself!

Somebody deflated the pigskin!

Quick! Get Bullwinkle in there!


Allleeeeeyy OOP!

Offense - say you're sorry!

You need to apologize to the defense!

That's on Southwick




On this rock

I will build my church! GOOD JOB D!


We had no attack on the "O" side for sure! WOW.


the D fence can also play the offense. Way to go Mike, you salvaged the game.

Offensive coordinator Robert Princess

has got to go now before he does more damage. He's so predictable that the Redhead was telling me the plays ahead of time. Coach Pete can be head coach and play caller just like Chris Ault did at Reno. Sheesh. Sunny...

Play calling and

QB play is brutal.

No doubt.

But I'll bring a half dozen Adams County cowboys down there to help Paradis and buds really win.


Six sober cowboys in Adams County? Good one.


Usually I agree with a ton you state, but no we don't need to fire a coach. That is ridiculous after a game. Take a deep breath and breathe. The QB has a ton of improvement to do before we should even mention firing a coach. By the way, this is why coaches leave for another opportunity, because a couple of bad games or one bad season fans turn really fast.

This game set football back

This game set football back at least 25 years. Right now BYU is reminiscing beating a 6-6 Michigan team for a "National Championship". That was without a doubt, two bad teams playing the worst game I have ever seen. I said in the score prediction contest that these were two terrible offenses, but WOW!!! Just wow.

Hard to watch...

"Tonight's BSU win over BYU was an instant classic!" said no one, anywhere.

Unimaginative offense is unimaginably bad

Robert Prince redefines ineptitude. Has there been more than one or two plays called for the tight ends in the whole season so far? Hey, I've have an idea: Let's run Harper into the middle of the line! Thank God for D.J., who at least made some plays.

If Joe Southwick is the best quarterback on the team, then Jimmy Laughrea, Nick Patti, and Grant Hedrick must be truly awful.


I thought Southwick got the job so they could use the whole playbook. I'm glad we won, but I'm not sure I can ever remember the offense being that terrrible, and I go back to Big Sky days.

Instead of

Offensive coordination, that BSU offense was both offensive and uncoordinated.

We are ....

now TCU. Great defense and few turnovers.

In a game where BYU

can't move the ball, why wouldn't BSU kick a FG that would have amounted to an extra point try and take a 10 point lead?

My thoughts.....

I watched this crapfest at my sister's place. (Her TV is bigger). Anyway, this game was painfully reminiscient of the Michigan State game: good defense, impotent offense.

The play calling was terrible. Like the MSU game, we kept running the same inside runs that went nowhere. Like the MSU game, we had only 1 rush that was not carried by Harper. Like the MSU game, we forgot about the TEs. Like the MSU game, Southwick made some boneheaded decisions. I thought he learned that sliding IN FRONT of the First Down marker was a bad thing. For God's sake, Southwick, learn to take a FUQUING HIT! Southwick is not the right guy to run this offense. Prince needs to pull his head out of his A/S/S, and Southwick needs to ride pine for a the next game. Honestly, I don't know who to play as QB, but anything is better than that dipshidiot we have right now.

Newsflash: DJ Harper is a speedster, not a power running. Running him up the middle is FUQUING STUPID! Rather than letting him try to punch it in on First and Goal, give the ball to Fields. He knows how to drive forward. Heck, let Atkinson run it in as a FB. Nobody is going to tackle him!

Outstanding. We had 5 turnovers, and stopped them from scoring until their final drive. This defense will be the only reason we don't have a losing season. But, how long will it last? Eventually, the defense gets tired.

Special Teams:
Although our punt and kickoff coverage was great, that fake punt was ridiculous. Whoever called that play should be slapped.

Final thoughts: After this poor showing, Boise State does not deserve to be ranked in the Top 25. This game was an embarrassment to Bronco Nation.

Some good thoughts Rob...

Great work!


After I got through laughing, I have to say I agree with many of your points.
But, I'm not giving up on Joe.
#1. We need variety in the run; Running backs, and plays.
#2. For crying out loud, I thought they went with Joe because of his familiarity with the playbook.
Whatever O playbook was used tonight, sure didn't look like years past. They got to open it up and air it out.
Why not put Atkinson in the O every once in a while? This offense definitely needs a spark.

It's gonna happen

Stinkers happen every now and then......I certainly have my reservations about Prince, but it's still in the Win column Bronco Nation,and that's better than a loss.