Mike Crapo: Sound management can reduce future fire risk

Senior Sen. Mike Crapo's weekly guest opinion is all about an issue unfolding on Boise's doorstep: wildfire.

And, writes Crapo, the best course to prevention is sound forest management.

"In the aftermath of this severe fire season, we must work together to enable land managers to reduce the fuel loads that make it possible for the fires to burn so long and relentlessly. This can help ensure that more of the limited funding goes toward fire prevention rather than resource-depleting response."

Here's a link to Crapo's full guest opinion.

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Also keep

attention-hungry and money-hungry 'firefighters' from starting fires.
Seems to be a huge conflict of interest.
There are seasonal and permanent personnel within the firefighting community that are willing to start fires in order to reap the financial benefits of fighting them.

Rohnert, just how many fires

Rohnert, just how many fires this season have been started by money hungry firefighters - one! Big deal. You need to improve your lack of knowledge on wildland fires and fire personnel. Do some research before you display your lack of knowledge.