Idaho's Labrador misses 25 votes Wednesday while courting Hispanics for Romney

Idaho Rep. Raul Labrador missed 25 votes during a eight-hour floor session Wednesday. But roll-call votes were held on just two measures and will count against Labrador's record of absences.

Labrador, a leader in "Juntos con Romney," was in Miami Wednesday to help Mitt Romney appeal to Hispanic voters. On Monday, Labrador said he understood criticism that he's missed 5 percent of roll-call votes and plans to improve his record. Labrador's absence rate is twice the House average and three times that of his three most recent predecessors.

Of the measures debated, 23 were passed by voice vote. One measure was added to the calendar and passed by unanimous consent. The two bills passed on roll-call votes were H.R. 5044, the Andrew P. Carpenter Tax Act, and H.R. 5912, which would prohibit the use of federal funds to pay for party conventions.

For a summary of Wednesday's floor action, visit the Clerk of the House's website.

Labrador wIill be back in the House Thursday, which is scheduled to consider a vote on an immigration bill he co-authored, which would ease restrictions on foreign workers with advanced degrees in science, engineering, math and technology.

He's MARRIED, let Romney cheat on his own!


You fry wants with that?

I'm furious that he missed that vote on.....

naming that post office in Alabama - terrible!

Good doggie

Raul Labradoodle is good little lap doggie for the Republicans.

No difference

Labrador is just proving to everyone in Idaho and everywhere else that he is no different than any other politician and all of that stuff he said to get elected was just stuff, no substance. Way to fit right in with your establishment. And to think just when they really needed some serious help with the Latino vote in several states too. Glad to see you working hard for us Idahoans in Washington errr Florida.


I am glad Mitt Romney is working for Hispanic votes. They are the perfect Republican voter, albeit nascent. They believe in personal accountability, making their own way, family values and patriotism.

jlf, Evidently you don't

jlf, Evidently you don't reside in Caldwell or Burley.

Does Romney?


You fry wants with that?

It's all about himself

and how he can move up the Washington ladder quickly, make the big bucks, and mingle with the big boys. Unfortunately (for him) he's wasting his time with Romney, a man who will never be elected president!

Clearly Labrador is more

Clearly Labrador is more interested in his political party over representing Idahoans. This is not an isolated decision to miss votes, Labrador has consistently chosen GOP political party events over his elected congressional responsibility.

What we need to know is what is he saying to Floridians and who is funding his jet-set campaigning.

The stupid never stops

from the desperate, fringe-left. Is he the first to ever campaign for another? Get a grip.

I Love Miami!!!!

Raul..The Dollhouse in Miami is a great stop...make sure that you have plenty of bills..the ATM inside charges way too much for transactions...maybe you could do your job and write a bill against high ATM fees....

Snubbing for Mitt???
Fughettabout is over....if you like lost causes...Dynamiss......

If He Is Serious On Cutting Deficit

Since he is serious on cutting the deficit and paying for performance, now is the time for him to lead. I'm sure that he would not want to pay federal employees for time they spend on the election. In the same vein he should not accept wages from the government while he is working for Romney.