Ann Romney in Idaho next week, contributions range from $1,000 to $25,000 to co-host private dinner

Travis Hawkes, fundraiser extraordinaire for Mitt Romney, has landed another big fish, the GOP presidential nominee's popular spouse, Ann.

Hawkes, Romney's Idaho finance chairman, has helped raise $3.2 million from Idahoans, tripling the Idaho record for presidential campaigns. Romney has held seven Gem State events in 2011 and 2012 and raised an additional $1.3 million from out-of-state donors. At an August event in Sun Valley, part-time Idaho resident Clint Eastwood spoke on Romney's behalf, leading to his appearance at the GOP National Convention.

Ann Romney will make her first Idaho campaign appearance Sept. 27 at The Club at SpurWing in Meridian.

The event invitation offers four contribution levels: $1,000 per couple or per person for the general reception at 6 p.m.; $5,000 per couple or per person for a VIP reception at 5:30 p.m. and the general reception; $15,000 per couple or person for a private 6:30 p.m. dinner with Mrs. Romney, the photo reception and general reception. Those who contribute or raise $25,000 get to attend all three events and be named co-hosts.

Organizers ask attendees to arrive at least 30 minutes early to clear security. There will be no free events during Mrs. Romney's visit, Hawkes said.

RSVP to Jeff Johnson at or call 208-695-3275.

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Hey Ann

How much for a photo with your horse, Rayfalca?

Less than it cost

to drink champagne at the Obama fundraiser. Why did they try to hide it? Ashamed of their own lifestyle?


Now, which ward is this at...? And, the menu? Casserole, green Jello, and chocolate cake? Is Mrs. Romney a good cook, or do they have people that do that for them-- like every regular "Joe" does?

Just exactly "what" does $1k buy me? A little pricey for me. I'll just order mac n' cheese take-out, and give my money to a worthy cause.

Hey Ann, part 2

How much for a photo with your missing tax returns?

How about a photo of Obummer

How about a photo of Obummer with his hidden transcripts? What's that worth?

How about a photo of you

How about a photo of you with health insurance.. What did Romney call you? A freeloader?

I'm getting tired of her,

I'm getting tired of her, Mitt

Be Patient

The price to cohost will drop dramatically in mid November!


Sounds a lot more affordable than the $40,000.00 per ticket for Obamas event. How inclusive of the dimocrats to price something that only the 1% can afford.

Your Choice

Either $40,000 for dinner with the President of the United States and George Clooney in Beverly Hills or $15,000 for dinner with a Stepford wife in Meridian.

Yea, but now Obummer is

Yea, but now Obummer is having problems with raising cash it looks like. He's down to Yard and garage sale proceeds.

Grassroots Team Announces Yard Sale for Obama: Sept 22 - 23

No thanks!

I would rather give to the local food bank than one dime to the Romneys.

Is that where you do your

Is that where you do your shopping?

I'd rather

I'd rather donate my money to the 47% working in the kitchen, landscaping, and cleaning to make everything all nice so they can even hold this event.

It is ovah!

She knows that it is now a done deal (of course not in Idaho matters)...she is really coming in here because she is a closet eater of fingersteaks and wants's discounted Scentsies for her husband's stinking mess of a campaign.....

Don't hold your breath

There is a very good chance you are seriously disappointed come November 7th. I will thoroughly enjoy watching the left throw their typical tantrums.

Red Kool-Aid

Keep drinking it. Based on how Mitt keeps alienating voters, lying about his opposition, and praying the voters get locked out, he knows he's done.

Even prominent Republicans are admitting that Mitt is actively losing the race. If they know it, and will admit it, isn't it time for you to wake up and admit it?


Do you also enjoy watching the reds throw their tantrums before the election? A "judge" in Texas who predicts revolution and armed defiance if you lose? Tea party backed musicians who advocate shooting the President? Try to pay attention, please. there's more happening in the world outside of the potato and onion fields.

as if

as if it really matters. there's zero difference between the Rs and Ds. They are both slaves to corporate interests.

gary johnson is the only hope for America.

For the ladies...


You fry wants with that?

Stay classy posters! Way to

Stay classy posters! Way to attack a women who has MS and breast cancer. Ann Romney is an inspiration to many of us. If they raised over $2 million for the last event I am sure plenty of people will show up for this one.

Yeah, she's special...

Mrs. Romney should be off limits because of her maladies? Why? Personally, I couldn't care less for her maladies. If Mitt keeps putting her up-front, then she's fair game.


God bless her for her battling and beating breast cancer....but what about the many women who had no health care that died from breast cancer...they are part of the 47% probably...this is politics.... and she is pushing Mr. 53% to lead our country...Nah!


you'd have to be a MORON to die from cancer, if you are rich.

ANY cancer caught early enough, is treatable.

But not 100% curable and MS is a death sentence...

Since I had a girlfriend and a dear friend or three die of breast cancer to bone cancer, two lung cancers AND one of MS I wish you would think it out a little more.



Rich people die, too.

Every cancer is treatable, but that doesn't mean that every person will survive. Sure, if you have as much money as the Romney's, your chances of detection, treatment and survival increase significantly. However, your statement is not only incorrect, it is quite callous.

MS/breast cancer or not, she doesn't deserve to be attacked

People act like nobody ever has big money fundraisers on either side. It is classless to be so rude about her, but not because of her health issues. The horrible things said about Mrs. Obama are equally classless.

This profanity filture is absurd! It won't let me post Mrs. Obama's first name because it contains the word he__. Are you kidding me?

Miche one one e


You fry wants with that?

Ann Romney

Ann did have medical issues in the past that's true. But that was a long time ago and if she is well enough to share her time with Mitt in an ongoing and exhausting campaign, I'm sure she is well enough. Nice try though. May I recommend you update your information.

Romney is done

Romney is finished with his "47%" comment. Don't spend another dime on this failed candidate for president or his faithful and loving wife. May they both eat cake the rest of their lives. This has been posted by a faithful Jack Mormon who eats peanut butter sandwiches and caviar.

It was factual...

The 47% comment was based on fact. The left does have problems with facts and this time is no exception. Get over it.

factually ILLIN'


You fry wants with that?

Based on a statistic, but I wouldn't call it fact.

The initial 47% number may be accurate, but the generalization he made about EVERYONE in that group are not factual.


is that why paul ryan got so angry about fact checkers the other night?

open your checkbook

It'd be nice to have candidates come to talk to Idahoans for a change, rather than just the ones with fat checkbooks.

Partisan Politics

Both candidates know Idaho is a purely Red state. Mitt doesn't have to convince anyone, and Obama knows he could never convince anyone in Idaho. As far as Idaho is concerned, chalk up a win for Romney. They both know their time is better spent in the states that actually make a difference in elections.


100% true.

if a republican said he was on a mission from satan himself, and wanted to enslave all the earth for eternity, idaho (and most other red states) would STILL vote republican.

that may be true, but....

four years ago, I saw President Obama in Idaho, and it was free to everyone, and it packed the Taco Bell Arena. So apparently *he* felt us worth talking to.

We figure the government can't claim his canyon...


You fry wants with that?

President Romney and the

President Romney and the lovely First Lady Ann.......get used to it spread the wealth fans


if romney wins in november, and 2016 rolls around and the country is still in shambles... what will be the excuse then?? because i can promise you, it will happen. no democrat or republican can, or will, fix the country. as long as the rich are doing fine, that's all that matters to them both.

you sheep need to look into Gary Johnson, seriously.

Don't use Johnson and sheep in the same sentence.



What will the excuse be then?

How about - it's Obama's fault. Or maybe - I didn't know it was this bad. Or maybe - it's going to take longer than four years.



You fry wants with that?


when people try to blame bush, and rightly so, republicans go absolutely nuts and say how impossible that could be.

not that i'm siding with the current loser in the WH, but... i'm pretty sure the mess that bush caused is going to take far longer than 4 years, as well. and it doesn't help that obamas policies are almost IDENTICAL to bushes.

Even old Nixon is laughing his bones off

about that thought.


And please explain what you are basing that on? It obviously can't be on any poll.

You People

Oh dang I would LOVE to attend however I am one of those "you people" 47%ers and won't have my next free Obama check by then - just my luck. Send my regards to Mittens

You sound like a...

Typical white person!

It's really peachy-yellow but I didn't go out much this summer/


You fry wants with that?