Boise State's Brenel Myers, one of the heroes of the 2010 Fiesta Bowl, is back in the mix on the offensive line

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State senior offensive lineman Brenel Myers was back in the lineup last week — his first start since early in his sophomore year, when he seemed like a long-term solution at right tackle.

Myers, best known for filling in at right tackle in the 2010 Fiesta Bowl and preventing TCU’s Jerry Hughes from causing problems, opened the following season as the starting right tackle. He exited the lineup after two games and was bothered by injuries for most of his sophomore and junior seasons.

He had hip surgery in the spring and says he’s feeling good now.

“The roughest year I had was last year,” he said. “Other than that, we had people step up. … I was still out there, but I was also still young and I was learning. I wouldn’t say it was difficult. But that was pretty much just a highlight of my career (in the Fiesta Bowl) — being thrown out there and pretty much doing a decent job.”

Myers played the fourth quarter of the Michigan State game at right guard, replacing Michael Ames. He started at right tackle against Miami (Ohio) because of an injury to Jake Broyles.

Broyles likely will return for Thursday’s game against BYU, but expect Myers to get into the game at right guard. That was the plan for Miami before Broyles was injured.


BYU quarterback Riley Nelson has two Bronco Stadium experiences — as a true freshman quarterback for Utah State in 2006 and as a fan at the 2011 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. His younger brother committed to Utah State and Nelson accompanied him to the bowl game.

“The intensity of the crowd and the environment there was something that impacted me,” Nelson said of the 2006 game. “… The bowl game … it was amazing to me to see probably more Boise State fans there than Ohio or Utah State fans. They just love football and they’re passionate about it. As a football player, you love playing in environments like that — even if they are against you. I’ve been in stadiums that are so empty I can hear the cadence echo back to me. Boise is definitely a football town.”


David Pollack, the new analyst on ESPN’s Thursday night broadcasts, says he brings a different approach than Jesse Palmer, the other analyst.

“Rece Davis is an absolute professional — he can handle any situation, he can talk anything there is, he will call the game perfectly,” Pollack said. “Jesse is the analytical brain who will see the football stuff all the time. I’m the wild card, goofball. I’m going to say exactly what I feel at exactly that time. I’m not saying I’m always going to be right. I’ll probably stick my foot in my mouth a few times. I’m more inclined to say somebody messed up. It’s an interesting booth — we’re still working our way through it.”

Pollack is a former Georgia standout and first-round draft pick. His NFL career was cut short by a broken neck. He got into broadcasting during a two-year rehab process and decided the booth, not the field, was the right place to be.

“I have to have football in my life,” he said.

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24 hours

until kick off. Let' play some football!

Brenel who?


You fry wants with that?

What happen to Jay Ajayi?

I remember when he was recruited he was very higly thought of, and I was very excited. I have had a very busy year and have been out of touch with BSU and am now getting back into it and I do not even see him on the depth chart. Has he been a dissappointment, hurt, the other guys in front of him are just that good? Any insight would be appreciated.

torn ACL in 2011

Ajayi redshirted last year. He is back with the team but is behind Harper, Wright, and now it looks like Fields. The coaches may be playing it safe with his knee. I seem to remember he had a big brace on the leg during fall practice. He also had a brush with the law over the summer (theft)that has been resolved. Hopefully the future is bright for Ajayi, but it may not be this year unless others get injured.