Romney may still dominate 'moocher' states, including Idaho

Idaho: a 'moocher' state?

The Washington Post's Dylan Matthews coined the term this morning, as Mitt Romney's campaign deals with the fallout of the release of a video that showed the GOP presidential candidate claiming that 47 percent of Americans do not pay income taxes and view themselves as victims.

Idaho earned the "moocher" tag because it ranks among the top 10 states in terms of residents who have no income tax liability. Eight of the 10 states, including Idaho, are solidly Republican and expected to go to Romney, along with 96 of the 270 electoral votes needed to win on Nov. 6. The lone exceptions are Florida and New Mexico.

Here's the original Tax Foundation map highlighting states with the highest and lowest percentages of residents who have no income tax liability.

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Update it.

KR, you are writing incorrectly here.

There is a difference between "do not pay income taxes" and a map of "highest and lowest percentages of non-filers."

A "non-filer" doesn't file a tax return. The zero tax and THE MAP is about people who file a return and the end result is zero tax.


Good point, and I cleaned up the wording accordingly.

Kevin Richert
editorial page editor


much better.
Now, could you please go dig some dirt on Obama and some liberals.

How many people in the North End get food stamps?


what's the matter...

...feeling lonely?

pay dirt

The other side of the story is all the people getting a windfall from their tax return with big refunds AND zero tax.

Poverty= ha!
Let's publicize the # of households living in poverty with cable TV and a big screen plasma TV. And they complain they can afford their insulin.

When people get 25% of their annual money in the form of a refund check something is wrong. Let's stop using our tax system as a welfare system.

Romney Tax System

The mormon family model really pays less taxes.

Consider a family with 5+ children and donating 10% of their income to the church... that's a lot of income with NO TAXES paid into the system that pays for the schools of those 5 children.

More LDS churches and temples in Ada County = no property taxes from that land.

And when there is one family insurance plan premium with FREE dependent riders = a big financial burden on that insurance group.

So who has to pay more to make up for this burden?

A single person making a decent income named Bohica.

But we are working to become numero uno

Idassippi here we come.

The poorest states in the nation have the most

conservative and republican representation. Does that tell you anything. The snake oil salesman's pitch appeal to the uneducated and racist. It's no wonder that the cadence of speech of most conservative politicians is coached to sound like a tent revival preacher as this is what gains the ear of most of the people that follow these and vote for these snake oil salesman. That comment Romney made was really off base. Any Obama supporter I know pays at least 35% on their income to federal income tax.

At least 35%? Really?

You're too funny.

The current top federal tax rate is 35%, and that is for taxable income over $388,350...

So, if what you are saying is true, any Obama supporter you know earns at least $388,350 per year and takes zero deductions. And pays extra.

Yeah, sure.

Exactly bones...

And that's why I can afford to send my kids to a private school (primary education) as well at about $18,000 per kid per year. You should start to change your mind about being a conservative and maybe you will get a bit richer too? I suggest a good foundation of math and science first, then start changing your thought paradigm and system of ideals. The majority of folks in this state are poor conservatives. The richest people in this state are liberal and educated. Interesting correlation isn't it.

Your math

needs a little work. I don't care how much you make, 35% is the HIGHEST rate you would pay. If you pay that or more, it isn't because you are rich or educated, it's because you're not very intelligent.

And I have no lack of money.

47%? I wonder

I wonder how many of that 47% are in the top 1%, including Romney in years past....and how many are trying to live on social security.

Better map, from the NYT

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