Name the Score contest for Boise State-BYU game with Murphy audio

By Brian Murphy

The Chicago Connection "Name the Score" contest is back for its fourth season here at Murph's Turf. Many thanks to Chicago Connection for providing the prize (a gift certificate for a free pizza) each week.

The rules are pretty much the same as they have been, but for any newcomers here they are:

Boise State hosts BYU on Thursday (7 p.m., ESPN) and here is your chance to predict the score and win a prize.

Place your guess with a winner and both teams' score in the comments down below and we will pick one winner. (Please limit one guess per commenter.)

The closest to the actual score of the game wins.

You can listen to my audio prediction here. It is sponsored this season by Rockitecture.

All entries must be received by 5 p.m. MT on Thursday.

When you register to make comments at, you put in an e-mail address. I will contact the winner through that e-mail address.

If it comes down to tiebreakers, closest to Boise State's actual score, closest without going over and then first received will be the tie-breaking order.

Congrats to last week's winner GCR, who picked Boise State 37-13.

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27-17 Broncos

Should be a close one...

From The Fairy's Golden Tablet

BSU 28
BYU 20


BSU 38
BYU 17

Broncos defensive secondary will shut down BYUs pass attack. And they don't have a running back like Bell, or a MSU quality defense. BYU essentially had 3 days to prepare for the spanking their going to get on the BLUE!!

BSU 35 BYU 28

Broncos win a close battle.

28-21 Boise State

Crowd Noise.

Boise State 35 BYU 21

Enjoy the ride. There is no return ticket

Boise State 27, BYU 19

Can I get a Casanova pizza instead?

No, and no flirting with the female help, Casanova.


You fry wants with that?



35-28 BYU

35-28 BYU

Go Broncos

BSU 24
BYU 14

Broncos Win

Boise State - 35
BYU - 17

BSU 31 BYU 17

Should I wear my blue and orange Garments to the game??...Sunny...


Boise State 42
BYSnooze 25

Remember they don't watch film on Sunday's so they have one less day to prepare and won't be ready or have recovered emotionally from the loss to the Utard Utes.

Both offenses are terrible

Both offenses are terrible so I'll go with the following:

BSU 13

using a seer stone in the bottom of my hat...

BSU 21
BYU 17

HAHAHAHAHAA - too funny!

HAHAHAHAHAA - too funny!


Was that really called for? Sheesh, grow up people! Back on subject: BSU 35 - BYU 21

Pat Boone can play metal, don't be so steely.


You fry wants with that?

BSU of course a W

BSU 28
BYU 14

Laugh and the world laughs with you; cry and you run your mascara.


mmmm, love some pizza here.
BSU 35 YBU 24


BSU 24
BYU 13

BSU Baby

BSU 24
BYU - 17

BSU over BYU

BSU 38
BYU 21

Win on the Blue

Boise State - 31
BYU - 21

Bleed Blue


BSU 28
BYU 13

I will wash that pie down with ALCOHOL too!

BSU 27-20

BSU - 27
BYU - 20

BSU 41 - BYU 13

Joe starts clicking!

bsu 34 byu17 Go Blue

bsu 34
Go Blue

Bye... Bye... BYU...42-14 Boise State

The only Cougars I like wear Red Heels and have great plastic surgeons:)



Defense Dominates

BYU 38 BSU 10
Donkeys have no offense and cannot score against a great defense. Gonna get smoked on your ridiculous blue turf.

Speaking of getting smoked,

Speaking of getting smoked, keep smokin whatever it is you're smokin.

Φ Whoa ... supergenius

is an old-time troll who hasn't been heard from in a long time.

Interesting that he pops up here.

Razor, I was thinking of that.

Since he/she claims to be a genius, they must be a Vandal??...Sunny...

Probably out of food.


You fry wants with that?

Not a vandal

Just a judge of good football...BYU will pound you...defense is too good, Petersen will get outcoached as he does everytime outside of WAC games...BYU by 20.. and it's EASY.

BSU 26 BYU 24

Broncos make it 3 straight.

Make some noise!

BSU 24
BYU 17

BSU wins, but only because it's a home game.



BSU 31 YBU 10

BSU 31 YBU 10

BSU wins again, climbing the polls

BSU 29, BYU 9

BSU 33 - BYU 16

Broncos D bends, but doesn't break.
Turnovers = short field and easy scores.

Short field?!?


this isn't Arena football!

BSU 35 BYU 10

Broncos roll 35 to Cougs 10!

Blue and orange manhandle blue and white

BSU 38
BYU 17

Broncos make a statement

BSU BSU BSU Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

BSU 42
BYU 35

BSU 27 BYU 13

BSU 27 BYU 13


BSU 33 BYU 13

I score

42-21 BSU