More hunting news: Idaho bowhunter kills wolf that stalked him

This comes from our friends over at the Challis Messenger. If we're to believe the hunter (no, hunters never exaggerate), he stuck the wolf at 70 yards with an arrow. Regardless of the distance, it's a rippin' good yarn. I don't know if Fish and Game keeps records of how many wolves are killed by archers, but I would be willing to bet it's not many.

You can read about it HERE.

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Too bad he wasn't able to stick a few more...

...still nice shooting though.

More good news from the Spokesman today.

I hardly think so

Stalking him, I doubt it. A mountain lion yes, a wolf NO.

same thing has happened

One of my sons was archery elk hunting near McCall and had a pack of 5-6 wolves come to him when he was bugling. 3-4 stopped 100 yards out, two came within 50-60 yards. He was in the open, not hidden. This was before wolf hunting was legal. He did not have a gun.

Another son was bugling during rifle season near McCall, a pack came up the hill and surrounded his location. He was hidden. He shot a nice male.

Pretty much the same story as the guy from Challis.

Only 2

There are only 2 documented cases of a wolf attacking a human being and 1 of those is still in question. Wolves by nature are very curious animals. If they hear what they believe to be an elk bugling of course they are going to come investigate it, just as a grizzly bear would too. For too many years people have feared the wolf because of made up stories and of late the anti wolf side. If you want to look at statistics there are more people killed by cows every year. So should we fear cows??? If people would take the time to understand the wolf they would realize they are a very interesting animal. I am not advocating not killing any wolves, they need to be managed. But no matter what some are going to have a major bias towards the wolves and want them all killed, whether its because they are eating all their elk or that there are supposedly at least 2000 wolves in Idaho.

Envasive Species

I guess we must STINK. The wolves sure like elk, COWS, dogs, cats...The "only two documented cases" is lame...says who?? The Canadian wolves used to invest the lower 48 are not even close to the original wolves who ranged here. As i travel in Canada the folks i meet think we are idiots.

Only 2?

Your information is skewed...

Are you kidding me?

You must have gotten that information from a wolfie lover site or made it up yourself. If you had done any real research you would have found that there have been at least 200 world wide since 1900. 20 in the last 10 years. 8 in the U.S. and Canada in that time. (See Wikipedia, "Wolf attacks on humans") This does not include attacks that did not end in death. (See "WOLF ATTACKS ON HUMANS", By T. R. Mader, Research Director) These are "documented" facts, not unsubstantiated propaganda and lies produced by wolfies with an agenda.

Are wolves bad? No. Are wolves interesting? Yes. Do wolves belong here? Yes. Should we kill all of them? No. Do all hunters want to kill all wolves? No. Do wolves need to be managed? Yes. Should they be managed by someone in Maryland? No. Should they be managed by people who are directly affected by them? Yes. Should their numbers be controlled by licensed hunting programs? Yes. Should their numbers be controlled by USFW agents shooting from helecopters? No. Should the number of wolves living in Idaho be determined by Wolfies using computer models based on arbitrary figures? No. Should the number of wolves living in Idaho be documented by Idaho F&G biologists who base their figures on actual information retrieved in the field? Yes.

Argue which ever side you want but document the facts.

I have a bridge to sell

Is anyone buying?? Potato or potatoe? So everything you read on Wikipedia is correct? I hardly think so. We also know that everything on the internet is true. I am not pro wolf or anti wolf. There is such a thing as being in the middle. You will find more hunters that want all wolves dead then not. The wolves that once lived in Idaho are no different then the ones re-introduced, I am still waiting for someone to take a picture of that fence on the border of Idaho and Canada that would keep wolves and other wildlife for that matter from migrating down.

The Same?

29 different types of wolf in the United States.
I guess you figure all DEER are just DEER..huh.. They all stare at the headlights like you.


Maybe you should go speak to a real biologist and one who was involved in the re-introduction. But you probably still won't believe it. Once again if its on the internet it has to be true.


YOU are on the Internet and I don't believe anything you type.

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Do you know how many hunters used elk calls last year to bag a wolf??? quite a few. You guys can attack me all you want to as I don't care. I'm glad your such an expert pimp and I already know that oregonian guys is a drunken stalker. I love to set back and laugh at your stupid remarks as you all are a bunch of have nots and will nots.
Another clear sign of personal attacks is that you know your wrong and can't argue my facts. Have a good day boys & old man.

Poor Oregonian

I guess you never learned the phrase, sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. If you can't take the heat get out of the fire. Frag away buddy, I'm not going anywhere. Like I said you can't provide the facts I do so you resort to personal attacks. Have you ever seen a wolf or even an elk for that matter??? Do you know what an elk call looks like??

Yes I do and I didn't flag you this time (or couldn't remember).

I've watched my uncle duck hunting and fished as well, I'm not a moron.

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Wolves stalk non-hunters too

From the Spokesman-Review

Wolves make taking dogs into wild risky

dogs are dogs

If your neighbor down the street has a fence yard with a rottweiler in it and your poddle gets inside can you guess whats going to happen, the poddle will get killed. People need to realize that taking fido for a walk in the woods can result in the same thing. Is it the wolves fault for protecting their turf??? At the same time I don't fault someone for killing a wolf that is trying to attack their dog. We all need to figure out how to get along.

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Not exactly 70 yards

I visited personally with the hunter in this story last weekend; he reports hitting the wolf with an arrow at 40 yards, not 70. Apparently this fact was mis-reported in the Challis paper.

Save the Wolf

No Hunting Season !!!


Since Idaho has allowed wolf hunts, we no longer have habituated wolves coming into our subdivision. And there are still plenty of wolves.

Nonhabituated=alive (if you don't have to shoot them)

+1 for the Mule.


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