Did an Idaho meeting land Clint Eastwood on the GOP national stage?

Could an Idaho fundraiser have provided the impetus to Clint Eastwood's unscripted and unfocused speech at last month's Republican National Convention?

Politico writers Mike Allen and Jim Vandehei float that connection in a lengthy think-piece titled, "Inside the Campaign: How Mitt Romney struggled."

Here's the Idaho reference: "The convention finale was undermined even further by Eastwood’s rambling comedy routine, which became the only glimpse that many swing voters got of the Republican show. Eastwood had been added to the program after chatting with Romney at a fundraiser in Idaho just weeks before the convention."

Eastwood helped Romney's campaign collect more than $2 million at an Aug. 3 fund-raiser in Sun Valley.

If you want the rest of the Politico article (and it's a lengthy one) here's your link.

(Hat tip on the Idaho reference to Randy Stapilus, Ridenbaugh Press.)

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Plan for the day

Richert- you go after Romney's connection to Clint Eastwood.

Popkey- you go after Romney's thread connection to Monsanto. While you're at it, take a swipe at Labrador for his silly anti-welfare comment about his ol friend.

Barker- you get donuts for the office. A dozen for you, a dozen for the rest of us.

Roger- you find some way to blame a grizzly attack on Romney. Good luck on that one.

Let's go team!

Oh, I forgot.....

Community Reps on the Editorial Board, you go sit in the corner - we'll call you if we need you.

wait you left out

The rest of us- Continue to pretend that there is a substantive difference between Obama and Romney.
Ready Break!

Oh yes, it's always about us

Here's how you can tell a place is a serious backwater....

the local "journalists" always try to connect distant events of importance to some nebulous "connection" with the local rubes & hayshakers

It's tried and true writing artifice....right out of freshman j-class.

I refer to it as.....

"delusions of relevance".

Eastwood was great...

for the democrats.

Road tripping today in Michigan.

Saw about 500 empty chairs in yards on roadside. Thanks Clint


Empty promises
Empty suit
Empty chair at the daily security briefing.

If Romney is struggling so much....

Shouldn't Obama be up by 10 or 20 points in all the polls? Could it be that perhaps...maybe...naw, what am I thinking.