Liberal magazine cites ominous ties between Romney and Monsanto, which mines phosphorus in Idaho

In a lengthy article last week, The Nation's Wayne Barrett outlines connections between Romney's work at Bain Capital and Monsanto.

Barrett describes Monsanto as having a "dark history," including "scandals involving PCBs, Agent Orange, bovine growth hormone, NutraSweet, IUD, genetically modified (GM) seed and herbicides, reaching back to the 1970s and ’80s."

Barrett quotes Monsanto spokeswoman Kelli Powers as saying, “Monsanto is a different company than the one” of the Bain period.

I offer the piece because of Monsanto's considerable footprint in Idaho, most notably its elemental phosphorus mine at Soda Springs, which makes fertilizer for farmers across Idaho and internationally.

In addition to being a major economic force, Monsanto has backed top executives playing key roles in Idaho government, including former longtime Senate President Pro Tem Bob Geddes and former Idaho GOP Chairman Trent Clark.

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Geddes was Monsanto's

Geddes was Monsanto's freebie lobbyist during his tenure in the legislature. Thank goodness his aspirations to be governor were diverted and curtailed.



Forget that airhead Geddes; Trent Clark's the real Machiavelli

If this piece digs any deeper, they'll have to go into Fatso Clark's lawsuit with the Spokane paper when he was head of the Idaho GOP, and that incredibly stupid [highly public] racist slur he made that got him fired by Governor Studmuffin-Kempthorne (courtesy of Blake Hall).

Did Monsanto reimburse Clarke for his unsuccessful lawsuit against the Cowles Family in Spokane?

Wayne Barrett?

He writes hit pieces on conservative politicians. This particular article was more than a little short on substance and long on accusation. Yawn.


is not a partisan issue.

It either is TRUTH or it isn't, that's as partisan as it gets.


You fry wants with that?

Strictly Yahoo! Crap.


You fry wants with that?

Hey Dan....

get back to me when you've got something worth reading.

I hate all them Limericks...






You fry wants with that?