Boise State football team returns to AP poll at No. 24, left out of USA Today

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Boise State returned to The Associated Press Top 25 on Sunday at No. 24.

The Broncos were out for two weeks after their season-opening loss to Michigan State. They actually lost votes this week but got into the Top 25 because only 22 teams received significant support.

BYU, which lost to Utah in dramatic fashion late Saturday night, fell out of the poll. The Cougars visit the Broncos on Thursday night.

Michigan State, which lost to Notre Dame, fell to No. 21.

The Broncos were left out of the USA Today Coaches’ Poll, dropping from 26th to 27th in voting. Teams ahead of Boise State in USA Today but not AP: Wisconsin, Oklahoma State, Virginia Tech and Nebraska. All four lost to teams that weren’t ranked at game time.

Michigan State is No. 20 in USA Today.


Boise State has 400 tickets available for the BYU game at all price levels. They'll go on sale at 10 a.m. Monday. They are the unsold seats allotted for season tickets.


Here is the full AP poll:

Record Pts Pv
1. Alabama (58) 3-0 1,498 1
2. LSU (2) 3-0 1,433 3
3. Oregon 3-0 1,356 4
4. Florida St. 3-0 1,275 5
5. Georgia 3-0 1,203 7
6. Oklahoma 2-0 1,181 5
7. South Carolina 3-0 1,081 8
8. West Virginia 2-0 1,051 9
9. Stanford 3-0 1,009 21
10. Clemson 3-0 899 11
11. Notre Dame 3-0 854 20
12. Texas 3-0 816 14
13. Southern Cal 2-1 776 2
14. Florida 3-0 743 18
15. Kansas St. 3-0 683 15
16. Ohio St. 3-0 680 12
17. TCU 2-0 535 16
18. Michigan 2-1 448 17
19. UCLA 3-0 429 22
20. Louisville 3-0 366 19
21. Michigan St. 2-1 318 10
22. Arizona 3-0 296 24
23. Mississippi St. 3-0 106 NR
24. Boise St. 1-1 95 NR
25. Nebraska 2-1 80 NR
Others receiving votes: Oregon St. 68, Baylor 55, Northwestern 41, Ohio 20, Oklahoma St. 19, Rutgers 19, Iowa St. 15, Virginia Tech 13, Cincinnati 9, Tennessee 6, Texas Tech 5, Wisconsin 5, Missouri 4, Texas A&M 4, Georgia Tech 3, Fresno St. 2, Utah 1.

Rank Team (first-place votes) Record Points Last week
1. Alabama (54) 3-0 1,470 1
2. LSU (5) 3-0 1,411 2
3. Oregon 3-0 1,339 4
4. Florida State 3-0 1,240 6
5. Oklahoma 2-0 1,201 5
6. Georgia 3-0 1,150 7
7. West Virginia 2-0 1,114 8
8. South Carolina 3-0 1,071 9
9. Clemson 3-0 955 11
10. Texas 3-0 869 12
11. Stanford 3-0 868 16
12. Southern California 2-1 779 3
13. Kansas State 3-0 767 14
14. Florida 3-0 689 17
15. Notre Dame 3-0 681 19
16. TCU 2-0 675 15
17. Michigan 2-1 507 18
18. Louisville 3-0 434 20
19. UCLA 3-0 375 23
20. Michigan State 2-1 354 10
21. Arizona 3-0 296 25
22. Nebraska 2-1 194 24
23. Mississippi State 3-0 99 NR
24. Wisconsin 2-1 97 22
25. Oklahoma State 2-1 73 NR

Dropped out
No. 13 Virginia Tech (2-1, lost to Pittsburgh 35-17), No. 21 Arkansas (1-2, lost to No. 1 Alabama 52-0).

Others receiving votes
Virginia Tech 71; Boise State 70; Baylor 54; Cincinnati 39; Northwestern 33; Iowa State 29; Rutgers 29; Oregon State 24; Georgia Tech 20; Louisiana Tech 18; Missouri 18; Texas Tech 15; Brigham Young 8; Texas A&M 7; Tennessee 6; Utah 6; Arizona State 5; Ohio 5; Louisiana-Monroe 4; Western Kentucky 3; Washington 2; San Jose State 1.


Here is my AP ballot:

1 Alabama
3 Oregon
4 S. Carolina
5 Georgia
6 Stanford
7 Notre Dame
8 Florida
9 Oklahoma
10 Kansas St
11 West Virginia
12 Clemson
13 Florida State
15 TCU
16 USC
17 Michigan St.
18 Louisville
19 Baylor
20 Michigan
21 Texas
22 Boise State
23 Ohio State
24 Ohio
25 Nebraska

Dropped out: Virginia Tech, BYU
Also considered: Arizona, Missouri

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Too Bad Broncos didnt schedule

Weber State and Carroll for next two weeks? Maybe in top 10 after that?

Good job to the Broncos on defeating Miami Ohio and their Nations top qb....

Utah State looks good and tough sos schedule....just wide right....

BYU looked horrible and

BYU looked horrible and Nelson?

Here it comes:

I have been hard on Joe mostly because I have been a Southwick fan ever since the program began recruiting him and he really disappointed me with his play in the first game.

I don't expect the Broncos to go 12-0 every year, that's ridiculous. In fact when it comes to QB's my favorite Bronco quarterback of all time is Taylor Tharp. Sure they lost 4 games but what an arm and what a win against Nevada.

I tell ya, I am thrilled to be able to eat my words and if you read this Joe - I am sorry for giving up on you because I thought you hadn't learned anything these last four years.

Man was I wrong. You really stepped it up and I know you will get better and better the more snaps you get and the more comfortable you become with the line and your backs and receivers.

Good luck boy! The Broncos D will dismantle BYU and I hope you have a fun game and learn lots : )


Uggy, again, why? Just post under your usual name. No one believes it...

Or didnt you promise the sun, moon and stars you were done posting forever?


That is not me....Im not im4bsu....

I have nothing against Joe or Boise State....

I just think its funny how Boise Fans view the Miami OH victory as if they beat a top BCS team....

The Boise win was good and they did play well and their 24th ranking is probably correct....

Also, I disagree with im4bsu....I dont think the Bronco D will dismantle BYU....the BYU offense will score at least 24 points on Boise's D....BSU will probably win, but it will be very come down to the final 4 minutes on who,ever wins....


Bronco fans think the victory over Miami OH was like beating a top BCS team? Please provide proof of this.

BYU will score at least 24 points on the Broncos? How? Defense? Special teams?

JL....Just read,

I stated at least 24 points by the BYU offense alone....

Nelson wont have two bad nights in row....

This doesnt mean that Boises D wont play well, just that BYU can roll the points when hot....

Boise could win or lose this game 34-31....

Like last night?

I did read your post uggy. You edited your post ugly as I was replying. You are such whiny little weasel and proof why no one on these threads but VNDL respects you.


JL....which post?

Just reead the blogs on Boise's should remember it was Miami OH....

Also, I have said BSU's real season will be defined by the BYU game....If they win, Boise will go on and have a good season of 11-1 or 10-2....if they lose, they will still have a good season of 9-3, but a lesser bowl....

Φ JL ... this post? This dufus? Adois?

Boise Fans....
Submitted by ugly on Sun, 08/19/2012 - 8:21pm.

'As far as the sun rises from the East and sets in the West, Ugly will Post no more forever.'

First, most Bronco Fans are pretty good....

Second, the Statesmen (cripe and murph) write excellent articles that keep fans all over Idaho informed....

Third, there are too many dufuses on these boards.


What about Burks, huh? More of that please.

Great call on Burks...

Loved seeing AB go get that ball. And it was a good throw too. Yes, more of that. Not sure whats going on with Dallas B. but hopefully he busts some long ones too.

Saw TBK after the game. We agreed Joe seemed to play with much more confidence and some throws were just about perfect. We'll need all that come Thursday.

Φ Hard to gauge

exactly where the Broncos are. Yes, there seemed to be significant improvements from the MSU game. It probably was just the tonic BSU needed, playing Miami.

Stating that, I thought Miami was smallish and slow on defense, gave way too much space to the wideouts at the line of scrimmage, and (to Prince's and Pete's credit) BSU took full advantage.

I watched the BYU-Utah game late last night and was left thinking neither is much more than a 7-5 team. Not bad at all, but not impressive in anything they do. The ending was nothing but comical. tfunk was absolutely right that BYU doesn't have much of a running game. They do use the short pass as an alternative and are pretty good with that. So, I'd expect the pressure will be on the Broncos' LBs and DBs on Thursday. Demarcus could have a big game coming off the edge.

Van Noy is definitely BYU's stud on defense ... great hustle all the time.

Yeah, I expect to see a lot more of Burks. That long one was the play of the game for me.

It was comical

I'm surprised a fight didn't break out at the end with the fans and players.

Both teams are 7-5 or 8-4 teams but I think they have talent. I remember when Riley Nelson played against the Broncos as a true freshman QB for the Aggies. He's put on some muscle since then He was a shifty runner who gave our defense some trouble back then. He's pretty gritty and tough and loves the quick slants. With some pressure he can make plays or turn it over. I saw both last night.

The problem that Boise will have with BYU is that

BYU is very scrappy and unpredictable team, week by week....BYU can score 45 points in a game against a top team, and then next week lose by 17 points to a Colorado State....

BYU is hard to plan for and Coach Pete will need to take advantage of BYU's weak-points immediately....

If Riley is hot, then close game....if not, then very long night for BYU....

I have a 'feeling' it will be a good night and good game for Riley....First, Boise has many Mormans and BYU the home crowd will not be 100% for Boise eventhough many Boiseans at game, not including the fans from Provo....Second, Riley rarely has two bad games in row....

and most importantly, BYU is blue too....they will feel at home and not as deserted as the 'Sea of Red' at Salt Lake....


Welcome back uggy.

I'm sure color schemes have sooooo much to do with Xs and Os. Yup, so important.


"I just think its funny how Boise Fans view the Miami OH victory as if they beat a top BCS team...."

Nobody has said anything remotely close to this. We see the win over Miami (OH) as ...... a win! Should we sulk and because we won? Should we be sad because our offense finally woke up?

What a dumb post, ugly.

Oh, paaaa, me and Mary did our chores.


You fry wants with that?


I was never overly impressed with Tharp. Average arm strength. Average decision maker.

I think BYU presents a serious challenge to Boise. BYU will not be intimidated. If BSU can continue to run the ball then they should be OK. But I think it will be close game which means that either team can win.


Here is my take on the BYU v BSU game....

Boise's win has given them confidence, especially Harper and Joe, and that will give them momentum before a Home crowd....

BYU lost and have to re-figure 'what-went-wrong'....only 3 days to do so, then travel day and gameday....that will be a disadvantage to BYU....

It will be a game of two good cfb teams....

The game will be decided in the final 4 minutes....

Not a bad take ugs...

Why cant you have more of these posts?


This is how I always post....

Where have you been?

About 40 people disagree


You're wrong JLandon,

It's well over 40. And as a relatively newcomer, I think the rule on these blogs should be that a person can have only one user name per year. You have the option of renewing it at the end of the year, or change it to something else. jmho...Sunny...

Sunny....I agree....

I wish you would use either Sunny or razor, but not both !!!!

Φ Prime example:

right there.

Not even remotely the same person...

..tho they're both about the coolest 2 guys who post on the Statesman. One lives outside of Boise too.

Φ Sunny lives near Marsing

and posts most often in the regular articles. He yaks at mateo, PUCA, YPmule, and a few others. He doesn't post on the sports blogs with regularity ... probably because people like ugly, aqrunt (now with the new "out2lunch" alias), and SIF make it a pain. I certainly cannot speak for Sunny, but I'd bet he'd concur.

Those guys DO make it a pain (exactly what they intend) and should be banned. It's not just because they are trolls/contras, though. It IS the constant threadjacking and being off-topic.

At least "dipshidiots" like pony and bduck post with some semblance of being on topic.

Φ Sunny, by a factor of 10.

The nonsense that ugly and one or two others post, with regularity, is why there are so few active posters on the sports blogs. While some of us are trying to douse the fires and eliminate the bs, most others simply say "screw it" and stay away. That's a shame.

This is THE main reason I actively call for moderation (apparently there isn't any) frequently.

Take a look at how many participate in the weekly "name the score" contest who never post otherwise. By their absence/reluctance, they are saying something, no? How about ridding the blogs (like nearly all decent blogs/forums do) of trolls?

During the pregame live chat on Thursday, somebody asked why a few troublemakers are allowed to persist. Murph came back with a lame non-answer about it being a complicated (or something like that) issue. What I took that to mean is: no moderation and no plans to implement. Seriously, how hard can it be? This practically forces some us to play defense against the infestation ... and, reluctantly, sometimes stoop into the mire.

What could be (and used to be) a pretty good vehicle for interaction about Bronco football, is now mostly a joke and a playground for a few folks who should be banned. The Statesman (or their blog operators, if outscourced), needs to wake up.

Believe it or not...

The vigilante moderator wannabees have become just as annoying as the trolls. I can't read an article anymore without JLandon reminding everyone that ugly is someone else and promised to leave the boards. In most of these cases ugly was on topic and it's JLandon taking it off topic by crying wolf.

Some of us like to read informed comments but don't like to post or don't want to risk getting involved in your troll crusades. It's easy to skip over an occasional insult from another team's fan, but not when there are a dozen responses reminding us of the gross injustice we've just witnessed. Trolls get a rise out of agitating fans, bit I'm convinced some of the regular fan contributors here enjoy the conflict just as much. To use your metaphor: Sometimes the fires started by trolls are like neighbor kids lighting off a firecracker. Might be a bit annoying if it happens a couple times a day, but the sirens I have to hear when you call the fire department to come and protect me every time are far more difficult to ignore.

If you think someone's a troll, don't feed them. Simple.


You just complained about yourself.

I don't post to remind anyone of anything. And I don't post for you. There's about 15 people I post for/with. Some post some don't. Here's a tip: ignore my posts. Feel better?

I've been posting for a long time. I don't like sniveling whiners and fakes. You seem like the first part.

JL....reluctant just posted a good

post, and look what you did....

you immediately chastized his/hers opinion....

you called this person a whiner and fake and not knowing who it is....

I hope this person posts more often....


I didn't call this person a fake. Again, your reading comprehension is very poor. But I won't respond to you again. Everyones in agreement your IQ is below 70 and I won't waste my time anymore.

JL....that is good....the reason no more responses cause too

dumb too answer....

reluctant had a good post and you could have answered nicely and wisely, but instead you chose the dumb approach....

dont waste your time responding to uglys post because you dont know anything anyway....

Just one question....if Boise wants Notre Dame in town, what is the process?

I disagree

Reluctant's post was a terrible post. He whined not about trolls, but about those that respond to the trolls. What kind of fuqued up logic is that? Not one damm thing he wrote had anything to do with the subject at hand (BSU's football team). No, he decided to take a swing at JL and anyone else who takes umbrage at the stupid comments of those that only want to attack. How is what he/she did any different. Reluctant is the worst form of hypocrite that posts on a board.

For you to even come to his defense is further proof that you are an idiot. Although not as hateful as pony or aqfunk, your comments continue to be biting and stupid. Do us all a favor and stay in your part of the state. Leave the boards to intelligent posters.

Φ Strong


And you two call HIM a liar...


You fry wants with that?

Your reading comprehension is poor also...

Jfdhjkhfegjhtghruktfvjj. That better, FO?

Φ Terrific

A sycophant strapping another sycophant. Can't get much better than this!


For sure.

Razor, TBK was thinking all of us might get together this Wednesday? I have a few fellas that want to make it and about 6 family members who want to attend.

Φ On

email me on the time/place.

I wont be there

I have an interview and class.

Φ Annoying it is.

And, unnecessary. However, nobody is a "wannabee" moderator.

Just calling bs when it's time to be called ... in the absence of moderation. Not what we want, but what we have.

As far as "enjoy the conflict" is concerned, when threads are diverted, the focus is almost always lost. That's what trolls do. In such cases it then becomes a fight over the lost focus. That's what trolls want. Why blame those who don't want that for resisting (while getting no help), and not reluctantly?

What you may have been reading recently has been going on for a very long time. And you think you're tired of it?

They are ninjas. There and unseen. You'll never know when...

The acrimony can be much worse on


You fry wants with that?

They aren't Elvis Fans.


You fry wants with that?

BYU fans

How fans will be rooting for BYU at the game? I suspect they'll have a decent following.

Φ The source

has major problems with facts and figures.

Been a bandwagon BYU fan since about 62...

and I must say they looked bad last nite. Utah also looked bad last nite.

Nice to see Burks do well

I sit beside his family in spring game couple years ago and they seemed like very nice folks who must follow Aaron's football play and expressed excitement about BSU offense. Think I spotted them going up the stairs at fall practice this year also, but could be wrong on that one.

Spring Game

I remember sitting next to you guys during that spring game. I looked for your tailgate party during one of the games, but I couldn't find you guy's. I thought we took tailgating seriously here in Dallas, but you guys mean business up there. My wife is coming up for the BYU game, I'll be up for some games later in the season.

Notre Dame #7

This week Domer has no complaints about Chadd's ballot? Without Chadd's bump the Fighting Irish would have been behind TCU at #16. It's ealry and there is lots of football left to play. I'm glad for the short week and the win for the Broncos. Lots of things went right. I loved seeing some of the new guys getting snaps in the second half.

Ok Boise Fans....Ugly will leave abit....but one question first

and only BAA, cripe, or murph can answer....if they chose....

We always hear from Boise fans that big BCS teams are afraid to play Boise in Boise....I say it has more to do with revenue than fear....If you offer Notre Dame $3M, they will be here....

So, why do so many attempts fail? Is it revenue, or is it really that no-one wants to play Boise in Boise?

Just curious. What is the process. Why so many failed attempts?