Boise State 39, Miami 12 (final)

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Boise State senior tailback D.J. Harper scored four touchdowns and a two-point conversion Saturday afternoon at Bronco Stadium as the Broncos rolled to their 11th straight home-opening win — a 39-12 defeat of Miami (Ohio).

Harper rushed 16 times for 162 yards and three touchdowns and caught a 21-yard touchdown pass in Boise State's 599-yard offensive explosion. His 26 points are the third-most in school history.

“We were clicking,” said quarterback Joe Southwick, who hit 16 of his final 17 passes and was 24-of-31 for 304 yards and two touchdowns. “We were moving the ball on first and second down. That helps a lot. Then we were hitting some third downs. We've got to be explosive. We did that tonight, which was awesome to see.”

The Broncos never punted but did commit two costly turnovers — an interception in the Miami end zone and a fumble inside their own 10-yard line that set up the RedHawks' only touchdown.

Miami finished with 227 yards against a Boise State defense that tackled much better than in the opener and allowed one play longer than 18 yards.

The Broncos trailed 9-8 late in the first half after true freshman tailback Jack Fields' fumble and Miami's touchdown, but Harper scored late in the first half for a 15-9 lead and the Broncos dominated the third quarter to make it 36-9.

“Sometimes those are frustrating games; sometimes you can lose a game you shouldn't lose,” coach Chris Petersen said. “We need to play games to go through that.”

Boise State will be back on the field Thursday night, at home against BYU (7 p.m., ESPN).

First quarter

BSU — D.J. Harper 21 pass from Joe Southwick (Harper run), 4:05. Key play: Harper ran for 20 yards on the first play and made a nice catch on a post route for the touchdown. Drive: 3 plays, 55 yards, :59. Boise State 8, Miami 0

• Boise State drove 70 yards on its first possession, but quarterback Joe Southwick was intercepted in the end zone to end the drive. It is the second straight game that Southwick has thrown an interception in the end zone.

Second quarter

Miami — Kaleb Patterson 45 field goal, 14:00. Key play: Boise State cornerback Bryan Douglas dropped an interception on first-and-10 at the Broncos’ 30, allowing the RedHawks to kick the field goal. Drive: 12 plays, 47 yards, 5:05. Boise State 8, Miami 3

Miami — Andy Cruse 2 pass from Spencer Treadwell (Zac Dysert pass failed), 4:39. Key play: Boise State true freshman tailback Jack Fields fumbled inside his own 10-yard line. Cruse scored on a halfback pass. Drive: 3 plays, 9 yards, 1:10. Miami 9, Boise State 8

BSU — Harper 1 run (Michael Frisina kick), 1:43. Key play: Junior wide receiver Aaron Burks made a 53-yard catch on a deep ball from Southwick on second-and-24. Drive: 7 plays, 75 yards, 2:56. Boise State 15, Miami 9

Third Quarter

BSU — Harper 11 run (Frisina kick), 10:41. Key play: Senior wide receiver Chris Potter made a 20-yard catch, then ran the option to perfection on the touchdown play. Drive: 9 plays, 75 yards, 4:19. Boise State 22, Miami 9

BSU — Harper 43 run (Frisina kick), 5:29. Key play: Harper and Drew Wright combined for 86 yards on 5 carries on the drive, including three runs of at least 15 yards. Drive: 8 plays, 92 yards, 2:14. Boise State 29, Miami 9

The run gave Harper 158 rushing yards, a new career high for the sixth-year senior.

BSU — Potter 11 pass from Southwick (Frisina kick), 2:18. Key play: Mitch Burroughs made a 19-yard catch on third-and-6. Drive: 6 plays, 54 yards, 1:46. Boise State 36, Miami 9

Fourth Quarter

Miami — Patterson 42 field goal, 14:11. Key play: David Frazier turned a short throw into a 53-yard gain, but Boise State defensive end Demarcus Lawrence stopped the drive with a sack. Drive: 7 plays, 59 yards, 3:07. Boise State 36, Miami 12

BSU — Frisina 26 field goal, 3:36. Key play: Fields’ touchdown was negated by a holding penalty, which forced the Broncos to settle for a field goal. Drive: 18 plays, 69 yards, 10:35. Boise State 39, Miami 12

Pregame notes

• In warm-ups, senior Brenel Myers was playing right tackle with the No. 1 offense. Junior Jake Broyles started at right tackle in the season opener against Michigan State. True freshman Armand Nance was taking snaps with the No. 2 defensive line.

• Boise State junior defensive tackle Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe will not play in the Broncos' home opener against Miami (Ohio) on Saturday for violating team rules.

Redshirt freshman defensive tackle Jeff Worthy is out for the game as well.

Junior defensive end Kharyee Marshall is not dressed out for the game.

Boise State coach Chris Petersen will address their status after the game.

• Miami (Ohio) wide receiver Nick Harwell did not travel to Boise for the game. Harwell had 11 catches for 141 yards and one touchdown in two games for the RedHawks. Harwell, who was second in the nation in receiving yards per game last year, is out with an knee injury.

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Ricky, Ricky, Ricky.

C'mon man, knock it off or you'll find yourself sitting more than playing....Sunny...

Please publish the "team rules"

Is there any reason those rules aren't published? If they are, where?

Team rules ...

... We published a list in the college football preview.

Be early. Make good decisions. Finish.

-- murph


well done, well done


Why would they need to be published? Is it like your "right" to know these team rules? Are you part of the team?

My guess, it is some team rule like doing your school work...don't beat up people, don't do drugs...whatever it is, I am certain the rule is in place correctly.

ease up

he isn't complaining about rights, just generally curious. If anything, you should mind your own concerns and not 'guess' at what the violation was.

There's a curfew the night

There's a curfew the night before games. Wonder if he missed that?

You sound

attention starved.

Lilly sounds pretty close to the mundane truth.

The reality is that team rules are private and meant to preserve the team morale and decorum. If a crime was committed the truth is bound to come out versus not keeping grades up to meet team and NCAA regulations...they HAVE to suspend those players.

If you had people harping all over your players for every problem you had, would you care to have that hindering your ability to coach a team and play games?

The 'rules' are simple and enforced. If you complain about non-athletes getting off easy for DUI, drug charges or murder thent you are in no way allowed to continue this useeless banter. Be disappointed, know that justice is properly administered in the athletics department and concentrate on games yet to be played.


You fry wants with that?

The group of Dutch players

The group of Dutch players have almost been more trouble than they are worth.

Halftime, and I'm not overly impressed.

Too many mistakes and bonehead plays. BYU's gotta be sittin' back licking their chops. Good thing we've got some defense. We could get to the Miami QB if their offense would quit holding, or if the refs would start calling the holds...Sunny...

Excellent response

in the 2nd half. Keep it up boys!

Week 2

Harper looked as good as advertized.
Southwick was more relaxed, but throws the ball into traffic over the middle.
O line showed up and delivered.
I'm not sure I'd give a freshman the ball at the 7 yd line.
Dallas Burroughs - redshirt sophmore?
Lawrence and Reanud look solid on D.
No turnovers - ouch.
Navy is bad and that could mean that Notre Dame is in for a tough game with Michigan St.

Dallas Burroughs was

Dallas Burroughs was suspended for the first game. Maybe a second???

Got it figured out

BSU was wearing all blue on the blue turf. The first game Michigan State was wearing green on a green field. Could the Mtn West be right?

I think

you're on to something! It was good to see the blue on blue again.

Great job all around BSU.

Like what I see in the box score, 9 recievers, 7 runners. Thats opening up the play book and BSU football.
Good job by the defense also.

In case some of you missed it........

Michigan State LOST to the Irish. You know, that same MSU team that held bsu to 206 total yards and no offensive touchdowns. The same team that has a running back that gained 264 rushing yards on bsu. That same running back had 77 rushing yards tonight. But of course since bsu beat up on Miami (of Ohio)I guess Chad Crap will rank the donkeys even higher this week. What a di**.

That same MSU...

that had 90 offensive plays? That same MSU RB that had 50+ touches? That same MSU?

Boise State WILL move into the Top 25 for 2 main reasons: BYU and Tennessee both lost. Try again, troll.


that same MSU team that bsu couldn't stop from running up over 460 total yards of offense. That same MSU team that gave up the ball 4 times and your team couldn't do a thing with those gifts. Enjoy your cup cake schedule the rest of the year. I guess you think bsu should be rated over Michigan State now. What a donkey dork.


help me out. when was the last time the arsh won a bcs game?

What does Chadd's status have to do with a great ND game?

Honestly, you need to clear the cooties out of the langauge center of your cranium and find some PG-13 criticism.


You fry wants with that?

Run game!...

...Coupled with Southwick spreading the love=win. I saw touch and finesse over fastball today. Getting more comfortable in the driver's seat, it seems.

Too bad

the Broncs couldn't have played Miami before the MSU game. Would it have been a different outcome? BSU has a good team and will keep getting better. The BYU game will be a good test. Good job Broncos.


There were sure a lot of empty seats...including mine. No body offered to buy them on the on-line sites. I had to work so couldn't make it to the game. But, I sure noticed a lot of empty seats. What's that about? I was expecting a sellout just like UO had today...their 58th sellout...did Bronco Nation go to sleep?

BA #7192124


You must of missed to part that the game attendance was second highest in Bronco history.

Oh, prepare to be really disappointed Thursday night.

SIF You clearly are clueless

You're not a Bronco fan. You're Twitter account proves this.

I purchased 10 extra tickets for the game yesterday for family and friends on Craiglist. So either you're a liar, or you had your tickets way overpriced somewhere else.

The North End Zone got a little bare yesterday after halftime but the game was full and loud. The South END ZONE looked very impressive. I WAS IN ATTENDANCE SO I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES!

Ive had over 50 ticket requests for the BYU game on Thursday. People coming in to stay from around the country for the game. Tickets are ranging from $100 for end zone seats to $500 or more for better seats. Each. The all time record will not only be broken Thurday, but smashed.

I dont know why you pretend to be a fan. Seriously. If the rest of these guys believe it good for them. Im not buying, and never have.


Ouch! The truth comes out.


nice photo of the idaho campus from the glory days. very nice shot of McClean Field in the background. glad to see you give $50 a year to the vandals.

It was a good game and I hope the Broncos can build from it.


You fry wants with that?