Hoffman: Idaho media overlook true costs of Medicaid expansion

In saying the state could save millions of dollars by expanding Medicaid, the Idaho media ignores the federal budget crisis, says conservative lobbyist Wayne Hoffman.

In his weekly column, the Idaho Freedom Foundation chief says the purported savings are "bogus," in part, because they are built on the idea that the federal government will pick up the vast majority of the costs.

"The federal government is in the midst of a fiscal crisis. Or haven’t you heard? So for any state legislator — or any newspaper opinion writer — to expect the state can take on an expanded Medicaid program without consequence is diabolically shortsighted."

The piece also takes a couple of shots at your humble opinion page blogger and some of his recent work. And you can read the full column at this link.

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I'm certain

that the term "Idaho media" must have a much more inclusive definition than the one given.


I do not understand why you, KR, repeat so much of Hoffman's stuff.

It's not even refuting it.. it's just repeating and giving him leverage for his message- whatever that may be.

On the street, there is a word for that.


In this case, it's an easy call. Hoffman is criticizing the media in general, me in particular. I'd rather post the criticism online, so people can read it for themselves.

Kevin Richert
editorial page editor


But you see, if you didn't post it, then most people would never read about it. Most people (99.9%) would never even see his blog.

But instead you post it and he becomes a Florida Pastor Terry Jones with a platform to MANY more people.

When I have a pimpblog, I'll be sure to criticize you regularly so you give my blog and line of clothing, some free advertising. Deal!

Pimp - let me offer another explanation regarding KR.....

to a liberal media guy like KR, the only thing worse than bad publicity is no publicity. The only thing worse than a derogatory comment is no comment at all. When KR sees his name in print (even when it comes from someone like Hoffman) it gives him a sense of relevance. It's important to KR that you are made aware of Hoffman's comments so you will see him as relevant as he sees himself. Just an opinion but I hope it helps.

pimp2 is right

Kevin, you publish way too much of Wayne Hoffman's rantings, giving him a bigger platform than he would have otherwise. And I don't see you doing that from the other half of the ideological spectrum.