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What we discovered is that all of the issues had not yet been worked out, and it isn't ready for prime time. So we've rolled back to the previous version.

We know that some users have had trouble logging in to make a comment. We are not sure whether rolling back to the previous version will solve this issue, but the support team at McClatchy is aware of the issue and has been looking into it.

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Darlene Carnopis
Online Initiatives Editor

Something tells me you're missing something but whatever

Kids don't belong in the posts, it's supposedly against a law. Then they accuse us of everything including being the devil if we are close to right.


You fry wants with that?

Right now You Tube Embedding is somewhat broken as well.

It's a problem with their script, affecting several sites and more than just IE8 (I've heard Firefox as well).

I can't even see my own latest clip of my story about fixing a 60 year old bike on the bike site I post to! By the way, GOOGLE owns the company that owns that site as well.

Please, have even more consideration toward the digitally disadvantaged atuck with 2003 Dells and HPCompaqs unable to climb to top of the mountain and see past their email spam folders and gossipy ISPs!

Find some other ways to present embedded video for now. McClatchy IT cannot fix this, it's globally based and in the wild. You aren't the only place the overlay will not launch the files!

I'm not just spouting...try using XP.


You fry wants with that?

After four days I STILL cannot stay logged in on


You fry wants with that?

I've noticed that the Disqus logo is dropped and the link...

as well in the flagging popups and other parts of the page that were thusly branded.

On further investigation of their company blogs I see echoes of some of the discontents we all have experienced. They have a way to go to make the platform work right. Some were not pleased that vital features like CSS are still not addressed. Some feel that the development 'team' isn't very forthcoming with any information when they ask and I think that lends some credible evidence they are losing it a little right now.

I do see a few applications where things are working, like Lost Remote but that is still a WordPress site. You could almost write this code yourself, there isn't much special about it. It just has to WORK.

McClatchy has to see this and concentrate on making it work for THEMSELVES instead of throwing a bone to whomever barks.


You fry wants with that?

For half a week I and other have tried to log in to the main...

site using our IS logins, with no success.

Today I know why.

There is NO IS login listed in the POP UP window yet the link at the top leads to the login page.

Which doesn't work, although it seems to.

Is it just plain stupid as well as unsafe to subject my other accounts elsewhere to threat of ATTACK if you are hacked. My Yahoo! account is jacked twice a year already.

AS a computer user of nearly THIRTY-FIVE YEARS I have to protest.

Either you or McClatchy has no idea about computer security.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Fix the login!


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

You know what is wrong with this site?

For some time I've been sexually harazsed by a poster, with homoerotic overtones, and lately they've escalated it to claims I am homophobic as well.

It has nothing to do with homosexuality. It's this cyberhoohah you all complain about. Like I'm going to back down!

I've heard garbage like we are all "digital identities", not real people, therefore it doesn't matter who complains about what.

I have to draw the line. I'm also told that if I hired a lawyer I would get nowhere with my argument. I don't believe this one bit. This is also not a game as has also been claimed.

I am human. Everyone here is human. I'm not taking it either and I don't appreciate being sexually taunted. It's extremely cheap and low. You either have boundaries or you don't. You either have comments or you don't. You at the least have order!

This one poster has the notion that they came back before so they will again. I've never been gone in the first place so I think that's insane.

I've brought this up any number of ways to no avail. It's here because I have no other option shy of taking it outside these blogs. That's only proving failure on everyone's part and it needs to end here.

This message is saved and I can take it higher. The football blogs must return to civility.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

FO....My Friend and Fellow....

Chukar U and TVCC alum....

We probably dont know each other directly, but possibly indirectly....You knew the coach that died in plane crash, and so did I--he was a good knew the computer cla$$ I took and described the TRS80 to the T, we obviously took same cla$$ cause only taught twice....and you knew the house that I described on sw2 street and many others....

all I am saying is that the other guy called for a cease-fire....give that offer a chance....

look at ugly....I have been called all kinds of stuff, but I have never flagged or complained to anyone....that is blogs....and I like blogs v the real ID stuff....the statesman is one of the better blogs out in cyberspace....

so I say, give the ceasefire offer a chance....if the other dude continues, then maybe proceed....



PS....You also knew Rockin Rick Fife, so did I....and you knew his career exactly....

Ceasefires mean nothing without CEASING.

This is not the first time this has happened, not the second and I cannot believe it will be the last.

So many hollow words.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

VNDL....if you are in cyberspace tonite....I did run into

Craig R and got his cell#....he said give him a call....Ill call and leave on your voice mail tomorrow....

What was your take on Akey? How about Spear even though Spear is an Idaho alum?

I hope this CRAP is over and done!

Ever since I nearly died July 18th and spent two weeks at St. Alphonsus-Boise in ICU, a rehab room and the South tower followed by a few days in their psychiatric facility getting my new medications I think some people have expected me to charge back three times as hard as before. NO-it can be depressing when you were already chasing winter to get 7 years of clutter in order, redistributed, fixed or tossed out/recycled.

Still, I am not weak. I AM old and getting more weary as I progress into my late forties and fifties. The world I find myself in is a pain in the butt and ridiculous at times and I am a HUMAN.

You all are too. Show it.


Celebrating? five years and one screen ID >|<

YES! Even so.

So where IS the paywall and why are some logged in to

Yet I still can't see where I can get on?

Have you suspended me there? Do I REALLY have to create a Disqus account or use Google (no way I'm doing that, that's not really preferable to me safety outside of an actual Google site)?

I'm not even fond of Google, to be honest. Universal logins over many sites scream hack me. Yahoo! is already an insecure mess.

I have not received any notifications in my registered email account or any others I've communicated to you with. I check spam everyday, sometimes multiple times and every time I open my emails.

What is the scoop?

I can like or flag anything I wish yet I cannot post.


If you still print the same stuff everybody else gets from AP, Reuters and Yahoo! without subtantive local content beyond this, you are doomed to fail wanting money from me.

Paywall doesn't work.


Nothing happened and what if it did?

Nope, pretty surmountable.

How in the dickens do you suppose you'll bill me anyway?

I don't have credit cards, don't touch Paypal and don't bank online.

If I had $70.00 I'd pay a bill. Buy food. Fix something.

I'm just saying, clear the cache and it's like you were never there. Not very good.

You'll probably hear from me in the morning...night.


Nothing happened and what if it did?

I was right. I hope you don't PAY those people for your firewall

You need to survive and make money. I need to express myself and not waste it on a credit card...I'll never get one either because I went BANKRUPT in 1996 and won't be stupid like that again.

Figure out something that works and that I can actually pay and maybe we'll talk.

I'm not a former Hostess employee, after all.

This isn't going to help you make any money.


Nothing happened and what if it did?

I've noticed that overall commenting is way down here since...

the so-called 'paywall' went into usage. Keving isn't getting many responses at all and Outdoors replies are diminishing as well.

I may be about it for some commenting.

So, you believe that you've increased revenues on one hand yet on the other hand it sounds like over all hits or at least comments are negligible in many cases. On the other hand, the commenting on the main site may be gettig worse.

This doesn't sound like a reasonable outcome. You might be getting two sources of income or at least grandfathering the tree people but now they feel entitled and likewise freer to make the exact comments they feel like expressing.

IMO the net result is: NO IMPROVEMENT.

In the meantime the paywall is still no wall at all. You've done nothing to correct this and you pay some company for it to boot. As I've said, it's not even a hack. As long as cookies are involved the paywall won't be as effective and if you clear the cookies as you might normally do as a matter of practice, you are left to carry on, hit refresh and it's as nothing happened.

Are you that close to ruin?

I honestly have enjoyed being here but I'm not about to get a credit card for anybody. I went bankrupt in 1996 because I was stupid and had them even though I was on disability income (same as now)...Dave Ramsey is right about the 'stupid tax' and I had no excuse. Payment should be in a manner that EVERYONE can pay, and credit cards are the ruination of our modern lives.

I consider myself a guinea pig of the system, sacrificing myself for this ineffective method in the hope that if you are REALLT serious you will fix this problem. Otherwise I'll take it as a sign that you've given up and are content to wither and die and all of you are looking for work as we speak?

Simply banning me will not solve the problem...word of mouth and bad feelings will eventually torpedo your efforts.

Do you want to survive more than I want you to?

Not a trick question.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

I can post here, not there. Make up your mind, please!

It's not the firewall. That remains the same, not working well.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

Apparently it still involves cookies, this login problem.

Thusly cleared, one can proceed.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

The general attitude on got ugly this week, curb it.


Apple users, run the Gig of RAM your PC needs to have and read the dumb tech white papers, wrinkle your forehead and buy more food and toilet paper with the difference. The internet is a piece of junk anyway and your cats know this.

It's taken weeks to find out I don't need a credit card...

and that I don't have to pay for the entire year at once.


You could have answered me a long time ago.

I don't want the dead tree out in the snow...I go out now and then when it snows as I ride a BIKE and the roads throughout many parts of town are still CRAP.

You must not care if you can't even direct me properly. I tried to call Ms. Goff and her secretary finally explained it to me.

I just got my SNAP (food stamp) reapplication papers today (for year 29) and I won't carry another credit card. I'm sure others have similar situations.

You must dig my griping! Whatever.

This is why you are dawning and resorting to drastic measures trying to survive but it seems like you are resigned to fail.

I won't even try to use the Argus site. I won't pay for the dead tree version either...having them pile up invites crime in this already semi-iffy neighborhood.

That's silly. Why do that to yourselves?

Richert left to start up a publication with no definite future...isn't that a small omen?


Ineffective paywall a Service of RR Donnelley

Lack of communication a service of The Idaho Statesman

I pay too much money for a phone and internet to be Cool Hand's my biggest peeve