Boise State offensive line coach: 'We’re not a physical team until we go out there and back it up'

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State offensive line coach Chris Strausser plans to use the same five starters for Saturday’s game against Miami (Ohio). Backup Brenel Myers, who played in the opener against Michigan State, also likely will play.

The Broncos hope to re-establish the ground game after rushing for just 37 yards against Michigan State.

“I don’t think it’s so much about the personnel,” Strausser said Thursday. “… As always, it comes back to details for us. There are a lot of details we left hanging out there, but give credit to Michigan State for being a very good front seven. … Obviously across the board it wasn’t good enough and we know that and our guys are excited to get out there and fix that and get it right.”

Said left guard Joe Kellogg: “First off, I want to give Michigan State credit. They are a very talented front seven, and it showed. But regardless, we still need to run the ball better. It comes down to the offensive line first — communicating better, being on the same page, just keeping our eyes up to see the blitzers and just being more physical at the point of attack.”

The Broncos didn’t allow a sack in the opener, but Strausser said his linemen might have been thinking more about protecting quarterback Joe Southwick than about opening holes for tailback D.J. Harper.

“It’s certainly two different beasts,” he said. “For whatever reason, I think our mindset was we needed to go into that game planning to protect the quarterback — and that’s not what our mindset ever needs to be. That’s part of the deal, and obviously we take great pride in taking care of our quarterbacks … but you’ve heard me say for years that it always starts with us trying to run the ball.

“… The nice thing is we get our chance to prove ourselves right now. … We’re not a physical team until we go out there and back it up.”

And it won’t be easy this week. Miami’s defense was stout last year and the defensive line is full of experienced playmakers.

“That’s the strength of their defense,” Strausser said. “Those guys are exceptional players.”

The Broncos’ offensive linemen say the run game has been their focus the past week and a half as they prepared for the home opener.

“That’s our whole mission,” right tackle Jake Broyles said. “That’s what we do. That’s what we pride ourselves on around here, just run the rock.”

Added Kellogg: “For our offense to go, we need to have balance. … We’re a pretty resilient group. We understand that we didn’t play well enough. That’s not up to Boise State standards. We’re all very motivated to just fix it.”


Strausser said center Matt Paradis played the best of the offensive linemen in the opener.

“That correlates with he’s the guy who probably had the best fall camp for us, too,” he said.


I wrote about Demarcus Lawrence for today’s paper. I interviewed his junior college coach, Butler’s Troy Morrell. Butler just played Fort Scott, home of recent Boise State commit Justin Taimatuia. Morrell’s description of Taimatuia sounds a lot like Mike Atkinson.

“He’s quick and explosive, an interior defensive lineman,” Morrell said. “He’s about as wide as he is tall, a quick-twitch, explosive, powerful kind of guy.”

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I find it a bit strange that this experienced o line is taking this much heat for BSU offensive problems. Appeared to me Mich St was loading the box and there just wasnt many deep offensive passing plays downfield to change that problem.
Mich St played the way on offense I thought BSU might, but it appeared we werent willing to take any chances with interceptions like Mich St with a new Qb?
Just my thoughts anyway. We'll see how it goes, offensive play calling looked bit bland to me. But I'm in for the long haul regardless of how it goes. Just give me more BSU football and I'm a happy camper.

It will be

extremely difficult for BSU to make up the loss of last years starting seniors. There are some big shoes to fill. Such is college football. Good Luck to BSU coaches and players, you'll need it. You are obviously giving it your all.

Fact is

Boise State had nine months to prepare for Michigan State and they KNEW what was in store for them as far as the MSU defense was concerned. And yet they still weren't prepared for that MSU defense.

Yes, MSU should get credit for being a very good defense - but Boise State SHOULD have been better than what they showed in that game. Hopefully the experience of facing that excellent MSU defense will serve them will for the rest of this season (and on down the road).

Paradis did play pretty well but Leno got schooled in that game. He didn't just look bad against MSU he looked awful in that game.

Spoiled Fans

It is amazing to me how spoiled and unrealistic the fanbase around here has become. I saw a BSU team that played a top 12 team, struggled but still had chances to win. Not bad in my mind considering it was the first game after the amount of talent that was lost.

Disagree with spoiled and unrealistic...

The program has set the bar high. The coaches, players and fans all have high expectations. Nothing wrong with that. It's when you accept mediocracy that you have a problem...

Exactly - Keep the bar to measure success at the highest level

My goal for the Broncos is for them to win a National Championship trophy and bring it back to our Great State.

Anything less thnan that is acceping mediocrity.

It is absolutely amazing how many so-called Bronco Fans will settle for several losses per season and call it a 'great year'.

Even winning a conference champion ship is a snoozer because the Broncos have been there and doane that and we all got t-shirts.

Go Broncos.

Use the 2012 season as an opportunity to make mistakes without any pressure of winning or losing; learn from those mistakes, and then come out roaring for the 2013 season and bring home a National Championship trophy.


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NO NO NO@@@!!!



You fry wants with that?

The line coach is correct. Time to

mafia slap those players around.

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Well played P2 well played.....

Φ Ditto