Read our Boise State football chat replay

By Brian Murphy

The Boise State faithful is worried about quarterback Joe Southwick — at least that's what our chatters said. We answered lots and lots and lots of questions about Boise State's quarterback situation, including when freshman Nick Patti might get into the lineup.

Give it a read.

quarterback situation

we should throw the ball because we got the receivers and supposedly we have a mobile quarteback. by throwing the ball to our good receivers then it will open up the running game. I think Ajayi should get a fair amount of runs.

The O line should be ashamed

The O line was responsible for almost as many stops while on their heels and being pushed backward into DJ Harper or whoever was in the offensive backfield. For a group of veterans they didn't show well and if that's all they've got it's going t be a long season. They pretty much admitted that they were just out played. Hope they show up the rest of the season. Or there needs to be some personnel changes.

The O-line better step it

The O-line better step it up....ask Jerry Kramer what wins football games. It's
the big boys that play with their heart and knock the sh8t out of their opponent. Come on, O Line. Make us proud and bring The Hammer.

Coach Pete

The O-line is ready, because we p**sed them off. Pulling Left Guard, power sweep to the right, HIT SOMEBODY! First down.