Whole Foods is now hiring

Whole Foods Market is schedule to open this fall. Last we reported, it will open around Thanksgiving. Now they're in full hiring mode. If you search for Boise on their jobs website, you'll see dozens of openings. My favorite is "Specialty Coffee/Tea/Chocolate Specialist" — yum.

Here's a list of the full-time openings:

  • Bakery Team Member
  • Bakery Cake Decorator
  • Meat Cutter
  • Coffee Bar/Barista Team
  • Bakery Production Team Member
  • Produce Production
  • Specialty Team Member
  • Prepared Foods Cook
  • Prepared Foods Production Team Member
  • Prepared Foods Team Member
  • Produce Retail Team Member
  • Customer Service Supervisor
  • Bakery Supervisor
  • Prepared Foods/Salad Bar Supervisor
  • Prepared Foods Supervisor
  • Specialty/Tap Room Supervisor
  • Meat/Seafood Supervisor
  • Produce Supervisor
  • Grocery Supervisor
  • Bakery Specialist
  • Prepared foods Specialist
  • Specialty Coffee/Tea/Chocolate Specialist
  • Specialty Beer/Wine Specialist
  • Specialty Cheese Specialist
  • Meat Specialist
  • Seafood Specialist
  • Floral Specialist
  • Produce Specialist
  • Whole Body Bodycare/Housewares Specialist
  • Whole Body Supplement Specialist
  • Dairy/Bulk Specialist
  • Grocery Frozen Specialist
  • Bakery Associate Team Leader
  • Customer Service Associate Team Leader (Associate Customer Service Manager)
  • Produce Associate Team Leader (Associate Produce Manager)
  • Prepared Foods Associate Team Leader
  • Specialty Associate Team Leader
  • Grocery Associate Team Leader
  • Whole Body Associate Team Leader (Vitamin & Body Care Department Manager)
  • Store Shift Leader
  • Customer Service Cashier

And the part-time (or unstated) openings:

  • Produce Retail Team Member
  • Whole Body Team Member
  • Customer Service Cashier

That means you get to clean the grinders and sweep up grinds.


You fry wants with that?