Forest Service to open more land in M.F. and N.F. Boise drainages

Boise National Forest officials will reduce closed areas for the Trinity Ridge Fire beginning 7 a.m., Friday, Sept. 14.

Almost 272,000 acres in the drainages of the North and Middle forks of the Boise River will open with access to Atlanta, Rocky Bar and Twin Springs Resort.

The following will open:

The M.F. Boise River Road to the junction of William Pogue Trailhead (From there to Dutch Creek will stay closed).

M.F. Boise River Road from Dutch Creek to Atlanta.

Black Warrior Creek Trailhead.

Edna Creek/Crooked River Road to the Swanholm Road to Dutch Creek.

The Granite Creek/Rabbit Creek Road to the N.F. Boise River and up to Deer Park.

The Rocky Bar/Phifer Creek Road from Dutch Creek to Featherville.

The James Creek Road from Rocky Bar to outside the fire perimeter and to Atlanta.

The area south/southwest from William Pogue Trailhead to Bear Hole Trailhead.

The land north/northwest of the N.F of the Boise River road.

The entire Anderson Ranch Reservoir area.

Cottonwood drainage off Arrowrock Reservoir.

Roads to Graham, Jackson Peak, Bear River, Hunter Creek, Beaver Creek and Banner Ridge.

Pine/Featherville Road to Baumgartner Campground.

Hot Creek Trailhead off Phifer Creek Road is closed, but it is accessible from the Atlanta side.

Trinity Lakes remain closed, but Ice Spring Campground and Fall Creek Road above Ice Spring Campground are open. For details go to


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