Open government at work? More dispatches from the Dynamis saga

Sometimes, one editorial just won’t cut it. Not when a government project turns into a Dumpster fire on the order of the proposed Dynamis waste-to-energy plant. (For the roundup, here's an encyclopedic piece from the Statesman's Cynthia Sewell).

So for those trying to keep up, here’s a little more random ridiculousness that didn’t quite fit into our Wednesday editorial on the project:

• Were it not for Commissioner David Case, it’s unlikely the county would have ever made public a letter from its engineer, requesting the county launch a professional peer review of the Dynamis technology. The county rejected a Statesman public records request, claiming that Jim Farrens’ letter constituted a personnel matter.

State law does carve out an exemption for personnel records — but by no means is it a blanket exemption covering any and all correspondence from one employee to another. On Tuesday, Case took matters into his own hands, releasing the letter. Well played, commissioner.

• On Tuesday, Commissioner Rick Yzaguirre shut down Ken Lamkin, a Dynamis opponent who wanted to address the board. In so doing, Yzaguirre kept intact the county’s unblemished but inexcusable record: no public hearings on a project that has received $2 million from the county for design work.

Of course, the county did hold a public hearing — regarding the choice of printers for election documents. So, if you’re losing sleep over the release of dioxins from a stack of copies, well, you had a chance to have your say.

• And for that, presumably, we can thank lame-duck Commissioner Sharon Ullman. Have I reminded you recently that Ullman, in her pre-commissioner life, was awarded the Idaho Newspaper Foundation’s inaugural Max Dalton Award for championing open government?

You can’t make this stuff up.

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time for a larger commission...

The only thing positive about this whole mess, it that our commissioners have clearly shown the need for increasing the number of commissioners for Ada County.