Notre Dame leaving Big East for ACC; What does it mean for Boise State?

By Brian Murphy

Notre Dame will move its non-football sports from the Big East to the ACC, the latest move in an on-going conference realignment shuffle that has had an impact on nearly every conference in the country.

Notre Dame will remain independent in football, but will play five ACC games each season.

What does the move mean for Boise State, which is slated to join the Big East in football in 2013? It's hard to tell at the moment — but it certainly won't help the league's TV negotiating position in basketball or its bowl alignment in football. Though Notre Dame was not a member of the Big East in football, it worked together with the league on bowl arrangements.

The Big East just began an exclusive TV negotiating window with ESPN. The window lasts two months. The television contract is seen as the key to success for the Big East, which has added teams across the country, including Boise State and San Diego State as football-only members.

The other big impact on the Big East could be from a potential next move. The addition of Notre Dame gives the ACC 15 member schools in non-football sports. Does the ACC make a move for another Big East member or is the ACC content with its membership for now?

Connecticut, Rutgers and Louisville have not been shy about their interest in leaving the Big East for another conference.

And without Notre Dame on the table, does the Big 12 — which has 10 schools right now — became more aggressive about expansion and target Big East teams, like Louisville?

Or does Notre Dame's move signify that it is nearly impossible to make a football schedule work as a true independent — with many conferences going to nine league games — and serve as a catalyst for BYU to join the Big East in football?

And what of Idaho, which is trying to make a go as a Football Bowl Subdivision independent? Will the Vandals be able to schedule enough games if more and more leagues move to a nine-game conference schedule?

Statement from Big East Commissioner Mike Aresco

“The University of the Notre Dame has informed us that it is joining the Atlantic Coast Conference in all sports other than football. Notre Dame has been a valued member of the BIG EAST Conference and we wish them success in the future. However, Notre Dame’s departure does not change our plans. We have prestigious institutions that are excited to be a part of the BIG EAST. We remain committed to making the BIG EAST stronger than it has ever been.”

Notre Dame to ACC as partial member

By The Associated Press

Notre Dame is moving to the Atlantic Coast Conference - yet keeping its football independence.

The school's president, the Rev. John I. Jenkins, and athletic director Jack Swarbrick joined league Commissioner John Swofford and three ACC presidents for a news conference Wednesday announcing the Irish's move from the Big East.

"This is truly a historic moment for the Atlantic Coast Conference," Swofford said.

The school will play five football games annually against the league's programs, but will be a full member in all other sports. The Irish will have access to the ACC's non-BCS bowl tie-ins.

The ACC also increased its exit fees for league schools to three times the annual operation budget - which would currently come to more than $50 million. Swofford said the exit fee goes into effect immediately and would apply to Notre Dame.

The move means the Irish can maintain football independence, while the ACC is making an exception to its all-or-nothing requirement for schools to be full members.

"It's a marquee brand and any time you add a marquee brand to your established tradition and the wonderful stuff you have, it enhances it," Boston College football coach Frank Spaziani said Wednesday morning.

Swofford said there is "no need" and the ACC has "no intention" of adding a 16th member.

It is unclear when the realignment will take effect. The Big East has a 27-month notification period for any member that wants to leave, and a $5 million exit fee. Swofford said that would be handled between the Big East and Notre Dame.

The Big East has also shown a willingness to negotiate an early exit, as it did with Pittsburgh and Syracuse, who are scheduled to leave the Big East and join next year. The Big East received $7.5 million each from Pitt and Syracuse.

"The University of Notre Dame has informed us that it is joining the Atlantic Coast Conference in all sports other than football. Notre Dame has been a valued member of the Big East Conference and we wish them success in the future," Big East Commissioner Mike Aresco said. "However, Notre Dame's departure does not change our plans. We have prestigious institutions that are excited to be a part of the Big East. We remain committed to making the Big East stronger than it has ever been."

In May, the ACC announced it had reached 15-year TV deal with ESPN worth $3.6 billion, which came after Pittsburgh and Syracuse decided to leave the Big East. Swofford said Notre Dame's move would allow the ACC to begin renegotiating its TV deal, though Notre Dame would keep its football revenue from its partnership with NBC and wouldn't receive TV revenue for other ACC football games.

Swarbrick said the deal was "financially neutral" for Notre Dame.

Notre Dame has played basketball in the Big East since the mid-1990s. Now, in the ACC, the Irish will face traditional powers like Duke and North Carolina - and rekindle its rivalries with Syracuse and Pittsburgh - while the league also fits other sports Notre Dame is competitive in, including lacrosse and soccer.

The ACC in turn cements a relationship with one of the nation's most storied football programs, adding to a group that already includes Florida State, Miami, Virginia Tech and Clemson. That would also seem to position the ACC as the easy choice if Notre Dame ever decides to give up its football independence.

Notre Dame considered giving up its football independence in 1999 to join the Big Ten, but alumni were staunchly opposed and the deal never got done. Throughout the dizzying conference realignment of the past few years, Notre Dame officials have been adamant about maintaining football independence.

The ACC decided to accommodate Notre Dame's desires.

It means little if nothing...

It will be interesting 10 years from now if ND still hasnt won a meaningful bowl game or strung together multiple 10-11 win seasons. Can a mediocre football team with a great (talking numbers here) fan base continue to profit financially with some media contract?

If ND is worried about scheduling, is BYU also?

I agree JL

If Notre Dame goes 2-3 or even 3-2 in their 5 games against ACC competition, it will mean nothing. It probably means more from a bball stand point, as they have been competetive in hoops for the past decade. Notre Dame has a huge fan base and a very rich tradition in football, but like Miss Jackson says, "what have you done for me lately?"

One National Championship in my lifetime...


More dominoes...

It has to be concerning when you have a conference containing some members who make it no secret that they'd like to be elsewhere. Not a lot of stability in that... It reminds me of what the WAC has been over the past several years.


I suppose that's why those same "members" recently voted to double their exit fee from $5M to $10M. They just can't wait to give them $10M.


If they are leaving the Big East they are headed to a Big 5 conference that is probably more stable and makes more sense regionally. What's 10 million in that scenario? The ACC now has a $50 million exit fee. Now that has impact. If the Big 12 wants to expand back to 12 teams, they are probably going to have to look towards the big east. Put it this way, if the Big 12 came calling to BSU, 10 million wouldn't stop BSU, especially if it is for all sports. That is even more true for the PAC-12. Proof is in the fact that is what the teams leaving the Big East have paid. Not much of an impact in keeping them. The only teams impacted by a $10 million exit fee are those schools that probably aren't going to be invited to a new conference anyway. BSU might be one of those schools.

It's going to a dance

And only partly in our control. Continue to improve our situation when we can. Keep winning. Keep our option open as much as possible. "Who knows what the tide could bring?"


Well said.

Just more predictions coming true by


This is the beginning of 'birth' pains for Boise in Big East....

No one from Boise sees it, but the tsunami is heading towards Broadway and is about 2 years away....

You then, will see that I was correct....

Long Term

Although I support BSU's decision to join the Big East, I can't image that it is a long term affiliation for BSU. At some point we need to compete in a regional conference. It still chaps me that Utah and UC are in the Pac-12. They have very average athletic programs.

Yes, but. . .

True, Utah and UC have average athletics but their academics are huge. Let's be honest, BSU has very average academics, perhaps slightly lower than average. Not to mention conferences are interested in tv markets and Boise is ranked in the hundreds. Conferences are interested in more than just performance on the field. I'll be honest, I thought UC was an odd fit for the PAC-12 also but, they do have great academics. Another point to remember is that Larry Scott is Jim Delaney's b@%/* and won't do anything without his approval, so good luck on BSU ever getting into that conference.

Broken down by conference:

Broken down by conference:
Center for Measuring University Performance. The most rigorous of all rankings:
The Top American Research Universities (1-25)
identifies the 49 institutions (24 private, 25 public)
that rank in the top 25 nationally on at least one of the
nine measures. Total Research, Federal
Research, Endowment Assets, Annual Giving, National
Academy Members, Faculty Awards, Doctorates Granted,
Postdoctoral Appointees, and SAT scores

Big 10 Nine
Public University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Public University of Wisconsin - Madison
Public University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Private Northwestern University
Public Ohio State University - Columbus
Public University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
Public Purdue University - West Lafayette
Public Michigan State University
Public Pennsylvania State University - University Park

Ivy Eight
Private Columbia University
Private University of Pennsylvania
Private Harvard University
Private Yale University
Private Princeton University
Private Cornell University
Private Brown University
Private Dartmouth College

PAC 12: Seven
Private Stanford University
Public University of California - Berkeley
Public University of California - Los Angeles
Public University of Washington - Seattle
Private University of Southern California
Public University of Arizona
Public Arizona State University

ACC Five
Private Duke University
Public University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Public Georgia Institute of Technology
Public University of Virginia
Public University of Maryland - College Park

Big West Conference: Four:
Public University of California - San Diego
Public University of California - Davis
Public University of California - Irvine
Public University of California - Santa Barbara

Private Vanderbilt University
Public Texas A&M University
Public University of Florida

Big East:
Public University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh

Big 12:
Public University of Texas - Austin

Private University of Notre Dame

Conference USA
Private Rice University

So. . .

So? BSU still lacks when compared to those other two. I'm a huge BSU fan but the facts are what they are. Even when you leave academics out of it, one still must consider tv market and exposure. If the PAC-12 thought that adding BSU would help their national perception, they would have invited them by now. Remember also the marriage between the PAC-12 and the Big 10. One (PAC-12) will not do something the other (Big 10) doesn't want. Somehow, I don't see Jim Delaney wanting BSU to be considered one of the powers. He is content with BSU joining the Big East since AQ is going away. If Larry Scott ever grows balls, he may consider BSU but can you imagine what would happen if the Big 12 came calling. Jim's head would explode and he'd try to poach more teams since he can't stand the Big 12.

Larry Scott.......

Sports Business Journal nominated Larry Scott for their annual Sports Business Awards, Sports Executive of the Year. The Pac 12 was also nominated for Sports League of the Year with the NFL, the NHL, MLB, and the PGA Tour.


Wouldn't have anything to do a $250M per year TV deal would it?

So. . .

Throw awards at me all you want, doesn't change the fact of what he is: Delany's little b@!#%.

Never in PAC-12

The newest US News and World report rankings are out.
Stanford 6
Cal 21
OSU 139
UO 115
WSU 125
UW 46
USC 24
U Of A 120
ASU 139
Col 97
Utah 125
These are all National Research rankings, Idaho is even ranked 165

BSU is ranked as the 62nd best Western Regional univerity, This is why the Big East is as far as BSU will get.

Cool bro...maybe we'll shoot for the Big 12...



Did you know that the PAC 2 has absolutely zero academic requirements in their charter for programs to join their sports conference.

Thought not......

Just because it's not in the

Just because it's not in the charter doesn't mean it doesn't matter.

Might not be in charter,

But BYU did not make the cut, so you REALLY think BSU would.

BYU not going to the PAC2

Had little to do with academics and almost everything to do with "philosophies”.

As long as Stanford, CAL, and the Oregon schools are in the PAC 2, BYU will never get the votes for admittance.

No, BYU is not a research school

ALL 12 members are national research schools, BYU is not.

Again robert,,,,,,,

That has very (very) little to do with BYU not being in the PAC 2 today.

From Ivan Maisel ESPN writer

~Notre Dame was powerful enough to join the Big East in 1995 without surrendering any of its football independence. Contrast that with today, when Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick said in a news release that the deal with the ACC will "maintain our historic independence in football."

Technically, he is correct. But it is independence by a vote of 7-5. Notre Dame will play seven games against whomever it chooses, and five games against the ACC. It is a weaker, meeker Notre Dame that made a deal with the ACC, the Monty Python knight yelling, "merely a flesh wound" as it loses limb after limb. Notre Dame has made sacrifices that the university and its partisans never dreamed would have to be made even a decade ago.

Notre Dame is not a full-fledged member of the ACC yet. But the trend is unmistakable.~

If only someone could have warned BSU about

the Big East. ND smelled it but BSU just chased the rainbow and lost.
If only someone could have said that it was a bad idea to join.
That sound is the sound of the TV deal getting smaller and smaller. Why would ESPN pay money for no ND basketball and no ranked BSU?
Big Sky is licking its chops.

Before ugly jumps in......

We all know who "out2lunch" really is.....

I don't want to "out" him, but here's a tip.........

21 OCT 2011, 12:00 Noon Broadway Ram
Submitted by aqfunk on Tue, 09/27/2011 - 8:22pm.

Board Meet Up to get to know B81 and others who have not attended Board Meet Ups before.

Everybody is welcome.

Hope to see many of the old faces there and many new ones as well.

Again, 21 OCT 2011, 12:00 Noon, Broadway Ram, Board Meet Up


PS - we will also, be having one on 13 OCT 2011, 12:00 Noon, Broadway Ram cuz Apache 64 will be in town that day and it would be really cool to get to know him.
Everybody is welcome to come and share some Good Times.

It means no games on KTVB again...


You fry wants with that?

ND to ACC means as much to BSU as TAMU going to the SEC did

it means nothing. Why would it?