Big Sky boss: Idaho likely to be member in 2014-15

By Brian Murphy

Big Sky Commissioner Doug Fullerton said Wednesday it is likely that the Idaho Vandals will join his league in all sports beside football for the 2014-15 season.

"We're down to the last two sentences in our agreement," Fullerton said.

Idaho Athletic Director Rob Spear said in a text message earlier this week that there was nothing to report on the Vandals' plans.

Idaho received permission from the State Board of Education to pursue membership in the Big Sky in all sports, including football. The Vandals also have permission to begin scheduling as a Football Bowl Subdivision independent for 2013.

Idaho is currently a member of the WAC, which has said it will not sponsor football in 2013.

If Idaho is unable to schedule as an FBS independent, it could prompt the Vandals to move to the Big Sky for the 2013-14 season in all sports, including football, Fullerton said.

Idaho would be eligible for the Big Sky title in football or the Football Championship Subdivision playoffs as soon as "they get down to 63 grants (scholarships)," Fullerton said.

Idaho currently awards 85 scholarships as a member of the FBS.

Fullerton said he is confident in striking an agreement with the Vandals.

"We're steadily moving forward. I'm very confident that Idaho will be playing in the Big Sky sooner rather than later," Fullerton said.


make sense comments when it implies Vandull football.

Rivals once again?

Could Idaho play an important role in helping lobby for BSU to join the Big Sky?
Would Idaho do that for a school that has been less than fair? Will Idaho be the bigger school that puts away such mean spirited vitriol and feelings to help BSU in their time of need? The answer is YES! All Bronco Bob needs to do is call up Idaho and ask. BSU will need Idaho's vote to get invited in a few years. Hopefully Idaho will help the younger brother get a job.
Welcome home Prodigal Son.

Thats a pipe dream

However I can see a rivalry to start-up again with the ISU Bengals and even the College of Idaho. But then again the Yotes would not want to hurt their strength of schedule by scheduling the U of i

The Vandals back at Big Sky is a

good thing....

Idaho would have fallen way off as Indy and lost tons of 'silver'....

Maybe O2L is correct? Maybe in 5 years or so, the Old Rivalry is back?

A pipe dream

was Bronco Bob's dream of being in an elite conference. Sometimes when you shoot the moon, you end up with a lot of hearts but not all of them.

It eats you up. . .

The Big Sky isn't a bad conference and Idaho should fare average. It eats you up inside every time BSU moves forward and your Vandulls don't. It is clear, however, that you aren't losing any sleep over it because to believe BSU will be moving back to the Big Sky anytime soon, you have to be dreaming. Dream on, it's the only thing the Vandull faithful can do, dream of what could have been.

Speaking of eating

you seemed pretty consumed with vitriol over the Vandals. I see that much more on these boards than I see this so-called jealousy over BSU's success in football. I think the Big Sky is a good backup plan, and I'm happy either way they go.

The Vandals' decades of academic belittling are deafening

The one constant on these boards are the never-ending academic jabs aimed at BSU students and alumni by Vandal fans. Denying it is the ultimate arrogance.

But thankfully Karma has played out and the Vandals are getting their due.

Dream on about a rekindled rivalry. Once Boise State is in the Big East they will earn BC$ Million$ from the TV contracts alone. I suspect the BSU football budget will be bigger than all of the Big Sky teams combined.

Down here in Texas they say, "Who are the Vandals??". But they all know about the Boise State Broncos...

The Vandals are Idaho's only Ranked team

The Vandulls did it once again! They made the ESPN rankings! They're almost to the top of the ESPN Bottom 10 List:

What Karma!! Haughty Idaho moves back to the Big Sky, a lowly FCS conference; while Boise State moves to a full BCS conference in division 1A.

BCS is many more times must I tell you this?


You fry wants with that?

LMAO - Ask Alabama if the BCS is meaningless

You are correct. The BCS is meaningless to Big Sky twerps.

BTW - How ironic that a snooty Idaho fan messed up the grammar on a typical belittlement quip. I think that says a lot about U of I folk.

I don't follow Alabama, I sing them in karaoke.


You fry wants with that?

Vandals and the Big Sky...

With all due respect, being a hard core Bronco fan, I have always rooted for the Vandals when it didn't hurt my Broncos.....contemplate this....BSU will be a top 15 or top 10 team for many years to come, with a few outside shots at a BCS championship....Idaho becomes a Big Sky power and the College of Idaho gets themselves into the top 10 or 15 of the NAIA.....what a statement about football in the state of Idaho!!! How can that be bad???? Everything stated above is quite achieveable! With only a little vision, the State Board of Education should be able to leverage that for the good of all education in the state!!! I am on board!!!

This should be

considered as inevitable. At some point, the old folks who refuse to swallow their pride need to realize that they do not have the materials necessary for the FBS level, not to mention they have already lost to an FCS team for the umpteenth time over the last decade. They have looked horendously bad ever since they ran up the score when Pokey Allen was dying of cancer, so they need to realize that their athletic program will never be competitive at the FBS level. I know, some of you will argue that attendance will be low, but even when BSU football went to Moscow, the average attendance for a whole season has usually been low anyway. It is time to do the obvious and step down. Face it, the program hasn't really done anything in Akey's tenure(one winning season entering his sixth season is not enough). It's time to go back to where they belong.

Pokey Allen

Wow, how long ago was that game? You probably should talk to a professional.

Big Sky Commissioner

I like the Big Sky Commissioner. He really speaks his mind. And he's probably right. I don't blame Idaho for wanting to try this 2-year experiment to see whether they can schedule home games in Moscow as an independent. But this experiment will end and they'll be a Big Sky team.

I agree

I think its worth a shot. If they end up in the Big Sky (which they probably will), I think students and fans will enjoy the close rivalries with Eastern WA and Montana. To me, there really isn't a downside either way.


There isnt a downside?

Two of my closest friends, who graduated in the late 90's, are he11 bent against going back to the Big Sky. A lot of alum feel this way. What would you say the percentage would be for those Vandals wanting to stay FBS vs those who wouldnt mind or want to go back to FCS? 50/50?

50-50 is about right I would say

Based on alumni and friends that I have talked to, I'd say it's pretty split. I'm not tied in with any of the big wigs ($$$ boosters)but it sounds like they are against going back to the Big Sky. I think it's a bit of a pride thing for some fans and boosters. ALso, I'm not aware of any team going back to FCS levels so their might be a stigma with being "the first" to do so. As a fan, I just enjoy watching good football games. I think we got that with the WAC teams, but I don't see that working out for very long as an Indy team. I'm all for a last ditch effort to stay FBS, but i also realize the alternative is pretty cool too.


You make some great points. You're always a realist and I respect your opinion.

I will say Im disappointed about all the games back East for my own team. As a fan, I like regional rivalries. I like being able to take some road trips. There may be a few nuts, but almost all Bronco fans wont be driving to New York from Boise to watch Rutgers.

The one thing the Vandals will get is great games Home and Away in the Big Sky, with closer travel destinations and some real college football atmospheres. That part makes me jealous.

I warned you about the


Tsunami of finances down the road....get silver or gold (if rich)and hedge them against the debt....

Boise needs growth, we need more Vandals back in the Great City....

Ugly it just goes to show that they

don't listen to the message but rather the messenger. If you say something they automatically discount it but if someone else expresses the exact same thing then all of the sudden it is truth.

They need to be taught but their hatred and orange and blue gla.sses wont let them learn. Keep sounding the warning bells.

Go Broncos.

The messenger is just as important as the message...

You clowns dont understand history.

Vandals/Big Sky

A half step in the right direction. This may make the full step, after an embarrassing year as a hinterland independent, easier to make. Plus, when the stalward "BCS or die" alums see how successful the Vandals are in the non-football Big Sky, and that the Vandals (and, importantly, the university itself) are beginning to be viewed as winners, let us hope some relent.