Feel good story of the day

After publishing the story about my motorcycle ride across Idaho, Troy Stewart called to tell me he found a camera on the Magruder Corridor and wanted help looking for its owner. He told me he thought there was a motorcycle rally on the corridor when he was there in late August, and that it probably belonged to one of the riders. He asked if I knew who it might be.

I checked on ADV Rider and found out there was a rally up there, and posted a notice on the website that a camera was found and that the owner could contact me. On Monday, Sept. 10, Joe Mantz of Issaquah, Wash. sent me an email that he lost his camera on the Magruder at the time Stewart was there, and he described the exact camera Stewart had found. I gave him Stewart's number, and now he's getting his camera back.

So there's your feel good story of the day. An Idaho guy went out of his way to do the right thing, and a Washington guy visiting Idaho has nothing but good things to say about the state. Hopefully it gives you the same case of the warm and fuzzies it gave me.


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Excellent work guys!


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