Idaho schools chief Luna calls on Obama to 'stand up for the students of Chicago' in strike

Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna, an education adviser to GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, says President Barack Obama's "refusal to speak out against the teachers strike in Chicago represents an abdication of leadership."

Luna's statement came in a news release issued by the Romney campaign in Boston late Monday.

Obama's adopted home town is Chicago, where he met former Chicago school superintendent and now-U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Obama's former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, is now Chicago's mayor and is pitted against teachers in the two-day-old strike. In past years, Luna credited Obama and Duncan for supporting linking student performance to teacher evaluation. That issue is a major point of contention in the strike.

The statement follows, in full:


Boston, MA – Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna today made the following statement on the strike by the Chicago Teachers Union:

“President Obama’s refusal to speak out against the teachers union strike in Chicago represents an abdication of leadership. The President frequently talks about the need for education reform which will give every child the skills they need to be successful in the 21st century and a chance at the American Dream. But his silence inhibits those very things and yields to the whims of special interests at the cost of students. We need a president who will stand up for the students of Chicago and across the country. Mitt Romney will not put politics over principle. He will lead.”

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Something tells me that Obama has enough to address at the national scale. I guess Luna thinks the President should be taking a stance on every state/local issue? I thought Republicans didn't like federal intervention on state and local issues?

I couldn't agree more

Luna would be screaming bloody murder if Obama were to insert himself in a local school district contract dispute....and rightly so. Yet, he argues the POTUS should get involved in one city's negotiation? Are you kidding? I can't wait until the election is over.

Maybe President Obama should

Maybe President Obama should also come and speak out against prop's 1,2 and 3 here in Idaho, or is that a local issue..


How about the Statesman outline the facts of the Chicago Teachers Union Strike. One of the lowest performing school systems in the nation with an average $75,000 a year teachers salary turns down a 16% raise and walks out because it cannot exert total control over the already virtually "rubber stamp compliant" school board.

Maybe you should outline

Maybe you should outline the facts of the Chicago Teachers Union Strike's affects on you.

Here you go

thug, read it.

You don't suppose that's

You don't suppose that's just a tiny bit bias do you? I mean considering the source.. kind maybe??

Chicago Teachers Union President

Karyn Lewis. Listen and learn.
Or just "Google" "Karyn Lewis, Chicago Teachers Union, U-Tube"

Ok, I read your story and

Ok, I read your story and watched your clip, now I'm waiting for an answer as to how it affects you.

It is a pattern of Socialist behavior

that effects all Americans. If you do not understand the difference between a public employees union and a craft or trade union employed by the private sector, that is your problem. If you are ignorant of the ultimate goals of the leadership of the various teachers unions, that is also your problem, and it is up to you to inform yourself.

“When school children start paying union dues, that 's when I'll start representing the interests of school children.” ~ Albert Shanker, President of the Teachers Union (United Federation of Teachers) from 1964 to 1984 as well as President of the Teachers Union (American Federation of Teachers) from 1974 to 1997


"Over the past four years, the Chicago public schools have churned through total revenues of approximately $20.27 billion and about $4.26 billion of that revenue—or almost 21 percent of it—has come from the federal government.

That is $4.26 billion the federal government has either taken from Americans in federal taxes or has borrowed and added to the national debt." Tahts $10,540 per student, and it should concern every American in every State who is paying taxes.

Why didn't you say that in

Why didn't you say that in the first place? I get it now, its kind of like a Corporation caring about the consumer or its employee's right?

But the consumer is a hostage, with no alternative.

In the hood that is.

Waste of time

How is what goes on in Chicago any of our business? do want their politicians to get involved in issues in Boise or Idaho? you really need to get out more.

Ha ha

You really know some funny self delusion. Clown suit ain't a bad fit either.

I'm glad you like the fit,

I'm glad you like the fit, seeing how you wear it daily.

Saigon, Thug,

Punk of many names. Has your momma told you that you were crazier than an outhouse rat lately? If not, consider yourself told anyways Komrade.


How about spending five or ten minutes looking up what the strike is about in total? For starters, try refuting the fact that all underperforming schools and individual students have one factor in common - poverty. Finland,4%, U.S. 22%.

At least try to use information to form your opinions. Start here.

After reading the article,

It's easy to see where the failing spoiled brat kids in the Chicago schools get their role models. They model their teachers and the teachers union thugs.

The day President Obama takes advice from Tom Luna

is the day we all know we're in deep trouble. Luna's an opportunistic scoundrel with an over-inflated idea of his own presence and influence. The only lasting impression he will leave on the earth is that of Idaho's most hated politician of all time.

Surprise surprise

Personal attacks from the left. You are right Pres Obama won't take advice from Sup Luna though. Sup Luna isn't giving millions to the Pres. With this Pres you get what you pay for.

nothing personal

If you support the Students Come First legislation, you are demonstrably on the wrong side for kids.

Start here, please:


I was thing the same thing about Luna.

oh that's too funny

So, with Tom Luna, political contributions don't matter? I'm sure with Superintendent Luna, you only get what you pay for. Ha - what a crackup.

Has a history of butting in

President Obama has a history of inserting himself in local matters. The Harvard Prof who assaulted officers comes to mind. The only difference this time is a) his buddy Rom is mayor b) there is a huge backlash against public sector unions. Especially ones who are paid twice what the tax payers who support them. And who only pay 2% for full health care.

The Wave of the Future?

The elimination of the malignancy of "Progressive" Teachers Unions.

So Mr. Luna is not happy...

that a Democrat isn't on board with a Republican agenda?

I agree,I don't think Mr. Luna would expect or hope that the President issue a statement about Idaho Propositions 1,2, and 3. I'm not sure why (other than as a "marketing" strategy designed to win favor with a possible Romney Reich)he would make a fuss over our President not intervening in Chicago.

All Luna is doing is kissing

All Luna is doing is kissing A in celestial aspirations of a federal appointment. He is delusional enough to think mitt boy is going to lead -- not hardly, he's going to follow his brain washed cult.

Obama had no problem chiming in on Wisconsin

So I don't think his "busy schedule" is keeping him silent. It's only his adopted home town run by his former Chief of Staff.

Luna needs to shut it

and let the teachers union and school district work it out. Baring that, the state of Illinois needs to deal with this one.

Did Luna confuse ID with IL ?

The more I read this, the more bizarre it seems. Why should a guy from Idaho be telling the president to get involved in an issue in Chicago? Mr. Luna, did people in Chicago ask for your opinion? Have you been spending so much time raising money from out of state donors that you have forgotten the difference between ID and IL?

My memory often fails me, but I seem to recall Luna complaining about union representatives from outside Idaho getting involved in our issues. Has he changed his view on this?


But as is stated all through this thread, the Pres has no problems butting in on local matters. And when did Sup Luna lose his right to ask questions of his Pres? Hillary Clinton said it was our duty to question the president. Oh but not a democrat President. I get it.

Nobody questioned his right to speak

Some of us question his judgement and consistency in messaging. I will always defend his righ to speak. I seem to recall someone much wiser than myself saying, "Just because you have the right to speak, doesn't mean you should."

What the heck?

Maybe Luna is trying a little misdirection after it came out yesterday he lied about what he got his on-line degree from a diploma mill in. Isn't the same Luna who wants the federal Government out of the education decision making process and there to be "more local control."

I doubt anybody in Illinois honestly cares what Tom Luna says.


You fry wants with that?