Kristin Armstrong's Olympic bikes stolen en route to Boise

By Brian Murphy

The bikes that Boise cyclist Kristin Armstrong rode in the 2012 London Olympics have been stolen. Armstrong received two empty bike boxes at her Boise home Tuesday.

The bikes, including the time trial bike she rode to her second consecutive Olympic gold medal, were on display in Germany. They were shipped from Germany on Sept. 7, making several stops along the way. It is not known at what point in the trip the bikes were stolen.

“The bikes mean so much to me. My TT bike is a symbol of all the hard work that has been put into this journey,” Armstrong said. “It is sad to think that somebody out there has taken this away from me and my family.”

Φ That is just plain rotten.

Hopefully, the bikes were well-documented and photographed, making them "un-fenceable".

Stealing from others ... sad statement and an old one. Here's to their safe return.


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bike theives

This truly a rotten thing for someone to do. It is a reminder that others in this world think it is ok to proffit from anothers life. All the while pretending to be decent and law abiding. Even if the the bikes are unfenceable someone is emotionally proffiting from this young ladies triumphs while denying her the just rewards she deserves for her courage and tenacity to survive and win.
Remember Christin someday they will have to answer and pay for it!


I wonder if the bikes were ever put in the boxes in Germany. The boxes alone would be pretty heavy, so maybe no one noticed they were lighter than they should have been.

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You fry wants with that?