Boise State offensive coordinator takes blame for Broncos' poor showing

By Brian Murphy

Boise State first-year offensive coordinator Robert Prince took some of the blame for the Broncos' poor offensive performance against Michigan State. The Broncos failed to score an offensive touchdown for the first time since 1997 in a 17-13 loss to the Spartans.

"We watched the tape and there's areas that (quarterback Joe Southwick) can improve. But also the whole offense, including myself. There's things I can do better. Get the plays in faster," Prince said. "It wasn't just about Joe. It's about everybody."

Southwick was 15-of-31 for 169 yards and an interception in the loss. In the fourth quarter, Southwick slid two yards shy of a first down on a third-and-10 scramble. The Broncos failed to convert on fourth down and did not get the ball back.

"That’s my fault for not stressing that. We’ve really been on him about sliding and not taking hits. That’s what I coached and that’s what he did. That’s on me," Prince said. "That’s something that we talked about. In those situations, hey, you got to get the first down. And he understands that. That’s what we coached and that’s what he did."

Prince coached wide receivers at Boise State from 2001 to 2003 and returned in 2011 after stints in the NFL and at Colorado. He was elevated to offensive coordinator this offseason when Brent Pease left for Florida. It is the first time he has been an offensive coordinator.

Prince also said it is important for him to get the play calls to the offense quicker.

"I’ve got to get the play call faster that way our guys will have more time at the line of scrimmage and be able to make their checks and just give ourselves a little bit more of an advantage," he said.

The biggest problem for the Boise State offense was the running game. The Broncos rushed for 37 yards on 24 carries. Starter D.J. Harper had eight yards on 15 carries.

"It wasn’t just one thing, a breakdown here or there. I got to put our guys in a better situation. We have some tough sledding to go and we needed to be a little more creative and we learned from that," Prince said. "It wasn’t just the offensive line. I put it on myself for not putting our guys in great situations. I put them in an uphill battle with going against that defense. I’ve got to be better and more creative."

Prince said that the Broncos cannot use the loss of starters like Kellen Moore, Doug Martin and Tyler Shoemaker as an excuse for the poor offensive output. Boise State had 206 yards of total offense, the fewest since Chris Petersen joined the staff in 2001.

"The thing that we stress is it’s not about the name on the back of the jersey, it’s about the name on the front. And it’s got to be the next man up. We can’t use that as an excuse that we lost those guys. These are the players we have and guys have to play. And I’ve got to coach better and the offense has got to perform," Prince said. "With those veteran guys that left they obviously had a lot of game experience and had gone through different scenarios which our other guys haven’t. You can’t use that as an excuse."

Prince said there are some things that he'd like to do better, but would not get specific. He also said there are some players he'd like to get more opportunities, but did not name individuals.

"I feel like I’m a competitor. Whether we win or lose, we’re going to try and win the next game. It does give you a little salty taste," Prince said. "I don’t know if that makes me want to win more."

Sounds about right


Can't wait to see this "improvement".

Prince needs to be more a lot more creative. Get his TEnds and talented young freshman involved.

Joe needs to recognize down and distance better. I like it when he throws the ball away, but just not only after the first or second option isnt there. No more happy feet, no more panicking.

I hope the OLine gets more physical and a little more nasty.

A difference between Joe and Kellen

Kellen threw to a spot on the field; Joe throws to a receiver. I don't know enough about football to know which one is better, but I know that watching the MSU-BSU game, there were so many pass that I'm certain would have been big plays if Joe could just try them again.

There's a lot of untapped potential in that kid. As he gets more practice with his receivers he'll get to the point where he just knows where they are and gets the ball in his hands. They'll be a better team before we know it.

*for the record, the puritans who administer this page won't let me use the plural of pass. Let that sink in for a second.

Is this what the boosters pay for?

A guy who does not do his job well and needs to improve. Players improve, coaches coach. What did this man do during the off season?
BSU is becoming the BSU of old. Mediocre and boring with no creativity. 6-6 will be a blessing.

Go Broncos!!

Yeah, right.

Why do you post drivel?

BSU of old? After losing by a few points to a Top 10 B1G football team at their place. Sure, dude. Its 1986 all over again.

No one is buying your games but your vandal friend "ugly".

You have only one thing right

And that one thing is calling yourself out2lunch. I think on that we can all agree. You are indeed "out2lunch". LOL

Φ One more time,

what team do you, out2lunch, support? Fair question to ask of someone who clearly is anti-BSU.

You are correct about one thing....

You are definitely out2lunch.

Wow O2L

if we eliminated everyone that under achieved, then we would not have to worry about global warming, because there would be no one left (except maybe Chris Petersen). Hopefully if O2L has a job, he will be shown more grace than he extends to Coach Prince after his one game evaluation period.

As a booster, my expectations are high for BSU. Are you a booster O2L? If not, consider not speaking for the boosters, we can speak for ourselves. It takes a real man to own his mistakes and learn from them. Thanks to Coach Prince for taking the responsibility for the past shortcomings and the future corrections.

TE's were non-existent

Dear Coach Prince - you have some of the best tight ends in the nation and the tight ends have been a VITAL part of this offense for YEARS. Yet against Michigan State YOUR offense seemed to be completely unaware of the tight ends' existence.

Tight ends

I believe they were busy helping to block MSU's D. But the offense was pretty vanilla.

Thats it

Changing my name to Gone2Lunch.

The O' Line better step it

The O' Line better step it

Taking the blame

and correcting the issues are two completely different challenges. Taking the blame is easy, and after a while it leads to unemployment if no improvements are made. Correcting the issues is more difficult, but leads to promotions and respect. If things don't improve quickly, coach Prince may possibly find himself on the hot seat...Sunny...


I think we need a little more time to evaluate the efforts. I'm guessing that he'll get more time that the Wisconsin O-line coach.

Off Coor Shaping Up

The head coach has the final responsibility for the end results; therefore, he should concur on all plays sent into the game. It's a double check and in spite of underlings, he's the MAN. It's all his fault if the wrong play is called or is called slowly. Get on it PETE!

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Well lets just play some more football....

someone will improve I'm sure. That loss was on the most the coaches I think, but really I just want to see more BSU football.



Wow, taking the heat for ...

coach "pete" no doubt. Gosh, I thought that guru coach "pete" really ran the offense - guess not when you stink it up! Hmmn, I guess if you can throw your pseudo OC under the bus why not - eh coach pete? Get back to your cupcake schedule and maybe things will get better. Boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared.

That's exactly what it is.

That's exactly what it is. Coach Pete gladly takes the credit for executing Boise States famous "trickaration" (which is the worst word I've ever heard), yet his offense performs poorly and it's someone elses fault.

Pete's panicking

It's obvious this years Bronco squad is not up to snuff. They're going to have problems all season. Southfork is no Opie, and Pete has lost some of his best assistants. It's gonna be a long year for the Broncos. Guaranteed.

It is not done yet....

If Boise loses to BYU, then it is done for 2012....

If they beat BYU, then who knows?

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Go Broncos!


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21 OCT 2011, 12:00 Noon Broadway Ram
Submitted by aqfunk on Tue, 09/27/2011 - 8:22pm.

Board Meet Up to get to know B81 and others who have not attended Board Meet Ups before.

Everybody is welcome.

Hope to see many of the old faces there and many new ones as well.

Again, 21 OCT 2011, 12:00 Noon, Broadway Ram, Board Meet Up


PS - we will also, be having one on 13 OCT 2011, 12:00 Noon, Broadway Ram cuz Apache 64 will be in town that day and it would be really cool to get to know him.
Everybody is welcome to come and share some Good Times.

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You can take you foot out of your mouth

One game against a top 25 team and you are selling the team down the river. YOU ARE NO BRONCO.

But didnt you know

Broncos dont lose.

But aren't the Bronco's

But aren't the Bronco's supposed to be a top 25 team? After hearing the last few years that BSU can beat any one, any where, suddenly the top 25 is an excuse?


The Broncos actually dropped out of the 26..........


Top 25? If you aint first, yer last.

Ricky Bobby

Chadd: This is NOT Prince's first time as offensive coordinator

You've probably already said yourself at some point that he was the Portland State offensive coordinator for two years. If I remember right they were a top 5 scoring offense both years he was there. I am not concerned whatsoever.