Boise State football coach Chris Petersen discusses home opener, O-line, Southwick, Harper, true freshmen

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State football coach Chris Petersen addressed the media this afternoon to discuss Saturday’s home opener against Miami (Ohio) and the opening loss to Michigan State. Here are some highlights:

— “It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve played. It really does. It feels to me like we still have just so many questions to get answered.”

— On Miami (Ohio): “These guys are really, really good in the pass game. Michigan State’s forte as we know is running the ball. These guys can throw it. This will be one of the top quarterbacks we see this year, that’s how good I think this guy is.”

— On the run game: “We were not nearly good enough in the O-line. We could not get anything started. D.J. (Harper) never had a chance. … I think our guys know their assignments. They just didn’t execute them. … Some guys in there have played a lot of football and didn’t play particularly well and need to play better.”

— On QB Joe Southwick: “He’s just got to get better. There are a handful of plays if we can make at that position we’ll win the game. I’ve been around a lot of pretty good players, some can make them and some can’t. … It was one of those games where the margin for error was so slim.”

— On tailback D.J. Harper: “He didn’t have a chance. If he had a chance, he would have made big plays.”

— On the true freshmen: “Their role will grow as long as they stay into it, stay focused. When you’re going to play a freshman, you don’t want to play him one play or three plays.”

— The four players suspended for the opener are eligible to play this week. Petersen said redshirt freshman quarterback Jimmy Laughrea’s availability for the opener did not factor into the starting quarterback race. “Not one iota,” he said. The other returning players are wide receiver Dallas Burroughs, tailback Jay Ajayi and long snapper Chris Roberson.

— On the defensive line: “I thought they played pretty well, I really did. I thought their effort was tremendous. They were going hard and had they not had to play however many snaps it was, I think that would have changed things for them as well.”

— Petersen said he won’t talk about week-to-week injuries this season but will talk about long-term injuries. He said the team did not have any long-term injuries from the opener or bye week.

Here is audio from the press conference.

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Coach's comments

on the O-line and QB just don't sound promising, looks like we have the leadership on the D-line with Michael Atkinson and Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe but are lacking on the O-line. Somebody needs to fill that role, hope we can regroup and do better before the BYU game.

Nice update Chad

One game down & plenty of season left. Go Broncs!


I don't fault Chadd for the lack of any real information. Joe and the O line didn't play well...thanks. Anyone who watched the game saw that. The Broncos have more depth and better skill players than ever before. It might be good enough, maybe, to win the MWC. But mediocre line play, average QB decision making and predictable play calling is going to be tough to stomach all year.
Anyone else curious about the meaning behind the injury statement? Makes me think about who's going to miss some time banged up already.

How can I be any good

at arm chair quarterbacking (second guessing the coach) if I don't have up to date injury information! Hang on let me get my wallet. My Bronco Athletic Association card is in there somewhere..... Outback gift card (I wonder how much is left on this card?).... Starbucks card (I got this for doing something nice for someone) ..... AAA card (in case I need to get my car towed). .... BAA CARD! This will make Coach Pete take notice!

BAA # 1093935 (I know I'm only a Corral Club level member, but that's all my wife would let me give to my beloved Broncs this year)


You qualify Dave!

Now take your wife to Outback for letting you give to the Broncos! Shes earned it!

Φ Geez, I feel somehow left out.

What to do, what to do? Join the BAA?

I listened to the entirely of coach Pete's press conference and was left with the sense that there were no injuries of any physical significance. What I did pick up was that there was (possibly) some damage to the psyches of the QB and the O line. Of course, he stated that in very subtle, guarded terms. At the very least, you could tell Pete was less than thrilled ... hardly a surprise.

Hmmm...dont you have a Starbucks card?

I hope Saturday we see some fired up O line guys. They seemed to settle down in pass protection a little bit after that first series against MSU. The run blocking was terrible. This group has a lot of starts and will need a better showing the next two weeks. If I remember correctly, it took a few weeks to get the ground game going last year as well.

Φ No, but I have

a send 'em to jail free card.

We need (desperately) to see some road graders against Miami. No more of this 24-for-37 stuff.

The problem with

taking the wife to Outback is all of those TV's with football and baseball games on. She doesn't appreciate the competition and I don't mask my interest well. I'm looking forward to Saturday. There should be lots of improvement from week one.

Lets just play some football

I'm ready for more BSU football, the good or the bad.
Git er done.

Any given Saturday

I don't know if anyone else was paying attention to last weekend but some ranked teams ate it pretty hard. College football has never in my years watching been about this line of crap they've come up with called the BCS and being able to predict with any certainty what will happen on any given Saturday. We've been a bit spoiled in Boise in my opinion going out winning all the time. There's a reason why everyone in the country looks at our coach and goes "you know only that guy from Alabama deserves more credit for having a winning record." Winning week in and week out ain't easy, I don't care how "cupcake" or whatever other garbage you want to come up with to call what conference a team is in and how that plays into anything. We're gonna have to earn it this year more than we have in past years. This is life for a college football team. The other good news is if we don't then there's always next year and we need to remember what this game is about and I will reiterate - It ain't what college gameday calls real.

Φ Like

Nice first (or whatever) post. Yeah, some of us were paying attention to last weekend's biggest losers.

The "cupcake" vendors will be around soon, you can bet.

Dang Razor

you called the "cupcake vendors" appearance down to the minute! Yesterday you nailed the poll results an hour before they were released. What Powerball numbers should I play this week?

Φ eagledave, that was a shot in the sunset

and I'm surprised the AP and coaches' were so different. The trolls are so weak, but they persist.

3-21-24-28-43-PB7 ... I'll take 10% if you hit it.


Thanks, I'll give the rest to speed up the stadium construction.

Whoa now...

First, we each get gift cards to Outback!

Blooming Onion Rings

and steaks for everyone.


Could you please re-write your post and come up with a point....your point is important, so please edit and rewrite....

So what are you trying to say? That the BCS is ripping Boise off in 2012?

Im studying Human Psychology on-line and I think I read about sports bloggers like yours in Lesson #12....

You said, 'It aint what college gameday calls real'....

Are you saying college gameday is a fake?

the BCS is ripping Boise off in 2012?

It has nothing to do with the BCS. Our Broncos are ranked to high from what I see. Southwick has too many bad habits as a QB/leader? I thought the Broncos were deep at QB and now I know better. Southwick/Hedrick/etc, we/Bronco fans, are in need of a true QB. I do not know about Patti, but I am hoping for Finley and that is two more years OF LOSING FOOTBALL. I hope the Broncos win the rest of their games but I believe that the Broncos will be lucky to be bowl eligible. Not so sure they can win 6 games.


You honestly believe that? Come on man, get a grip. When was the last time the Broncos won just 6 games?

This dude...

sounds a lot like another poster. The poster who had trouble with the original post.

I love the unneeded question mark too...Who else does that?

Poster or Poser?

I can tell you it is hard on many of the Vandal faithful to recognize what a big deal the Broncos have become. I believe these Vandals have always been told (by other Vandals, no doubt) that all you have to do is go to the UofI and you will be a big deal. After all it is "the Harvard of the West", funny thing about that label, I've never heard anyone but a Vandal use it. Anyway, while in Moscow, they are taught to look down on and hate on anything BSU. Then one day they wake up and see BSU on ESPN, hear them talked about on a national level, see them consistantly ranked in the top 25, and think, "uh-oh, my school is supposed to be the big deal in Idaho, not BSU!" Then they look at their diploma and realize it is just worthless sheep skin hanging on the wall. That's gotta be tough for anyone to stomach. It can't help but feed the culture that Dr. Kustra referred to as "nasty and inebriated". Then I have to read posts where Vandals talk about the "superior education", "Harvard of the West"...etc and I just laugh, and I think Dr. Kustra should have labeled this element of the culture as, "nasty, inebriated, and delusional."

Now I know all Vandal alum do not feel this way, because I am friends of many. In fact one of my best friends growing up graduated from UofI law school (I might add this is not something he is overly boastful about) and he has embraced BSU football and loves to wear his bronco gear.

Don't get me wrong, I think it is great to be proud of your Alma Mater, and I believe that UofI is a fine institution of higher learning, but it doesn't matter where you go, just that you shine when you are there. I mean if the kid accross the street from me can get accepted to the UofI with a 2.7 high school GPA and 21 on his ACT, how elite is it really. On the other hand, if the Broncos just dropping out of the Nation's top 25 in the polls ended the second longest active streak in the country, how elite is BSU's football team? I'd say pretty elite.

As a disclaimer, I am an Idaho native, I received my undergraduate education in Idaho. I am not a BSU alum. I do love Bronco football, I think it is great for my community, my state, and it is great fun to enjoy the games with my family. Not to mention, they offer a pretty d*mn fine product. The Broncos are a big deal, like it or not. :)

Φ Great one, windex

Have to give that one an A+. Your top post to date. You and RMS are killing it today.

If the Vandals who post/read here don't like it, too bad. Posting/reading is not required. These are Bronco blogs. If Vandals want to toot their kazoos while running down BSU, they can expect pushback. They also have the option to sign up on Vandal blogs/forums and do their business there.

Did not the great late Rodney King

already try to get everybody to "just get along?"

How cute, Broncos just want to play nice. It is amazing what a "L" does to the situation.

Broncos and Vandals are winless. Ha Ha.

Rodney King was great?


Now thats cute...

Φ Notice that

out2lunch has managed not to offer (after numerous requests) which team he supports?

one loss

doesn't make Boise State = San Jose State. It's been years since Boise State has had to deal with this much transition, but the talent has improved tremendously in other areas. Hang on! Only time will tell. Trust the system.

IM4BSU is wise.

A true BSU fan knows that this year is about building for the glorious future. BSU will be lucky to be 6-6. You fans should be happy with 6 wins. It is more than the University will get this year. But the tables are turning.



One would think out2lunch and Im4bsu

would try harder to disguise themselves. Oh well, 75 is about right. DAV.

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Bandit 101 if they were given five chances.

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Now, how about you flag this post and then pedal off on your trike to whine to the Statesman?

They were practically next door while I was at St. Al'

Don't wake up the Ballard folks.


You fry wants with that?

Bring on the cupcakes!

Gotta love this BS!

On Miami (Ohio): “These guys are really, really good in the pass game. These guys can throw it. This will be one of the top quarterbacks we see this year, that’s how good I think this guy is.”

Boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared!

Good job Pony

Im proud you read the words on a Bronco blog. Be careful, you might not want to know what happens next...

Glad you are

still finding a reason to read Chadd's blog. I'm sure he is encouraged by your faithfulness.

Pony is correct.

He understands the truth.




This is going to catch on for sure. Genius!

The "Pony" life....

Over the last 5 years Boise State is 73-7. that means pony has been able to gloat 7 times in 5 years. It also means that the best thing he could come up with after 73 victories is "cupcake". It can't be easy being pony.

Coach Pete...

looks like a white version of Cuba Gooding Jr in that photo :)

Learned a new word

Let's see if it pa$$es the test...