Boise State football team falls out of USA Today poll

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team dropped out of the USA Today Coaches’ Poll, to 26th in voting, and remained 26th in voting for The Associated Press Top 25 on Sunday.

The Broncos are four points behind No. 25 BYU, which visits Bronco Stadium on Sept. 20, in AP. They are 16 points behind No. 25 in Arizona in USA Today.

The top of the AP poll goes Alabama, USC, LSU and Oregon with Florida State and Oklahoma tied for fifth. Michigan State is No. 10.

The top of the Coaches’ Poll goes Alabama, LSU, USC, Oregon and Oklahoma. Michigan State is No. 10 and BYU is 30th.

Boise State had been ranked in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll for 63 straight weeks. It had its AP streak snapped at 62 on Tuesday.


Here’s the full AP poll:

Record Pts Pv
1. Alabama (48) 2-0 1,486 1
2. Southern Cal (8) 2-0 1,414 2
3. LSU (4) 2-0 1,404 3
4. Oregon 2-0 1,299 4
5. Florida St. 2-0 1,160 6
5. Oklahoma 2-0 1,160 5
7. Georgia 2-0 1,155 7
8. South Carolina 2-0 1,025 9
9. West Virginia 1-0 1,017 9
10. Michigan St. 2-0 995 11
11. Clemson 2-0 868 12
12. Ohio St. 2-0 772 14
13. Virginia Tech 2-0 734 15
14. Texas 2-0 716 17
15. Kansas St. 2-0 714 21
16. TCU 1-0 542 20
17. Michigan 1-1 429 19
18. Florida 2-0 427 24
19. Louisville 2-0 316 23
20. Notre Dame 2-0 310 22
21. Stanford 2-0 260 25
22. UCLA 2-0 250 NR
23. Tennessee 2-0 177 NR
24. Arizona 2-0 149 NR
25. BYU 2-0 110 NR
Others receiving votes: Boise St. 106, Arkansas 79, Nebraska 79, Oregon St. 77, Mississippi St. 70, Baylor 54, Wisconsin 44, Louisiana-Monroe 23, Ohio 17, Georgia Tech 15, Oklahoma St. 13, South Florida 12, Arizona St. 10, Iowa St. 5, Northwestern 5, North Carolina 1, Utah St. 1.


Here’s the USA Today poll:

Rank Team (first-place votes) Record Points Last week
1. Alabama (42) 2-0 1,455 1
2. LSU (5) 2-0 1,380 3
3. Southern California (11) 2-0 1,363 2
4. Oregon (1) 2-0 1,292 4
5. Oklahoma 2-0 1,203 5
6. Florida State 2-0 1,153 6
7. Georgia 2-0 1,120 7
8. West Virginia 1-0 1,024 8
9. South Carolina 2-0 1,008 9
10. Michigan State 2-0 950 11
11. Clemson 2-0 904 12
12. Texas 2-0 730 15
13. Virginia Tech 2-0 704 18
14. Kansas State 2-0 696 20
15. TCU 1-0 649 17
16. Stanford 2-0 455 21
17. Florida 2-0 452 23
18. Michigan 1-1 440 19
19. Notre Dame 2-0 398 22
20. Louisville 2-0 280 24
21. Arkansas 1-1 246 10
22. Wisconsin 1-1 151 13
23. UCLA 2-0 147 NR
24. Nebraska 1-1 135 14
25. Arizona 2-0 120 NR

Dropped out
No. 16 Oklahoma State (1-1), No. 25 Boise State (0-1).

Others receiving votes
Boise State 104; Oklahoma State 97; Mississippi State 88; Tennessee 71; Brigham Young 70; Arizona State 58; Baylor 57; Cincinnati 29; Oregon State 28; Georgia Tech 24; South Florida 21; Louisiana Tech 13; Rutgers 12; Virginia 11; Iowa State 10; Northwestern 9; Wake Forest 6; Mississippi 3; Ohio 2; Texas Tech 2; Washington 2; Louisiana-Monroe 1; Nevada 1; Texas A&M 1.


Here’s my AP ballot:

1 Alabama
3 Oregon
5 Michigan State
6 South Carolina
7 Georgia
8 Oklahoma
9 Kansas State
10 Virginia Tech
11 West Virginia
12 Clemson
13 Florida
14 TCU
15 BYU
16 Louisville
17 Baylor
18 Notre Dame
19 Michigan
20 Florida State
22 Boise State
23 Ohio State
24 Ohio
25 Nebraska

Dropped out: Wisconsin, Arkansas, Oklahoma State
Also considered: Texas, Mississippi State, Louisiana Monroe

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26th is exactly what I predicted

10 minutes ago....

Check your portfolio....dollar sliding....should have 15% in non-dollar stuff, such as silver....


They should be 106th.

Didn't you predict them for both?

Um, I predict rain. Sometime in the next 365 days.

Mr. Ugly

is wicked smart.

gotta play to be noticed

I hate this early 15 day layover


I didn't expect Arkansas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Oklahoma St. to all drop out of the top 25. What a nice surprise.

Who gives a #### ?

Seriously............this is the A.P. Poll and the Absolutely Pointless poll is 100 percent MEANINGLESS. So who gives a #### about something that has NO MEANING and NO RELEVANCE?

It meant something when BSU

It meant something when BSU was in the top 25, did it not????

The AP poll would be BSU's favorite if it had them

ranked in the top 25. But it does not so I guess that it is meaningless. Just like BSU. Welcome to mediocrity. It is as good as you will get for a while.

BSU and Idaho are both winless. But at least Idaho can score a touchdown.
Big Sky is in both futures.

Since the paper gets most of it's non local news from AP...

as do most others, YES, it has great merit...

and it's a broad poll.


You fry wants with that?

Cant wait for the game... 11 days, its going to be a good one.

Me too!

it will be good to see what was learned and improved on from week 1 & 3.


Will be interesting to see how BYU plays against UTAH. UTAH really crushed BYU last year, but UTAH STATE's defense really slowed UTAH down.

Top 50

BSU is still in the top 50...moving up to 46 next week after a big victory over that MAC Powerhouse Miami (Of Ohio , of course)!!!!!
No sell out BABY!!!!
They have no quarterbacks.......

Bye week

And that's what you get for having a bye week. If we would of played Saturday and won, we could of moved up to at least 22 in the poll and maybe back into the AP poll too.


Really Chad? You have to be kidding me. As a Journalist, don't you have to take some sort of ethics class/oath/promise. I'm not expecting common sense, but c'mon. BSU 22, Michigna State 5, BYU 15. Damn. Can't you be any more self-serving? ZERO credibility left for you my friend. At least the common fan rooting for its team, is just that a fan so no logic or objectivity is expected. But an AP voter being this well - dishonest- is sad. You are part of what's wrong with the BCS rankings.

Sorry to state the obvious

But you are not all that smart on college football, are you.......

The AP rankings have nothing what-so-ever to do with the BCS rankings.

Thanks for playing......

That's right

I stand corrected. The Harris Interactive Poll replaced the AP poll. I see no argument on Chad's AP ballot, though. The AP still has its AP National Champion based on its poll. They -AP- shouldn't even have one as Chad proves is meanigless.

Actually, The AP

Is currently the longest running active college football poll in the land. They crown an AP national champion each year with a trophy and all (have since 1936)

As a side note, if I'm not mistaken there have been 11 split champions, the last being 2003.

I wonder if. . .

I wonder if the split champions will go away with the BCS.

Not likely

The last split champions were during the BCS era, 2003 when USC won the AP championship and LSU won the BCS championship.

You forget, ISD

As Michigan State succeeds, the 4-point loss by Boise State looks less and less damaging. Put it this. If Michigan State goes undefeated to play in the NC game, and Boise State wins out, including over a (now) ranked BYU, then Boise State with 1 loss would still be considered good enough to play in a big money Bowl Game, even a BCS Bowl.

You have to take into consideration the level of competition that beat them, and not just the W-L record. Right now, Michigan State is the top team in the Big Ten. Ohio State is the only team that can contend with that, but their two wins came to teams that had no chance of winning. The other undefeated teams (Minnesota, Indiana, and Northwestern) are average at best, and benefitted from playing (combined) 2 FCS teams, 3 bottom feeders, and Vanderbilt (although Vandy isn't doing too bad). Penn State will be horrible this season. Wisconsin and Nebraska were exposed for being overrated. Then you have Purdue, Illinois and Iowa who continue to be more hype than substance.

Losing to Michigan State is not something to be ashamed of, especially since it was a close game. Yes, they had twice the yardage we had. Having twice the time of possession tends to bring about that result. Yet, our defense managed to hold them in check the majority of the game.

So, all you anti-Broncos people out there should be rooting for Michigan State to lose, and lose often. The more they succeed, the more likely you are to see Boise State (with their 1 loss) play their Bowl Game in January.

Dear telco DSL...

He can't vote BSU #1.


You fry wants with that?


Fire Petersen immediately!



Are you shacking with Ceesey?


You fry wants with that?

Boo hoo ...

There go those ranking streaks! Time to start beating up on cupcakes again while teams in real leagues begin to slug it out with each other week in and week out. Pretty soon Cupcake State will be right back in the rankings by beating a bunch of powder puffs. Boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared.

I will give you this pony

At least all your posts are original. It must be difficult for you to keep coming up with fresh material all the time. Seriously, do you just lay awake at night thinking of this stuff?

Btw, did Michigan cover the spread against their lowly Mtn. West opponent yesterday? You don't need to reply because I know the answer. I made money on that game.

Complaining about Bosie State's

conference schedule is the same as stating that the Classic Rock station never plays any new music. BSU has done what they can do to upgrade, only to have AQ conferences pick off the top teams from the Mtn West. So BSU moved again to the only conference that offered them a chance to upgrade their level of competition...... Was that Doug Martin from Boise State starting for Tampa Bay this Sunday?

He didn't get his Maypo

You'd be bananas to feast in my mangroves.

Razor missed his happy meal breakfast.

Hello Lost remote.


You fry wants with that?

BYU #15?

Seriously Cripe... you are a joke.

I am suprised you didn't but Utah State in there since they knocked off Utah./

Ha ha lots of losers on the board today

So much venom and hatred. How do some of these dudes sleep at night? If something as small as a football team gets them to throw tantrums I would hate to see what real life issues cause.

And like Chadd isn't credible. He does a hel*uva job.

Right on-Too much hatred early on

BSU has only lost one game so far and the anger is boiling over already. Peterson does not need to be fired, but complimented for being such an awesome coach!!! If college football can ruin your life this easily you need a new hobby that is less stressful.

It's week 2 in the season

BYU at #15 makes as much sense as Florida State at #6 in the rankings after beating two FCS schools. What other than FSU's reputation justifies so many pollsters ranking them so high? If Boise State played UNLV and New Mexico in the first two games of the season and beat them 69-3 and 55-0, would BSU be considered a top 10 team in the country?

Now this guy is actually

..."wicked smart". Great post Dave.


you ranked about 8 teams ahead of boise state that shouldn't be there.... before the season's over we will see that boise will turn into a pretty good team and no one else will be able to play michigan state as close as we did....

He's doing the same as everyone else

The teams above Boise State are there because of years past. There's only one team with a loss in the top 25 and that's Michigan, who will drop once they lose again.

Boise State will surpass the others as they start losing. Polls don't matter until the end of the season. (That was just as true last year when Boise State started in the top 5, which at the end of the season, didn't matter either)

Not worth worrying about

I wouldn't even waste your time with the polls this year. We need to rebuild and reload as a team. Lots to work on...focus on winning the conference this year let the National picture flounder around without us til the end. Watching Utah get beat reminds how close these teams can be on a given night.

Early polls are early

If we learned anything from week 2, it's that there are a lot of teams in the top 25 that don't deserve to be there. They'll continue to be exposed and drop below Boise State, and if the Broncs keep winning they'll creep back up.

All they have to worry about is that Michigan State does well - voters will be reluctant to put Boise State above them.

Week one taught us the same thing with BSU.

The don't belong. Not this year. You can call it rebuilding but it is actually just called losing. Prepare to be mediocre for a while and then down right bad.