Yellowstone wolf biologist captures grizzly up close in photo

Yellowstone Wolf biologist Doug Smith captured a photo of a large grizzly bear standing guard over a bull bison he claimed after it was killed in a duel with another bull.

The photo doesn’t show the pack of wolves that Smith was monitoring from the small plane while flying over Hayden Valley. I flew over the park with wildlife aviator Dave Stradley years ago and soared over a grizzly in the same area. But he was on a dead run. National Park Service photo
doug smith


"Wildlife aviator"

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I observed a few bears in a contest over a bison carcass in Hayden Valley just a few days after your posted this. I don't know if it was the same carcass, but I'll bet it was the same bears. If I'm not wrong, the one in the picture is one of the younger bears. The big one was a little more blond.

I missed seeing the bears and wolves contesting the carcass by a few hours, too bad.

Truth is hard to come by

At least no bears mistook him for a Pez dispenser.


You fry wants with that?