Wayne Hoffman: Voters will back lawmakers who resist 'Obamacare'

Idaho legislators appear to face a non-choice: adopt the tenets of the federal health care law, or have it imposed on them.

Armed with a survey suggesting widespread voter opposition to the law, a longtime critic says legislators should simply hold the line:

Writes Wayne Hoffman, executive director of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, a conservative lobbying group: "There is, in fact, a third option: Enact free-market reforms. Get rid of those marketplace barriers that exist as a result of government action. Get rid of unnecessary, costly and cumbersome government bureaucracy. Allow innovation and charitable care and to return to the marketplace and work.

"State lawmakers have it in their power to oppose Obamacare and support the free market, and clearly, Idaho voters will support them for doing so."

Here is a link to Hoffman's guest opinion.

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...then what's stopping them (for the last 40 years)?


Even someone who hasn't taken statistics can see that his so-called "survey" for evidence is hogwash. It's self-selecting from a limited population that is going to be biased toward his point of view anyway. It's not a random population. There's no margin of error or standard deviation given, and we don't get to see the actual questions asked to see whether they were phrased in a biased way.

It's like going to a Broncos game and asking attendees on the 50-yard line which team they favor in college football.

Total Junk

I'd encourage everyone to look at the questions used in this "poll". Any respectable market researcher and/or pollster would never put their name on this garbage.

No way

No way will I support any legislator who opposes the Affordable Care Act.


Acknowledgments: Much of the information in this post comes from the Kaiser Family Foundation’s excellent summary of the Affordable Care Act’s provisions.

Totally agree

with you and I'm totally tired of the GOP idiots who keep saying the Idaho voters don't want it. NO one has ever asked our family or friends. NO repub cares about low income people which is quite evident in their stance on welfare, medicare, social security and hard-line attitude. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I think I remember 'ol Reagan was the first to raid medicare so he could say he balanced the budget. BS.

Once again

Hoffman"s "non-partisan" orgonization shows it's true partisan prejudice. And once again, Richert and the Statesman, feel obligated to give, ex-Statesman employee Hoffman, his monthly chance to spew his "bi-partisan" garbage.
By the way Wayne, how were these 600 registered voters, that participated in your poll, selected? Were half of them Repubs, the other half Dems? Please enlighten us as to how your survey was conducted. Or is this a corporate secret just as your major supporters and contributors are a secret.

Wish only Democrats were eligible for benefits of the ACA,

and Republicans like Hoffman were forced to fend for themselves with profit-hungry insurance companies instead. Rs would then have to explain why kids in R families would no longer be covered until age 26, why insurance company 'lifetime caps' on healthcare costs amount to a private-industry death panel only for Rs, and why Rs with pre-existing conditions could again be denied coverage, but will eventually show up at the ER anyway and let other free-market Rs pay the bill. There's more, but others can elaborate.

Like to see that.

Hmmm....looks a lot like political activity to me.

How does IFF keep their 501(c)3 status?

Wayne Hoffman?

Here's a report I'd like to see. How does Wayne Hoffman keep getting coverage on the Statesman and KIVI? Does he have some kind of ownership interest? What is the connection between Channel 6 and the Statesman? In other words, follow the money. Anyway, Hoffman's ideas have been shot down time after time in any and every reasonable debate. So again, Why does Hoffman keep getting published?

You might as well publish MrEnceph's comments as a front page link on the Statesman. My ideas are no crazier than Hoffman's.

I'm an Idahoan

born and raised, and you don't speak for me, Mr. Hoffman. I don't support repealing the ACA and Idaho has wasted enough time and money opposing something that makes a start towards helping the average citizen of the state!

Lack of credibility

This coming from a guy who keeps his donor list secret.

Congressional healthcare

should be taken away until constituents have the same benefits.
Don't speak for me either Hoffman. The ACA will save us money if it keeps everyone from using the ER as their own personal clinic and fetches proper reimbursement for providers.
Hopefully health care costs will reflect reimbursement and usage trends, but my confidence is waning after watching greedy takeovers exhibited by local not-for-profits.