Bethine Church pitches for Idaho state Senate candidate Betty Richardson

The grande dame of the Idaho Democratic Party has a fundraising letter out soliciting support for former U.S. Attorney Betty Richardson in her race for an open Senate seat in West Boise. Richardson faces Republican Fred Martin in District 15, which is left open by the retirement of moderate nine-term Republican Sen. John Andreason.

Church's letter outlines how Richardson volunteered on Sen. Frank Church's 1968 and 1974 re-election campaigns and chaired the 1976 Church for President effort at the University of Idaho. Richardson traveled to Nebraska, Oregon and California to recruit student volunteers. Church also describes Richardson's professional experience and family.

It should be no surprise Church is on the classy end of the begging-for-money scale, praising Richardson and saying she needs cash to win in a Republican-leaning district. It lacks the-world-will-end tone of many solicitations. "If Betty receives sufficient support, she will win," underlined in the text, is the sharpest emphasis in the letter.

I'm on a lot of mailing lists and received Church's letter at home. But there are lots of candidates out there and I'd like to use this blog to post other fundraising letters in the coming weeks. So, if you get a letter please email it to me at and I'll consider posting.


Dan Popkey

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Nice to hear about a campaign that isn't stomped on daily...

and with a decent request on top of that. Thanks, Mrs. Church.


You fry wants with that?