Shoppers pack new Boise-area Goodwill store on State Street

The second Goodwill store in Boise opened Thursday morning at 9 a.m. on the northeast corner of Glenwood and State streets, and more than 300 shoppers went through the doors in the first 15 minutes, according to officials with the nonprofit that owns the store.

Shoppers bought almost 1,400 items in the first hour, according to Sandi Thomas, assistant vice president of marketing for Easter Seals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain. Ladies jeans were one of the most popular items, she said.

About 40 staffers were on hand to replenish the shelves and racks and help customers check out. The store's full staff was working, and they brought in workers from other Southern Idaho Goodwill stores, too, Thomas said.

How are their prices?

I don't have a goodwill close to me, so have never shopped at one. I do go into Youth Ranch stores but often find their prices to be outrageous. How do Goodwill prices compare to YR? Anyone know?

If you find YR's prices "outrageous"?

You can't afford the DSL you are using to read this.

My god, they're only thrift stores...

Please go to their website and discover what exactly Idaho Youth Ranch does.

They operate a RANCH for troubled youth and the Hays Shelter Home, among other things.

That bicycle trailer on Craigslist doesn't sound so expensive now, what with nearly $4 per gallon fuel and routinely running around for over 30 miles a day in a car?

Dave Ramsey would tell you your priorities are killing you and it's easily solved.

Car pool. Plan your expenditures, including trips. Eliminate most of your spur of the moment trips and at least travel with friends who are paying the same bills and going places you are three times a month.

You are paying too much for many things, by CHOICE and you can change them at any time the same way.

You get what you pay for and in YR's case you get better lives for a lifetime. It's a case of support, not cost. You have options. Adjust accordingly.

I mean that most sincerely.


You fry wants with that?

they ought to be UNPACKING it.


You fry wants with that?