Paging Brent Coles: N.Y. court mulls the art of the lap dance

Remember — before Brent Coles' time as Boise mayor ended in scandal, resignation and jail time — the city's crusade against nudity?

Attempts to write ordinances to ban nudity — including a rewrite of the ordinance to make an allowance for nudity of "serious artistic merit?"

Fast forward to the present, and Albany, N.Y., and a case before the New York Court of Appeals.

From the Associated Press:

"They may never be confused with 'Swan Lake,' but an upstate New York strip club says its nude lap dances are every bit as much an art form and should be exempt from state taxes.

"So far, the state tax department and an appeals court disagree and want the Nite Moves club in Albany to pay up $124,000 it says it owes taxes."

It's like deja vu, or deja view, all over again.

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